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Poilievre Calls Out Trudeau Over Surge in Extortion-Related Crime


A wave of shameless extortion is sweeping Canada on Trudeau’s watch. Mob-style crooks are increasingly using violent threats, kidnappings, arson and even murder to squeeze small business owners across the country. Once limited to a few cities, these thuggish shakedown rackets have now spread fast as Trudeau looks the other way. Business owners everywhere now fear brutal payback if they don’t pay up. Decent, hard-working folks are under attack while Trudeau caters to criminals and weakens justice. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is calling out Trudeau’s negligence that let this epidemic fester and explode.

Poilievre promises urgent action to restore safety and justice while Trudeau panders to crooks at the expense of victims. Trudeau’s government casually scrapped mandatory minimum sentences for extortionists who use firearms. This is an open invitation to more violence and lawlessness.

Does Trudeau even care about Canadians living in danger as violent extortion goes wild nationwide?

Canadians dared to dream of a better future under Poilievre, and now Trudeau is making them suffer for it. As Poilievre’s poll numbers soar while Trudeau’s crater, the petty tyrant is boiling with vengeance against any citizen who rejects his failed leadership.

Even longtime Liberal loyalists are ditching Trudeau as his approval hits all-time lows. Meanwhile Poilievre rapidly gains ground as the public embraces his bold vision. This growing momentum makes Trudeau see red.

Rather than reflect on his own disastrous policies, the increasingly unpopular Prime Minister vindictively takes out his frustrations on Canadians. As more citizens reject Trudeau’s tired ideological experiments, he spitefully punishes them through rising crime, unaffordable costs and strangling small businesses.

Poilievre is slamming Trudeau over the surging extortion-related crimes that have escalated under his watch. Small businesses have faced increasing threats of violence, kidnapping, arson and shootings while Trudeau turns a blind eye. Instead of fixing this problem, Trudeau is punishing small businesses even more with excessive taxes.

Justin Trudeau’s track record as Prime Minister shows a blatant disregard for the safety and prosperity of hardworking Canadian families and small businesses. His weak policies have allowed dangerous criminals to threaten our communities while he squeezes law-abiding citizens and entrepreneurs with punitive taxes.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre rightly calls out Trudeau’s failures and presents a bold vision to restore safety, freedom and affordability for all.

Under Trudeau’s watch, extortion-related crimes have skyrocketed across Canada. Brazen criminals increasingly resort to violence, kidnapping, arson and even murder to shake down small business owners.

This thuggish extortion has spread like wildfire in major cities including Surrey, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Decent, law-abiding citizens now live in fear of mob-style shakedowns and brutal retaliation if they don’t pay up.

Does Trudeau take this extortion epidemic seriously? Clearly not. In 2022 his government casually repealed mandatory minimum sentences for extortionists who use firearms. This sends the message that threatening people’s lives is no big deal in Trudeau’s Canada. It’s an open invitation to extortionists that they can keep terrorizing communities with impunity.

In contrast, Pierre Poilievre pledges to crack down hard on extortionists with mandatory minimum 3 year sentences for all offenders. Even tougher 5 year sentences would apply to those acting for organized crime. Arson would also be an aggravating factor resulting in longer jail time.

Poilievre will give police and prosecutors the tools they need to lock up these dangerous criminals so citizens can live without fear.

Poilievre also understands that prevention is key. He points out how Liberal cost of living crises have left many parents working multiple jobs just to pay the bills. Their kids become easy prey for gang recruiters who promise money the parents can’t provide. Poilievre’s economic plans to put more money back into Canadians’ pockets will help keep youth out of gang life in the first place.

The biggest gang threatening small businesses these days is Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government itself. While giving endless handouts to big corporations, the Liberals are still withholding $2.5 billion in promised carbon tax rebates owed to small businesses. Trudeau doesn’t care about the little guy.

Independent analysts confirm small businesses pay nearly half of all carbon tax revenue, yet receive barely a sliver of the rebates. The Liberals admitted this injustice years ago and promised to fix it. But in typical Trudeau fashion, they break their word and small businesses see nothing but more squeezed margins and higher costs.

In Ontario alone small businesses are owed $1.3 billion in unpaid carbon rebates. The bill also totals $718 million in Alberta, $301 million in Saskatchewan and $144 million in Manitoba. Even after spending over 90% of carbon tax revenue on household rebates to buy votes, the Liberals can’t find a measly 10% to refund the small businesses who paid these unconstitutional taxes in the first place.

Such rebates used to be called “revenue neutral” when the carbon tax was introduced to offset increased costs. But now Trudeau just pockets the cash while small businesses suffer. Many have already gone under after paying thousands in carbon taxes but getting zero back, despite Trudeau’s lies. His Rebates for Retrofits program is yet another band-aid solution that few businesses can even access or qualify for.

A staggering 56% of small businesses say the growing carbon tax burden forces them to increase prices. Even worse, 45% must freeze or cut wages and 40% reduce investment in their companies just to cope with this vindictive tax-and-spend regime. Trudeau is deliberately strangling the engine of Canada’s economy and crushing the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country.

Trudeau’s vindictive actions make it clear he cares more about power than the welfare of Canadians. His excessive carbon taxes and withheld rebates are a deliberate attempt to punish the small business owners and workers who refuse to support him.

Despite failing to achieve majority governments twice, he arrogantly continues pushing a leftist agenda opposed by much of the nation. Recent polls show many Canadians are signing petitions calling for early elections to oust Trudeau.

Now this deeply unpopular Prime Minister hopes to cling to power by making all Canadians suffer for daring to reject his ideology. But his spiteful attempts to punish voters will only further tank his dismal approval ratings and fuel momentum to vote him out for good.

This is why Trudeau refuses to crack down on the escalating extortion and mob-style violence targeting businesses across the country. He turns a blind eye as companies endure threats and property damage for not paying protection money. Trudeau knows these business owners oppose him, so he callously abandons them to the criminals terrorizing their livelihoods.

At the same time, Trudeau vindictively chokes small businesses nationwide with crippling carbon taxes while denying them their rightful rebates. He thinks he can squeeze and punish entrepreneurs into supporting him. But they will not cave to this economic blackmail.

Poilievre advocates strongly for small businesses by demanding Trudeau pay back the $2.5 billion carbon rebate debt. Canadians deserve a government that helps small business to thrive, not one that rigs the economy in favor of the well-connected elite while hammering the little guy. Poilievre will ax Trudeau’s crippling carbon tax altogether and put that money back into the pockets of Canadians.

Canadians face a clear choice. More of Trudeau’s failed policies that allow rising crime, higher costs and crippling debts – hurting small businesses and the already struggling economy. Or fresh leadership to boldly tackle the issues threatening Canadians’ safety, affordability and economic freedom.

While claiming to champion equality, Trudeau abandons citizens to violent extortion and refuses rebates owed to small businesses. His ideological experiments have harmed many hard-working Canadians who don’t fit his narrow vision. People want real solutions to problems like surging crime, not just lofty progressive rhetoric.

Trudeau views regular, enterprising Canadians as obstacles to his lavish spending dreams. He has lost touch with the daily struggles of families and entrepreneurs. Canadians need a leader who will fight for their prosperity and security with common sense policies, not top-down social engineering.

The time has come to renew Canada’s promise – where honest effort is rewarded, businesses can flourish, and people are free from fear. Many demand Trudeau’s failed ideological experiment be replaced with sensible leadership valuing justice, affordability and economic opportunity for all. The people will soon choose leaders who respect democratic choice and govern for the benefit of all Canadians, not just Liberal elites.

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