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Marc Miller Threatens Legal Action Against a Conservative MP


Threats and Lies

The liberals have recently been under much deserved fire and now Marc Miller is the latest recipient of a reality check from a conservative MP exposing him.

The corrupt minister of Immigration was recently caught red handed lying about criminal background check ups getting done for international students with a student visa.

But when a liberal is cornered, all they can do is bark and that’s exactly what Marc Miller did in response to objective reality slapping him in the face.

This is part of a broader pattern under Prime Minister Trudeau. One of obfuscation and spinning facts to fit a political narrative rather than serving Canadians.

Canadians deserve better than a government that covers up failings and attacks those seeking the truth.

The Minister’s behaviour makes it clear the Liberals cannot be trusted to put our security first. Their negligence has shown that the immigration file needs sober, sensible oversight, not politically-minded and “woke” misdirection.

Marc Miller Supports Corruption

There is a saying that goes like this “every dog has their day”. It is basically stating how every man – no matter how corrupt or irresponsible they may be, will have to be held accountable and punished for all their misdeeds one day. Trudeau and the liberals might not have reached their judgement day yet but they are getting closer day by day.

Today is one of those days that push the crooked liberal cabal in the Canadian government closer to accountability and punishment. Today is just another day where we expose lies and sleazy cover ups to further a “woke” liberal agenda.

Today a conservative MP by the name of Arpan Khanna challenged the corrupt liberal minister of immigration Marc Miller and exposed him for all of his lies concerning the screening process of immigrants coming into Canada.

Our story starts earlier this month actually, when Trudeau and the Liberals were involving themselves in other countries’ business by charging three Indian nationals with the killing and assassinations of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who is a prominent Sikh leader in Surrey, British Columbia and a huge advocate for the contentious and infamous Khalistan movement.

A movement that – by the way – brought international politics right within our border and risked the security and safety of everyday Canadians with protests containing swords and spears, protesting issues that don’t concern us and will never concern us.

And you know what Trudeau did? He courted those extremist views like it was straight up nothing dangerous or harmful that can negatively affect all of us. Trudeau proved that day that he is a weak man standing for absolutely nothing.

So India obviously got involved and called out Trudeau and the liberals for courting criminals and extremists within their border, and then turning around and flinging shit at other nations accusing them of unverifiable atrocities. You know the deal, we have talked about this a couple of times as the updates raged further.

Marc Miller Exposed

But what you didn’t know was that Marc Miller was questioned about the nature of the three Indian nationals and their residence in Canada. Marc Miller was unaware if they were temporary immigrants or international students on a visa. Which is already a red flag for a minister of immigration, but the juicy stuff happens right after, when the reporter follows up with Marc Miller and asks him about criminal record checks issued to international students with temporary student visas, to which Marc Miller so nonchalantly answers with a resounding “YES”.

You are following up to this point? Great, it means you are doing more than the actual minister of immigration since he dropped the whole facade and changed his opinion and answer not even a month later.

But you see, nothing is just that simple with the liberals my friend, because Marc Miller is now trying to claim that he never specified which type of immigrants receives the police background and criminal record checks and which ones clearly don’t.

Which brings us to the current day where conservative MP Arpan Khanna puts Marc Miller on the spot, in hopes of getting to the bottom of the whole ordeal and understanding exactly what type of immigrant receives this very useful and extensive criminal background check and if the liberals are even doing those police checks.

And you know how Marc Miller responded? Like a coward trying to hide away from being exposed. He resorted to a passive aggressive approach and clearly threatened legal action to a man just trying to do his job and expose the nasty truth.

Typical Liberal Behaviour

The liberals ganged up on the innocent conservative man, trying to spin the narrative away in another direction and cover their tracks from any misdeeds. Too bad they are incompetent fools who can’t do anything right.

It is very clear that Trudeau, Miller and the rest of the crooked liberals see immigration as their pathway to scoring cheap brownie points with the “woke” mob. They don’t believe in anything and they flip flop between opinions so blatantly, they might as well be telling all of us that our opinions don’t matter one bit.

Trudeau says immigration is a problem affecting many facets in Canada’s economy and housing market, but then his housing minister says that the level of immigration is stable and at a preferred level to the federal government.

Now, tell me again why should we believe the lies coming straight from their mouth when all the facts point to them in the wrong time and time again, to the point that now some of them like Marc Miller are pathetically threatening legal action after being cornered into the wall.

Canadians deserve better than a government that covers up failings and attacks those seeking the truth.

Minister Miller’s disturbing response speaks volumes about whose interests come first under Trudeau. It is well past time to put Canada first once again.

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