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Smith Pledges War On Trudeau Over Silencing Oil And Gas Sector


Smith Unleashes Verbal Onslaught Against Trudeau’s ‘Gag Order’

An epic political battle is brewing between Danielle Smith and Justin Trudeau’s attempt to knee-cap the province’s economic engine. Smith is seething over the PM’s proposed advertising law aimed at muzzling Alberta’s oil and gas sector.

In a scathing rebuke, Smith slammed Trudeau’s bill as an “undemocratic gag order” and abused power meant to appease anti-oil activists. She definitely vowed to continue celebrating the industry’s achievements even if it means being prosecuted.

The premier unleashed a verbal onslaught on Trudeau, blasting the unconstitutional overreach, vague language, and impossible standards meant to silence Alberta’s largest employer. Smith made it crystal clear she will challenge federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction.

With tempers flaring, the stage is set for an epic showdown between Alberta’s feisty premier and the overreaching PM. 

Smith is gearing up to go to war to defend the oil and gas industry critical to her province’s future. She won’t back down from a bare-knuckled brawl over free speech and provincial autonomy.

Smith Blasts Trudeau For ‘Abused Power’ On Knee-Cap Alberta’s Economy

Once again, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith keeps proving she is the only premier with common sense and a will to fight for her province tirelessly. While the federal liberal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is overstepping its boundaries and interfering once again in areas of provincial jurisdiction.

Smith stood on business as usual, calling out and slamming the federal government for vague language and threats against her Oil and Gas sector for Ottawa’s advertising bill. Stating that Alberta will continue to celebrate its achievements even if it led her to be prosecuted over it.

The proposed Bill C-59 represents a direct attack on Alberta’s oil and gas sector by muzzling companies and preventing them from communicating their environmental achievements. Along with fines of up to $15 million for a violation over any spreading of information to the public.

Demonstrating a strong leadership, Smith also criticized the federal government’s Bill C-59 for infringing on free speech and preventing companies from advertising their environmental achievements. 

Smith boldly declared she may become the first prosecuted under this misguided legislation, showing she is willing to personally stand up for what’s right for her own province. 

It is ludicrous that the federal government wants to censor factual statements about Alberta’s leading global environmental standards in oil and gas. The industry has made incredible progress reducing emissions that should be celebrated, not outlawed from promotion.

Smith is championing much-needed constitutional challenges against Trudeau’s repeated federal intrusions into provincial authority over resource development. C-59 is clearly aimed at appeasing activists dedicated to shutting down Alberta’s oil and gas sector. The premier is right to explore all legal options to defend provincial rights. 

At a time of global energy insecurity, policies muzzling industry advertising of environmental responsibility are self-defeating and counterproductive. As Smith stated, Alberta’s oil sands have a lower carbon footprint than many foreign competitors. Efforts to improve should be encouraged, not suppressed by punitive laws.

By vowing to double Alberta’s oil and gas production while achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, Smith is outlining a prudent, balanced path forward. She understands reliable, affordable energy and environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand. Her nuanced approach contrasts with the heavy-handed ideology behind C-59.

Activist legislators like NDP MP Charlie Angus fail to grasp the complexities of powering society in a responsible manner. His mocking, inflammatory rhetoric against Smith reveals a simplistic, anti-development agenda that hurts working Canadians. Smith deserves credit for her more thoughtful, pro-jobs outlook.

Smith is correctly warning that baseless “greenwashing” accusations from activist groups have gone too far. Companies must be free to advertise factual improvements without excessive government censorship. Reasonable laws ensuring truth in advertising already exist without C-59’s chilling effect.

The premier’s willingness to be the first prosecuted under C-59 rather than stay silent shows courageous conviction. She will not be intimidated into compliance with unconstitutional attacks on Alberta’s key industry. Smith is proving herself a strong defender of the provincial economy.

Smith Seethes As Trudeau Targets Alberta’s Economic Engine

At stake is nothing less than Alberta’s continued prosperity. Smith deserves wide praise across the political spectrum for resolutely upholding free expression and protecting oil and gas jobs. She is demonstrating principled leadership against heavy-handed federal overreach detrimental to the national interest.

Moreover, Smith announced her consideration of legal options, including utilizing Alberta’s Sovereignty Act, to defend the province’s interests against this undemocratic gag order.

Trudeau’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault makes no secret of his disdain for the oil and gas industry. This bill is clearly aimed at appeasing environmental activists who want to shut down Alberta’s largest industry. 

Guilbeault is abusing his authority as Environment Minister to punish oil companies and prevent them from even talking about their efforts to improve sustainability. Smith was right to point out earlier on stressing on having him removed.

The incredibly vague language requiring companies to prove environmental claims using an “internationally recognized methodology” gives no clear guidance. This will tie up oil companies in endless litigation as activist groups claim their environmental communications lack proper substantiation. It imposes an impossible standard designed to silence industry.

Even the threat of massive fines taking a toll on share prices will deter companies from communicating with the public. This muzzles an entire sector’s ability to respond to criticism and improve its environmental track record.

The federal government has no business censoring the free speech of oil companies operating entirely within Alberta’s jurisdiction. Ottawa does not have the constitutional authority to regulate what Alberta companies can say about their operations. This is a clear instance of federal overreach that Premier Smith is right to challenge.

Justin Trudeau fails to recognize that Alberta has world-leading environmental standards in oil and gas. The industry has made huge strides in areas like methane reduction that should be touted as achievements. Instead, this bill will prevent constructive dialogue and give a one-sided megaphone to environmental activists.

At a time when energy security is paramount, the federal government should be promoting Canada as a reliable supplier of responsibly produced energy. Silencing industry’s ability to showcase environmental responsibility will only cede the narrative to anti-oil activists and jeopardize investment in this crucial sector. 

Premier Smith’s pledge to defend provincial jurisdiction against unconstitutional federal interference shows principled leadership. She is standing up for Alberta’s economic interests against a federal government determined to landlock its resources. All Albertans concerned about the future of the oil and gas sector should support her fight.

The constitution clearly delegates authority over natural resources to the provinces. Trudeau seems not to get a hint of not crossing others’ boundaries and jurisdiction. 

Canadians deserve more premiers like Danielle Smith and less oblivious Prime ministers like Justin Trudeau.

At stake is nothing less than Alberta’s economic future and Canada’s energy security. The federal government’s heavy-handed approach aimed at silencing industry hurts all Canadians. 

Danielle Smith deserves praise for her resolute stance defending provincial rights and the oil and gas sector against this transparently unfair legislation.

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