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Poilievre Pledges Historic Use of Notwithstanding Clause


Poilievre to Invoke Notwithstanding Clause

In a bombshell pledge, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has vowed to invoke the notwithstanding clause to keep dangerous criminals behind bars. 

This groundbreaking promise represents a decisive stance against rising violent crime. Poilievre understands what Justin Trudeau never has – exceptional times call for exceptional measures.

With homicides at historic highs and violent attacks terrorizing churches, small businesses and neighborhoods, Canadians are fed up. Trudeau’s weak leadership has allowed criminality to surge out of control.

Poilievre’s willingness to use extraordinary powers like the notwithstanding clause proves he grasps the urgency of this crisis. While Trudeau panders to special interests, the carnage continues unabated.

Poilievre’s historic invocation of the clause will override misguided court rulings and send a powerful warning to activist judges. The safety of Canadians will come first under his government.

Trudeau’s social experiment in leniency has been a tragic disaster for too long. The time has come to get tough on dangerous criminals and stand up for victims. 

Poilievre’s groundbreaking pledge paves the way for the justice and security Canadians deserve.

Poilievre Vows to Use Rare Notwithstanding Clause to Keep Criminals Jailed

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre laid down a historic marker with a promise to invoke the notwithstanding clause to shield criminal justice reforms from being overturned in the courts.

Poilievre pledged to invoke the Charter’s Section 33 — something that has never been done at the federal level — to reverse a Supreme Court decision that criminals can’t be locked up more than 25 years before being eligible for parole.

The Trudeau Liberals have totally dropped the ball when it comes to keeping our streets safe. Crime is going up big time, and their weak policies have let dangerous crooks walk free way too early.  

Pierre Poilievre gets how frustrated so many Canadians are about our messed up justice system. He knows we have to get tougher on crime to turn things around. That’s why Poilievre’s proposed some common sense changes to keep dangerous jerks locked up where they belong.

One of the worst examples of the Liberals being soft on crime is the case of Alexandre Bissonnette. In 2017, this psycho killer stormed a Quebec City mosque and ruthlessly gunned down six innocent people while they were praying. 

His sick act of terror deserved the harshest punishment under Canadian law. But thanks to Trudeau’s policies, Bissonnette will be eligible for parole after just 25 years.

Poilievre condemned this outrageous miscarriage of justice, declaring “When I’m prime minister he will stay behind bars and he will only come out in a box. It will be consecutive sentences, so it will be six life sentences.” 

Poilievre understands that the slap on the wrist given to Bissonnette makes a mockery of our legal system. Six lives ruthlessly cut short, and their families denied true justice.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Bissonnette case is symptomatic of a larger problem – judicial activism run amok. 

Unelected judges with liberal leanings have taken it upon themselves to rewrite laws as they see fit, usurping the role of Parliament. This must end. 

Poilievre promises that a Conservative government under his leadership will use the notwithstanding clause to override misguided court rulings like the one in the Bissonnette case. 

Poilievre’s willingness to take bold action shows that he grasps the urgency of this issue in a way that Trudeau never has. 

For too long, dangerous offenders have benefited from legal loopholes while their victims and law-abiding Canadians suffer the consequences. The permissive attitude of the Liberals has made our streets demonstrably less safe. 

The alarming statistics tell a dire story. Homicide rates have surged under Justin Trudeau’s watch, reaching levels not seen in 30 years. According to data from Statistics Canada, the national homicide rate in 2022 hit 2.25 per 100,000 people. 

This represents an alarming increase of nearly 8% compared to 2021. More troublingly, it marks the highest national homicide rate since 1992. 

The data shows there were 874 homicides reported across Canada in 2022. This represents a shocking 78 more homicides than 2021, extending a four-year trend of rising killings. Violent crime overall rose by 5% in 2022, following a 6% spike the prior year.

Another shocking case of a deranged arsonist who set fire to a Catholic church in Regina highlights the utter failure of Justin Trudeau’s government to protect innocent Canadians from rising crime. 

Thanks to Trudeau’s weak and dangerous policies, houses of worship and other vulnerable institutions have been terrorized while violent offenders face no real consequences.  

When the arsonist Jordan Willet was sentenced to just over a year in jail for his brazen attack on the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, it represented little more than a slap on the wrist. Thanks to Trudeau, this masked maniac will likely serve a fraction of his short sentence before being released back into Canadian streets.

The Catholic Church has been repeatedly victimized since Trudeau took power, with nearly 100 churches burned or vandalized in the past few years alone. 

Trudeau has emboldened radicals to attack these sites with impunity, knowing they will receive kid glove treatment under Canada’s legal system. His pandering to anti-religious extremists has put the safety of all Canadians at risk. 

Places of worship that were once havens of community now live in fear thanks to Trudeau. Pastor James Hentges of the targeted Regina church spoke of his congregation’s fright after the masked arsonist’s attack was caught on video. 

Trudeau has created an environment where innocent Canadians must constantly look over their shoulders, never knowing where radicals will strike next.

Places of worship are not the only sites being brazenly targeted as violent crime surges unchecked under Trudeau’s watch. 

Canadians in major cities have also been terrorized by brazen firearm violence and gangland shootings while the Liberals turn a blind eye. 

Police services say that bail release conditions are meaningless because they’re never enforced under the Liberals’ watch.

Poilievre also promises to crack down hard on gangs and firearm crimes. He will provide police and prosecutors with the resources they desperately need after years of Liberal cuts and indifference. 

The days of slaps on the wrist for violent offenders will come to an end. Poilievre understands that public safety must be the top priority of any government.

The choice for voters is clear. More of the same soft-on-crime Liberal policies that have made Canada less safe under Trudeau, or decisive action from Poilievre’s Conservatives to stand up for victims and keep dangerous criminals off our streets.

Poilievre’s approach balances public safety with civil liberties in a responsible way. He recognizes that Canadians have a right to feel safe in their communities.

Some out-of-touch liberals claim that Poilievre is taking too hard a stance against crime. But these are likely the same people who live in wealthy, gated neighborhoods untouched by the violence that plagues too many Canadians. 

Poilievre speaks for the single mom who fears for her children’s safety when bullets fly on their street. He speaks for the small business owner forced to close up shop due to rampant shoplifting and vandalism. He speaks for all Canadians who want to walk home at night without glancing over their shoulder.

Trudeau Lets Criminals Off Far Too Soon

Trudeau has had his chance to address crime and has utterly failed. His government is simply too beholden to special interest groups like the Canadian Bar Association that oppose any crackdown on criminality. Meanwhile, the carnage continues unabated. 

How many more innocent lives will be lost before real action is taken? 

Poilievre recognizes that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. The notwithstanding clause exists for good reason – to give Parliament the ultimate authority to protect public safety when misguided court rulings threaten to undermine justice. 

FILE PHOTO: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks as Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre listens during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada September 18, 2023. REUTERS/Blair Gable/File Photo

Poilievre’s willingness to invoke the clause will send a powerful message to judges that judicial activism to benefit criminals over victims and society will no longer be tolerated.

Hypocrite liberals argue that using the notwithstanding clause would violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But they forget that rights come paired with responsibilities in any just society. 

Dangerous criminals forfeit their rights by preying on innocent Canadians. Their rights do not trump those of their victims and of all Canadians to live without fear of violence. 

The first duty of any government is to keep its citizens safe from harm. On this count, Trudeau’s Liberals have been an abject failure.

Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives offer the clear alternative that Canadians are desperately calling for after years of Liberal government inaction on crime. 

Though liberals will decry Poilievre’s tough-on-crime stance, everyday, hard-working Canadians understand that exceptional steps must be taken to clean up our streets. 

Trudeau has proven again and again that he does not take the safety of Canadians seriously. Poilievre does. And that is why more and more Canadians are rallying behind his bold vision.

The choice in October 2025 will be stark. More weak Liberal policies that coddle criminals and endanger Canadians? Or a strong Conservative government led by Poilievre that puts the rights of everyday citizens ahead of the rights of thugs, gang members and murderers? 

The answer for a secure future seems clear. It is time to put an end to Justin Trudeau’s failed experiment in leniency. The era of responsibility, consequence and justice is coming. 

Poilievre and the Conservatives will deliver the peace, order and good government that Canadians deserve.

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