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Sunak Embarrasses Himself Going Against Starmer


Another Clash in the Parliament

An epic political storm is brewing as Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer clash once again in a fiery debate over the disastrous Tory jail release scheme.

After Sunak’s laughable attempt to paint himself as the defender of British security, Starmer unleashed a verbal hurricane highlighting the hypocrisy. And Sunak was left speechless trying to defend his misdeeds and accusing Starmer of being equally corrupt.

Sunak’s integrity is already underwater after his doomsday speech designed to scare up support. Now Starmer is targeting his Achilles heel – the flooding of streets with dangerous offenders thanks to Tory negligence.

Despite promises of only freeing low-level criminals, violent abusers and addicts have been unleashed due to chronic mismanagement.

Now, the storm clouds are gathering as Sunak sticks to flimsy denials, refusing to take any shred of responsibility. Instead of addressing concerns, he hurls juvenile insults at Starmer, who fires back highlighting shocking cases of freed offenders.

With truth and integrity in short supply in the parliament, the UK is sure to witness two incompetent fools battle each other over the better evil.

Sunak Takes on Starmer

Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak have clashed again, going back and forth in a fiery debate about integrity and British security. Too bad both parties have been proven to be both incompetent and corrupt when it comes to these aspects – and every other aspect if you think about it too hard. The only positive attribute to Starmer would have to be his day to day humiliation targeted at Sunak.

Starmer started the parliament debate by bringing to attention Sunak’s pathetic doomsday speech that aimed to rile up the British people against corruption and threats that either does not exist whatsoever or are caused by the one and only Sunak himself. He then highlighted the irony in Sunak taking the security and integrity approach in comparison to Starmer, when he is busy ignoring the broken jail system and releasing high security inmates.

Which is unfortunately 100% true, as we discussed before how reports revealed that violent and dangerous offenders are being freed early from prison under the Conservative government’s reckless jail release scheme.

Sunak Releases Criminals Early

Despite Justice Secretary Alex Chalk’s claims that only “low-level offenders” would be released, inspectors found domestic abusers, drug addicts and other high-risk prisoners being let out without proper risk assessments. Just so that Sunak could put a bandaid on a much deeper and more complex issue regarding the prison system and housing, and then claim that he fixed it all.

This is what happens when chronic underfunding and mismanagement by the Tories leads to dangerous overcrowding in prisons.

In their desperation to free up space, they’ve compromised public safety and undermined their own risk management standards. It’s an astounding display of incompetence never seen before that proves once again the Conservatives are the party of criminals, not saviours nor victims, and Sunak is on top of this dangerous pile.

An Embarrassing Back and Forth

But fear not, because Sunak will respond to all these transgressions against him by simply ignoring the second part of Starmer’s unhinged rant and only focusing on defending his doomsday speech as if the UK’s external problems are waiting at the door and there is no time to focus within our own borders.

Just to put it into perspective, Sunak is defending his scare tactics in a pathetic speech meant to turn an impossible and rightful tide against the Tories. How much more desperate and corrupt can you get as a prime minister?

Well Sunak will not disappoint you as his response concludes by throwing shade at starmer and his party’s many scandals, before Starmer brings the conversation back into focus in terms of addressing the prison crisis and the inmates release.

Sunak then has the audacity to get up and lie through his teeth talking about a criteria put in place to determine whether the offender that is being released is actually safe to bring back within society or not, and if not? Then this prisoner will stay serving his sentence and getting punished appropriately. All of that before steering the conversation right away and onto the defence spending that the Tories seemingly vouch for but labour do not.
Now, do we really need to dissect the problem with Sunak’s abhorrent statement and lies? Because it has already been exposed that these restrictions do not exist and if they do then they are not working as intended with several high risk inmates with a myriad of highly dangerous criminal charges being released.

At HMP Lewes prison for example, inspectors uncovered the early release of a prisoner with a history of stalking and domestic violence who posed a risk to children and women.

Another with untreated drug issues and recent suicidal tendencies was freed straight into homelessness, raising serious concerns about his and the public’s safety.

These shocking cases clearly contradict Sunak’s pitiful claims that there are guardrails and protocols in place. But Sunak will be more than happy to lie straight to your face about it. Just like he lied in a spectacular and egregious fashion during his doomsday speech.

And it doesn’t lead to anything other than to incompetent and corrupt fools hurling insults and jokes at each other like the prison crisis and Sunak’s release scheme is any laughing matter.

The only thing that was worth noting was Sunak’s insistence on lying about his release scheme and protocol while preaching security and safety for every British individual, but not before ignoring any form of responsibility for a crisis made worse by his abhorrent policies.

Even when Starmer brought up all the already known examples of high risk offenders and convicts being released early and into the public – under the indirect request made by Sunak and the Tories – Sunak still finds it within him to deny all the facts and continue participating in a political circus where insults and name calling is the prevalent way to cloud all corrupt misdeeds and actions.

And the unfortunate reality is Sunak is being cornered by none other than Starmer, who is as equally corrupt and incompetent as Sunak, and that can never be reiterated enough with all the chaos that usually surrounds Sunak.

If one thing Sunak said can be championed, it would be that Starmer is no better than the Tories and Britain can’t be totally safe under his leadership.

Too bad the British people are stuck between a pot and a kettle. You only get to pick your flavour of corruption, nothing less and unfortunately nothing more.

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