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Liberal MP Dong Enabled China’s Rigging of Canadian Election


Introduction To The Election Interference

Intelligence reports recently publicized finally confirm what every Canadian must have known deep down. The Trudeau Liberal have now been exposed for enabling China to rig Canadian elections through a massive voter fraud operation, involving Chinese international students of all things.

Canadians won’t believe the explosive revelations that have just emerged surrounding a certain Liberal MP’s actions in 2019.

Secret documents suggest the Chinese government may have systematically interfered in our democracy by bussing a ton of non-Canadians to vote illegally.

This is the most chilling example yet of foreign powers infiltrating Canada’s sacred democratic process right under Justin Trudeau’s nose.

Either the Liberals were complicit in allowing an attack on the integrity of our elections, or they’re somehow completely oblivious when it comes to China playing dirty. I don’t know which possibility is worse.

This new information proves just how far China’s puppets have infiltrated the Liberal Party.

The CSIS documents reveal that the Chinese consulate may have threatened students if they didn’t vote for a certain candidate. Canadians won’t believe the coercive lengths China went to in rigging our democratic process as Trudeau stood idly by.

Dong Hijacked Nomination Through Chinese Voter Fraud

The latest scandal rocking the Liberal government involves accusations that MP Han Dong relied on votes from Chinese international students to win his nomination back in 2019.

This shady abuse of Canada’s election process raises some serious concerns about foreign interference in our democracy.

According to Dong himself, a busload of Mandarin-speaking students living at a Seneca College residence got bused in to vote for his nomination in Don Valley North.

He claims he doesn’t know if all the students voted for him, but thinks most did because he had hit up their school and encouraged their support.

That’s not all, some intel reports suggest an even shadier effort to rig the nomination. The students were allegedly given fake documents by people linked to a known proxy agent so they could vote illegally even though they didn’t live in the riding.

This suggests a systematic attempt to interfere in Dong’s nomination using Chinese students as pawns by forging documents.

Along with busing in students to vote for him, it shows a deliberate scheme to pack the nomination meeting with ineligible foreign voters to steal a Canadian democratic process.

The fact that Dong encouraged these students to support him and then pleads ignorance about the alleged doc fraud raises deep suspicions.

This reeks of a Chinese state-sponsored op to meddle in a Canadian nomination contest by exploiting international students.

Who knows if this is just a single case of election rigging.

It may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to China’s interference efforts, as a declassified CSIS report tabled as evidence at the inquiry reveals an even more alarming scheme.

It allegedly states the Chinese government itself orchestrated the plan to bus in students because Dong was China’s preferred candidate. The report accuses China of systematically interfering in Canada’s democracy by supporting candidates sympathetic to Beijing like Dong.

This shocking allegation of direct Chinese electoral interference sets the stage for even broader concerns about the corruption of Canada’s democratic processes.

Because this is a blatant exploitation of loopholes in Liberal party nomination rules, which only require voters be 14 years old and “ordinarily reside in Canada.”

The fact that Liberal officials defend this as “compliant” shows just how corrupt their moral compass has become. Canadian nominations should be for Canadians alone to decide, not foreign citizens.

Dong’s inconsistent and fuzzy memories about the specifics don’t install much confidence in his innocence. At first he claimed his campaign only rented one bus, but now admits there were two or even three buses.

He says he doesn’t know who arranged and paid for a third bus of students from Seneca College which has now been revealed it was paid for by his wife.

This is the same college whose president, David Agnew, went with Dong on a trade mission to China in 2015—the trip Dong now conveniently claims he can’t remember.

It’s hard to believe Dong can’t recall spending a week in China with the president of the very college involved in the controversial student voting for his later nomination.

Many suspect a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours deal was made on that trade mission, with Seneca agreeing to bus in students from China to support Dong’s eventual election bid.

Why else would a Canadian college president join a trade trip to China with an unelected wannabe political candidate?

Dong’s nomination carries all the hallmarks of Chinese government interference. Beijing views Chinese nationals studying abroad as strategic assets to advance the Communist Party’s interests.

Consulates keep close tabs on students and frequently pressure them to attend events and rallies supporting Beijing’s preferred candidates.

Per some intel papers, the Chinese consulate threatened blowback for students and their families back in China if they didn’t vote for Dong. That’s straight up coercive foreign meddling, not legit democratic participation.

Dong even admitted he went to visit the Chinese students at their residence before the nomination. The same students he now claims he wasn’t sure would vote for him.

You don’t just randomly go meet with a bunch of international students in their dorm unless you’re courting their support. This completely exposes Dong’s hesitation and excuses as complete nonsense.

He knew exactly what he was doing – he went to their turf, rallied the troops and made sure the Chinese students were going to back him at the nomination. Now he’s trying to play dumb, but the truth is obvious.

Dong’s thirsty pursuit of Chinese student votes also matches Beijing’s usual playbook. He hit up their campus and hyped them to volunteer for his campaign.

None of this bothered the morally bankrupt Liberal party establishment.

National Director Azam Ishmael declared renting buses of foreign students to vote in a nomination meeting compliant with party rules.

He even told the inquiry that renting buses for Chinese students to vote in a Canadian election process is not concerning, and maintained the contest was okay.

Ishmael’s insistence that the controversial nomination contest was acceptable exposes the rot within the Liberal party. They are willing to explain away serious concerns about election integrity to protect their own.

Former Liberal MP Dong also remains welcome in Liberal circles even after leaving caucus amid disturbing allegations of Chinese espionage.

Dong keeps close ties with Beijing’s representatives in Canada. He wined and dined with Chinese consuls general in Toronto and participated in events at their embassy’s request.

This soft glove treatment makes Dong an ideal enabler of China’s United Front efforts to influence Canadian politics. Shady politicians who rely on foreign meddling to get elected will no doubt stay indebted to the regimes pulling their strings once in office.

Liberal MP Betrayed Canadian Citizens

The inquiry has also heard alarming allegations about MP Han Dong’s discussions with Chinese officials regarding Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

The “Two Michaels” were imprisoned in China from 2018-2021 in apparent retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

According to intelligence documents, Dong suggested to a Chinese consul that if China released the two Michaels immediately, it would benefit the Conservative opposition party politically.

This implies Dong was advising China on how to time the release for maximum political advantage to the governing Liberals.

If true, this would be an appalling stance by an elected Canadian representative, putting partisan interests ahead of securing freedom for our citizens.

It also shows Dong comfortably advising Chinese officials on sensitive matters rather than defending Canadian interests.

Dong claims he cannot recall the conversation but says it’s “possible” what was reported was discussed. The intelligence alleges he stressed the need for China to provide some transparency around the cases to placate Canadian public opinion.

Again, this seems to position Dong as an advisor to China on managing perceptions around the unlawful detention of the two Michaels, not as a forceful advocate for their release.

These allegations cement the perception that Dong was willing to align himself with Chinese interests over Canada’s. As an MP, his priority should have been securing the rapid and unconditional release of our citizens.

The insinuation that he instead advised China on timing their release for political gain is profoundly disturbing.

Canadians should be outraged by the boldness of China’s political meddling under the Trudeau government’s watch.

They’ve made Beijing braver by showing a lack of integrity and failing to safeguard our democracy.

Canadians deserve to know the full truth. Those caught enabling foreign interference need to be exposed and blocked from holding public office again.
It’s time to put Canada first and take a stand against the Chinese regime’s shameless meddling in our cherished democracy.

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