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Toronto Star Branded “Pravda” by Musk After Poilievre “Attack”


The Toronto Star recently published an unbelievable hit piece attacking Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre that even provoked outrage from Elon Musk. This absurd attempt to tarnish Poilievre’s name exposes just how low the mainstream media will stoop to protect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

The Star’s act of partisan desperation completely sacrificed any last shred of journalistic integrity. Their Ottawa bubble-style smear was so petty and grasping at straws that it ended up only damaging the Star’s own credibility.

This comes as Poilievre’s populist support continues surging among ordinary Canadians fed up with the media and political establishment. The Star’s bias and detachment from real issues facing struggling families is accelerating its loss of relevance.

Canadians are abandoning biased legacy outlets like the Star in favor of more credible voices. The Star’s hit piece provokes questions about the decline of journalistic standards at mainstream media organizations.

Why is the mainstream media so obsessed with protecting Trudeau instead of practicing fair journalism?

The recent petty attack on Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre by the Toronto Star shows just how biased Canada’s mainstream media has become. The Star’s attempt to smear Poilievre over a $300 kiddie pool purchased by his wife demonstrates the ridiculous lengths they will go to in order to protect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Rather than report real news that matters to Canadians, the Toronto Star has chosen to act as the propaganda arm of the Trudeau regime. They consistently ignore Trudeau’s scandals and failings, while obsessing over trivial matters like Pierre Poilievre’s family activities. This blatant bias undermines the Star’s credibility as an objective news source.

The Star’s latest hit piece centers around Poilievre’s wife, Anaida, purchasing a small backyard pool for their children to enjoy during the hot summer months. Poilievre rightfully called out this “attack” for what it is – a completely ridiculous attempt to disparage his character.

As Poilievre explained, this $300 pool was paid for by his family and required self-assembly. It is hardly an extravagant luxury. Yet the Star wants to paint it as some kind of indulgent excess by the Poilievre. They are grasping at straws in order to portray the Conservative leader’s family as out-of-touch elites.

This stands in stark contrast to Prime Minister Trudeau’s frequent luxury vacations on the taxpayer’s dime. Not to mention his invitation to an actual Nazi sympathizer to a reception with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. Yet the Star has barely covered these real controversies. Their priorities are clearly skewed in favor of protecting Trudeau.

The Star’s biased reporting on Poilievre’s family is especially egregious considering the context. The pool was purchased after threats had been made against Poilievre’s wife and children. So the family was simply trying to enjoy safe summertime activities at home. For the Star to turn this into an attack on their character shows how low they are willing to stoop to serve their political agenda.

Elon Musk rightly compared the Star to the Soviet Union’s Pravda propaganda newspaper. While not directly state-run, the Star does receive significant financial support from the federal government. This taints their ability to act as an independent check on those in power. Instead, they serve as a mouthpiece to defend the government and discredit opposition voices like Poilievre.

Canadians are waking up to the Toronto Star’s lack of journalistic integrity. People see through their transparent bias and hypocrisy. At a time of real economic hardship for families, the Star ignores issues that matter in favor of petty partisan attacks. They wrongly assumed that criticizing Poilievre over a child’s plastic pool would resonate with Canadians.

But ordinary citizens relate far more to Poilievre’s experiences as a hard-working parent and opposition leader. He stands in contrast to the out-of-touch Trudeau Liberals who neither understand nor care about the real struggles facing Canadians today.

The Star’s pathetic attempts to prop up Trudeau will only backfire. Poilievre is rapidly growing his support by giving voice to frustrated Canadians who are ignored by the media elites. The Star’s credibility dies a little more each day that they continue to act as Trudeau’s attack dog against his political opponents.

Canadians are hungry for real change after years of Liberal scandals, mismanagement, and elitist arrogance. Poilievre represents the voice of the people, while Trudeau represents everything wrong with the status quo. The Toronto Star may keep trying to defend the indefensible Liberal regime, but they are only hastening their own irrelevance.

The triggering event that prompted the Star’s hit piece shows how neurotic their fixation on Poilievre has become. His wife posted a picture on social media of their kids playing in their small plastic pool. This mundane family activity somehow prompted the Star to ready an entire smear campaign portraying the Poilievres as out-of-touch.

It is a very telling sign when a supposed “prestigious” newspaper devotes resources to digging up dirt on opposition leaders purchasing children’s pools. They are so threatened by Poilievre’s rise that no perceived transgression is too small for them to manufacture into a scandal. It reeks of desperation.

The Star’s priorities could not be more warped. Canadians face rising inflation, an unaffordable cost of living, and declining real wages under Trudeau’s leadership. Yet the Star remains laser-focused on trivialities like splash pads. They operate in an elitist echo chamber, oblivious to the actual concerns of everyday people across Canada.

Objective observers have noted a marked decline in the quality of reporting from once-respected Canadian media outlets. Opinion and advocacy now dominate over facts and nuanced analysis. The Star’s drift towards overt bias serves as Exhibit A of this trend. They exist more as Liberal Party boosters than as actual journalists.

Poilievre’s pushback against the Star’s biased attacks represents a broader rebalancing of power. For too long, mainstream media outlets acted as gatekeepers controlling the political narrative. Poilievre is showing how to break through the noise by directly engaging with citizens. This threatens the establishment and explains their vitriolic attacks.

The Star’s waning influence was evident when Poilievre’s wife shared reactions online supporting her family. Ordinary Canadians came to their defense, calling out the Star’s warped priorities. Social media enables direct feedback outside of the mainstream media bubble. This allows Poilievre to circumvent traditional gatekeepers like the Star to speak to voters directly.

No matter how hard the Toronto Star tries to turn public opinion against Poilievre, they are losing their ability to control narratives. Poilievre’s populist message resonates with the silent majority who feel unheard and unrepresented by the Liberal political and media establishment.

The Star remains oblivious in their elitist bubble. They fail to grasp why petty stories over plastic pools gain no traction among ordinary Canadians. People are struggling with hardships in their daily lives while the media obsesses over trivialities. This disconnect only fuels Poilievre’s growing anti-establishment appeal.

The clumsy attempts by the Star to paint Poilievre as a heartless elitist based on a child’s pool backfired spectacularly. Canadians saw through the manufactured outrage. People understandably resent when media elites stand in judgment of how hard-working parents spend their limited discretionary income to bring joy to their families.

Let us not forget the Toronto Star’s appalling headline calling for the unvaccinated to “let them die.” This abhorrent promotion of hatred revealed the Star as a mouthpiece for Trudeau’s discriminatory agenda against the unvaccinated minority.

The Star faced no real backlash because it was voicing the secret wishes of Canada’s political and media establishment. Trudeau and other leaders stayed silent, effectively endorsing violence against fellow citizens who simply made personal medical choices.

This incident exposes the insidious double standard at play. Minority groups favored by Trudeau get protected class status. Yet the unvaccinated are deemed acceptable villains, even marked for death by Trudeau’s propagandists at the Star.

The transparent hypocrisy is what galls people most. Trudeau has lived a life of extreme privilege funded by family wealth. Yet the media holds him to a much lower ethical standard than Poilievre, who came from a middle-class background. It reeks of a double standard.

This saga epitomizes why public trust in the media has plummeted. So many outlets have traded objectivity for partisan activism under the guise of journalism. But Canadians are not so easily fooled. They recognize biased reporting and vote with their feet by tuning out or supporting alternative voices.

Poilievre’s willingness to call out bias has endeared him to Canadians tired of being lectured by condescending elites. The Star’s overreach attacking Poilievre’s family for enjoying their modest pool backfired and made them look petty and vindictive. It was a spectacular public relations blunder.

The broader lesson is that old gatekeeping institutions like the Toronto Star are losing relevance. Poilievre is showing how to win support through authentic direct engagement. This threatens the establishment. So they respond with increasingly shrill and desperate attacks.

But the ultimate losers will be once-trusted media brands like the Star that sacrifice integrity to push political narratives. The Star’s blatant bias has turned off reasonable people seeking balanced news and analysis. This accelerates the demise of legacy media as alternative voices rise to fill the void.

Canadians deserve a diversity of perspectives in their media – not just progressive preaching from elitist Toronto newsrooms. The Star’s decline into just another partisan mouthpiece harms public discourse. But the free market is providing fresh options that make biased outlets increasingly obsolete.

The Toronto Star can keep wasting resources on petty hit pieces over splash pads. But Canadians will tune them out and turn to more credible sources. Poilievre’s populist appeal is only strengthened when elites try and fail to tear him down with trivial attacks.

In the end, the Star’s bizarre obsession with Poilievre’s family pool says far more about them than about him. It shows the condescending media bubble they operate in, just as Poilievre’s humble pool shows how he understands the lives of everyday Canadians. The contrast speaks for itself.

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