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Poilievre Unleashed On Trudeau Over His Failures


Fiery Clashes And Failures Exposed

Sparks flew in the Canadian Parliament as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre once again took aim at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a fiery exchange, Poilievre called out Trudeau’s failures not once, not twice, but a resounding five times.

However, this time the Speaker of the House tread carefully, turning a blind eye instead of ejecting Poilievre as he did before. Still licking their wounds from previous missteps, the Liberals chose to bite their tongues rather than risk further backlash.

But Poilievre and the Conservatives won’t be deterred so easily. With daring determination, they continue holding Trudeau’s feet to the fire on critical issues facing Canadians today. Affordability spirals while the PM’s words ring hollow. Hard evidence contradicts his claims time and again.

Cornered by the indomitable Poilievre, Trudeau grasps at rhetorical straws. Yet hungry families demand more than empty promises. As the country verges on crisis, the House Speaker’s flaws emerge under Conservative scrutiny.

Who will lead Canada out of this turmoil? Pierre Poilievre stands poised to take up the challenge. But Trudeau clings desperately to power as criticism mounts. The battle rages on in Parliament, with the nation’s future at stake.

Poilievre Hammers Trudeau On Conservative Priorities 

Once again, Pierre Poilievre calls out Justin Trudeau as a wacko not one time, or two times or even three but five times in Parliament, but this time the House Speaker decided to turn a blind eye rather than expel Poilievre.

It seems the Liberals have learned their lesson from last time, and perhaps the whole fiasco with the House Speaker’s recent scandal has them tucking their tails between their legs, treading carefully and trying to mask their dictatorship.

Recently, an event titled “A Summer Evening with the Honorable Greg Fergus” hosted by the Liberal Party has sparked criticism from Conservative figures. House Speaker Greg Fergus’ participation in the partisan event has raised concerns about maintaining an appearance of impartiality in his role.

As a result, The House Speaker has now decided to tiptoe and not to make any mistakes to avoid further accusations or calls to have him resign after a glimpse of dictatorship has been on full public display.

The Liberals are playing their cards to remain in the safe zone and to wash off the bad guy mask of themselves. But what the Speaker and Liberals have failed to comprehend is that Canadians and Conservatives can’t be fooled with their cheap moves to deceive the public anymore.

Poilievre started the debate in Parliament with an astonishing force calling out failure after failure of Justin Trudeau and his government. Over the past nine years, Canadians have endured Trudeau more than enough.

In a new report by the Food Banks in Canada it has been proven that 50% of Canadians have been stating that the food crisis has gotten worse than a year before. Additionally, 25% of young Canadians have been going back and forth for three months to the Food banks with another 2 million lined up every month.

How are Canadians supposed to feed themselves and their families? Trudeau has promised affordability but words are easy and free of charge when it comes to his enjoyment of flashy announcements and number one blockbusters on the first news page as always.

Trudeau On Defensive After Called Out Failures 

Trudeau’s answers have never been more vague and ignorant trying to avoid questions and concerns while being cornered by Poilievre in the house of commons. He bluntly called out Poilievre, accusing him of being too generous worrying about Canadians but refusing Childcare.

Trudeau and his government have always been very fond of twisting words and actions of Conservatives so they don’t seem too small next to their out of the box reality plans and programs.

Accusing Poilievre of voting against an already failed program with the purpose to feed off 400,000 Children should be placed in World’s record book for Delusion Awards, Poilievre was ready with evidence and a harsh reality check for  the Prime minister.

Stating that the School program has already failed to serve a single meal even though it was promised three years ago. Even though, Dental and childcare is very important but hungry Canadians? It seems like the least of Trudeau’s concerns, maybe because it doesn’t shine as bright as other multibillion announcements that were the head of news before.

How is applying carbon taxes on farmers and food going to help the Canadians and the almost famine that is on the edge of breaking out in Canada? How is making wealthy people pay a little extra going to help if the carbon tax is already in shambles and people are almost on the verge of bankruptcy and poverty? 

Trudeau avoided evidence from three years ago and votes from half of the Canadians with disapproval rates against the Food programs and the affordability of food, and continued to assure that the food program is included in the 2024 budget even though nobody supports it.

Canadians have heard this before three years ago and now they are on the verge of hunger and famine. What can the government do to feed half of the Canadians struggling to provide food for their families?

In other countries, securing food and providers are supposed to be number one priority, but unfortunately, in Canada if it doesn’t shine the amount of light or fame, it’s the last thing they can think about.

Poilievre also took a swipe at Jagmeet Singh, which also was met with silence from the scandal ridden Speaker. 

Poilievre and other conservatives are on the right path demanding Greg Fergus’ resignation, he is no longer fit for Parliament, and I don’t think he ever was. 

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