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Musk Lights Fire Under Trudeau With Viral Speech Bill Slam


Tesla Titan Musk Erupts on Trudeau

Elon Musk lit a fire under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s controversial bill, sending shockwaves through the political landscape. Musk didn’t hold back, slamming the proposal as “insane” for its straight-out-of-a-dystopian-novel measures.

His viral takedown marks a turning point in the fight against Trudeau’s growing authoritarianism. With Musk adding fuel to the fire, Trudeau now faces a tidal wave of pushback against his brazen attack on freedom.

From vague definitions of “hate speech” to communication bans without trial, the bill’s scary implications read like something out of Orwell’s nightmares.

Trudeau’s true colors are showing, revealing a chilling vision of a society where the state holds all the power.

But Musk’s unfiltered critique is a wake-up call, signaling the start of a major awakening among the public. With our freedoms on the line, people are gearing up to fight back against looming tyranny.

What’s happening in Canada is just the beginning, and Musk’s bold stance suggests a global backlash is on the horizon. With Elon Musk leading the charge, the fight for freedom has only just begun.

Musk Tweet Blasts Trudeau’s “Insane” Speech Bill

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took a swipe at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, slamming his contentious Online Harms Bill. Musk didn’t hold back, tweeting, “This sounds insane if accurate!” in reaction to Trudeau’s proposed legislation, as fresh details emerge about its controversial provisions.

Musk’s viral slam highlights a mounting opposition to Trudeau’s heavy-handed bill, which could punish past legal speech.

As a staunch defender of free speech, Musk joined fellow Canadians in expressing disbelief at the severe attack on liberties.

This tyrannical law would let the government go after people for things they’ve said in the past, just because Trudeau thinks they’re hate speech. And according to him, anything criticizing him or calling out his corruption or failed policies falls under that category.

Musk was shocked by the new information coming out about Trudeau’s authoritarian bill. His tweet reflected the reaction of many Canadians who value freedom of expression as a fundamental right.

The bill exposed Trudeau’s true colors as critics across the political spectrum have raised alarm over the proposal’s Orwellian measures that seem more at home in a dystopian novel than a liberal democracy.

Not only does it enforce retroactive punishment, but it also enables anonymous hate speech complaints to be filed to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

As historian Dr. Muriel Blaive scathingly noted, “The real shocker in this bill is the alarming retroactive aspect. Essentially, whatever you’ve said in the past can now be weaponized against you by today’s draconian standards.”

She labeled the law “outright mad,” pointing out how it “literally spits in the face of all Western legal traditions.”

So this move straight out of the Minority Report movie, the bill permits restrictions on citizens’ rights if “a person fears on reasonable grounds that another person will commit an offense.”

So, basically, you could get your freedoms messed with for crimes that haven’t even happened yet.

The Liberal government has deflected concerns by claiming the increased powers are necessary tools to curb online hate. But their assurances ring hollow to those who see the legislation for what it is – a massive overreach threatening foundational freedoms.

But Trudeau is too busy attacking Pierre Poilievre for allegedly attempting to alter the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Seriously? Who’s calling the shots here?

Trudeau’s Justice Minister Arif Virani callously dismissed objections by labeling much online content as “bad stuff.” He condescendingly claimed the bill addresses issues on a “much higher level” than free expression.

However, Conservative MP Rachel Thomas appropriately called the proposal “insane” and noted “the Liberals want to punish people for a crime they MIGHT commit!” Her criticism really nails it – this bill flips justice on its head by going after what people think.

The Liberals simultaneously allege the bill both increases and limits free speech. Their confusing stance fails to reassure the many Canadians who see the writing on the wall.

Canadians Believe Free Speech Is Threatened Under Trudeau

A recent Leger poll found 57% of Canadians believe freedom of speech is under threat, compared to only 36% who think it is not. The majority consensus shows grave concern about the country’s direction under Trudeau’s leadership.

Remarkably, 61% of Liberal voters are oblivious to the free speech crisis. But Conservative voters, who face routine censorship, are far more attuned to the issue with 76% saying speech is threatened.

This dichotomy demonstrates how those with “acceptable” liberal opinions rarely experience suppression. But conservative voices are frequently deplatformed, canceled, and smeared as intolerant.

That’s why conservative leader Pierre Poilievre promised to end all this mess.

The primary source of censorship is the Liberal’s Orwellian Online Harms Act. Despite its name, the legislation harms freedom by curtailing online expression based on subjective definitions of “hate speech.”

Critics are staring down fines up to a mind-boggling $70,000 and orders to delete content for vague offenses.

And guess who gets to decide what’s okay to say? Yep, often the same people who filed the complaints. So, is this Trudeau’s idea of democracy? Where speaking your mind and calling out Trudeau means you’re the one paying the price?

It’s crystal clear why 62% of Canadians find it tougher to speak their minds these days. Only 27% think it has gotten easier, but those are usually the ones echoing progressive talking points like Trudeau.

Predictably, the hardest hit groups are Conservatives, with 70% saying speech is more difficult, and Canadians over 55, of whom 70% share that view. The lived experience of those directly impacted contradicts platitudes about “open debate.”

This climate of censorship and intimidation has shaken public faith in Canadian democracy. Only 60% are confident the next election will be fair, with nearly one-third dubious it will be free and open.

Conservative voters, in particular, hold little faith in the electoral process, with only 40% believing it’s fair.

Given past Liberal misdeeds, like tampering with committees, paying off media outlets, and cozying up to foreign powers, their skepticism is completely understandable.

The Liberal government has a consistent history of attacking anyone who strays from their agenda. Their treatment of convoy protesters and labeling the Freedom Convoy as fringe extremists is a prime example of their intolerance toward dissent.

Instead of reflecting on why so many Canadians feel left out, they brush off opposition as mere bigotry. Their arrogance blinds them to genuine concerns about eroding freedoms and lack of accountability.

Trudeau’s strong-arm tactics, like freezing bank accounts of peaceful protesters under the Emergencies Act, totally blew up in his face.

When Trudeau pulled the trigger on emergency powers, he showed the world his utter disregard for basic rights and fair procedures. His heavy-handed response to non-violent activism earned him international scorn for acting like an authoritarian bully.

From the SNC Lavalin debacle to the ArriveCan mess, Trudeau’s government has been drowning in ethics violations.

Their constant misconduct and lack of accountability have left disillusioned voters feeling cynical and distrustful.

By keeping everything under wraps and avoiding scrutiny, the Liberals prove they’re terrible at upholding democracy.

Instead of being accountable, they prefer to make decisions behind closed doors.

A majority of Canadians now see Trudeau’s rule as a serious threat to free speech.

Elon Musk’s concerns echo those of many who fear losing their freedoms under the Liberals’ unchecked power.

People from all political backgrounds need to stand together against this dangerous legislation.

Right now, it’s Conservatives bearing the brunt of censorship, but anyone who steps out of line with Liberal thinking will be next.

Everyone who values freedom needs to come together to fight against Trudeau’s tyranny. This isn’t just about politics—it’s about defending the right to speak your mind, no matter who’s in charge.

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