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Sunak Preaches Stability While Britain Crumbles Under Tory Rule


Tory Rule with Chaos

Rishi Sunak promises security and prosperity but his hopes are imploding under the weight of Conservative incompetence.

Sunak desperately wants your votes, so he’s shamelessly scaremongering about instability if the Tories lose power. But his facade of control is cracking.

And the irony is ridiculous. Because as Sunak peddles tales of doom and gloom without the Tories, his own botched leadership is revealing what a dismal hand Tories have dealt Britain.

Sunak promises the moon while his government repeatedly fails to deliver the basics.

From broken NHS funding pledges to freeing dangerous prisoners early, Sunak’s Britain is a corrupt fiasco. But he wants you to ignore all that and trust in non-existent Tory competence.

That’s a bit rich coming from the man steering this clown car of chaos himself.

Well, the public isn’t buying his baloney. And as Sunak’s fictional Tory succeeding collides with reality, it’s making for political slapstick at its finest.

Sunak Likes To Preach What He Can’t Deliver

What do you think is the funniest thing that can happen to sleazy two faced politicians? Is it when they face karma instantly? Or is it when they are held accountable for all their corruption when all is said and done? Which is more satisfying?

If I had to answer that question, I would find great difficulty in choosing my preferred approach. However, nothing is quite like a prime minister like Rishi Sunak fear mongering in a speech about instability and danger plaguing Britain if his Tory party doesn’t win majority election votes, only for his mishaps to come back and bite him revealing the two faced coward and liar that is hiding beneath all this grand speech.

It is embarrassing how Sunak has to go on stage and act blatantly desperate in front of millions of British citizens trying to convince them that the Tories are working in their favour, and losing the “conservative” voice in parliament means you lose investments in civil institutions alongside the loss of security and stability across the country.

Sunak seems very confident with his statements alongside the scare tactics thrown here and there in between declarations. It would be a shame if there was recent proof of his lacking and incompetent leadership affecting vital institutions and decreasing overall safety and stability for the British people wouldn’t it?

Sunak Forgets about Health

Oh well, it is not like there will be a new report from the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies revealing that despite the Tories’ grand pledges in 2019, real-terms spending on the NHS in England has risen far less than initially claimed.

Weird. It is almost as if Sunak couldn’t keep up with promises his party has already made even when these promises are the bare minimum in terms of aiding everyday British citizens and their health.

You can clearly see how the Tories cared so much at the height of the pandemic, and with the NHS under unprecedented strain, when they still failed to deliver the funding increases desperately needed. When lives were on the line, the Tories penny-pinched and mismanaged taxpayer money.

They promised – just like Sunak is doing currently with his doomsday speech preaching prosperity – to increase annual NHS spending by £34 billion within five years. Given inflation forecasts in 2019, this equated to a real-terms annual rise of 3.3%. But of course with Sunak at the helm and general Tories’ incompetence, Britain has seen inflation soar far beyond previous or sensible expectations.

As a result, real-terms NHS spending has crept up just 2.7% annually – shy of what was touted. So much for Conservative stewardship of the economy and public finances.

Rising inflation has swallowed up extra funding, yet the Tories carry on like fiscal geniuses saving the day.

And patients suffer painful consequences of this bungling. Pandemic backlogs and record waiting lists continue plaguing the NHS with real-terms spending not even keeping pace with what was pledged. The Tories and Sunak have once again over-promised and under-delivered at a time when extra healthcare investment is needed most.

Pleas of frontline doctors and nurses are ignored by an out of touch Tory government helmed by an incompetent leader who chooses to blatantly lie publicly instead of actually putting in the work fixing the healthcare system.

If this is the level of prosperity and stability that Sunak promises to everyday folk, then it is better for Britain to outright reject these insane and inept Tories sooner rather than later. Nothing good ever comes from a liar who never learns to shut up.

Tories Forget about Security

But what about the security and peace of mind that Sunak also promised during his valiant speech? Well, the prison system is overcrowded with inmates and in an effort to ease the process a little bit, Sunak is allowing high risk offenders to be released early.

So the prison system is overcrowded due to the sheer incompetence of a Tory government that can’t tidy up their records and systems in tandem with each other to avoid such a catastrophe, and we overlooked that.

The Tories then try to control the narrative and promise future reforms and announce an early release scheme that will only see low risk offenders like petty crime thieves released early, and we were concerned but overlooked that nonetheless.

Now they reveal that violent and dangerous offenders are being freed under this same policy and they want us to just simply overlook that? Why should law abiding citizens’ security surfer greatly because Sunak is too incompetent and can’t keep a promise if his life depended on it?

Why should prisons like HMP Lewes, move up the release date of a high-risk prisoner with a history of stalking and violence towards women and subject to several restraining orders?

This domestic abuser clearly posed an ongoing public threat. Yet the Tories still pushed him out the door early, abandoning public safety just to cover up their mismanagement nightmare.

What about another high-risk Lewes inmate with drug issues and suicidal tendencies getting freed straight from segregated confinement into homelessness. Despite staff warnings about danger to himself and others. Is this individual an appropriate example to Sunak and the Tories of an upstanding citizen that should be released early to the public?

Once again, the Tories have implemented sloppy policies on the fly without considering dangerous consequences. And law-abiding citizens pay the price, facing heightened risk of victimisation by unstable offenders released en masse.

And then Sunak has the audacity to preach safety and security under the Tory government. He talks about outside threats and risks when he can’t even manage the risks within his own borders created under his leadership and through his corrupt judgement.

Rishi Sunak’s grandstanding speeches ring hollow when his government’s incompetence is exposed time and again.

His desperate fear-mongering about instability if the Tories lose power is ironic given their failure to manage Britain’s institutions and security.

The contrast between Sunak’s lofty claims and reality is farcical. But for citizens suffering consequences of Conservative incompetence, it’s no laughing matter.

The Tories have repeatedly failed Britain. Sunak’s scare tactics can’t obscure that truth. It’s time for change.

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