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Jagmeet Singh Rails Against Big Business While NDP Enables It


NDP Leader Singh Slammed for Hypocrisy

At a wild committee hearing, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh blasted corporations’ unchecked greed while his own party quietly enables Big Business collusion with Trudeau.

Singh slammed corporate power grabs and handouts in dramatic speeches, but stayed silent as monopolistic mergers screwed over Canadians. 

He raged against taxpayers funding wealthy companies, yet the NDP backed these same handouts under their deal propping up Trudeau. Guess Singh’s principles aren’t so principled after all.

And with family ties to corporate lobbyists, Singh targets certain corporations to score political points but gives NDP-friendly companies a pass.

Singh’s inflammatory rhetoric tries desperately to conceal the NDP’s complicity in Trudeau’s Big Business cronyism, but Canadians see right through this hypocrite’s sanctimonious lies.

You won’t believe how blatantly Singh preaches one thing about corporate greed, then enables the opposite behind the scenes.

Stay tuned as Singh’s committee appearance exposes the NDP’s two-faced hypocrisy on Big Business collusion.

Singh Attacks Corporations But Gives Pass to NDP-Friendly Firms

In a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do,” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh slammed the Trudeau government for ignoring corporate greed while his own party has been cozying up to big corporations. Singh’s dramatic speeches can’t hide the fact that the NDP has been supporting the Liberals’ friendly ties with big business.

At a recent House Industry Committee meeting, Singh defended his flimsy bill that supposedly targets anti-competitive practices. But Conservative MP Ryan Williams called him out, highlighting the NDP’s total failure to stop multiple mega-mergers under their agreement propping up Trudeau’s government.

Jagmeet Singh loves to claim the NDP fights against monopolistic mergers that hurt consumers, but their track record says otherwise. The NDP stood by issuing press releases while the Rogers-Shaw telecom mega merger went through, making an already uncompetitive sector even worse.

Canadians already pay sky-high internet and cell phone bills thanks to a telecom cartel that rips off customers with no consequences. Letting this merger strengthen the Big Three’s grip completely goes against the NDP’s promises to defend ordinary people against corporate monopolies.

It was just as bad when the NDP stayed silent as WestJet took over Sunwing, rubber-stamped by Trudeau’s government. This gave more power to Big Airlines to squeeze every dollar from passengers who now have fewer flight options and higher fares.

The NDP didn’t even make a peep when the Big Five banks got the green light to expand their oligopoly with RBC’s acquisition of HSBC’s Canadian assets. This move only increased the dominance of the mega banks, leaving Canadians with fewer choices and higher fees.

In all three cases, the NDP stayed quiet as the Liberals approved mergers that reduced consumer choice and boosted corporate power. For all their loud claims about standing up to Big Business for the little guy, the NDP failed to act as these anti-consumer takeovers went through without a hitch.

The gap between what the NDP says and what they do makes them look like political pretenders. Jagmeet Singh talks tough in public but turns into a lapdog behind closed doors. It’s clear he cares more about keeping his shaky alliance with Trudeau than actually fighting corporate monopolies.

Williams hit the nail on the head: “You could have stopped the government from approving these three mergers which have hurt Canadians. It’s a walking contradiction,” highlighting how the NDP’s actions don’t match their words.

Singh, caught off guard, could only offer lame excuses about how his party asked the Liberals to reject the mergers during Question Period. As if a few dramatic exchanges could hide the NDP’s failure to take real action. He then tried to deflect by accusing the Conservatives of having ties to corporate interests.

But Singh’s squirming couldn’t hide the truth – the NDP has done nothing meaningful to combat these anti-consumer mergers, despite claiming to stand up for ordinary Canadians.

In fact, the NDP helped these mergers happen by supporting Trudeau’s failing government and approving its corporate-friendly agenda.

Jagmeet Singh’s hypocritical grandstanding is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the NDP. They love to pose for the cameras but fail to achieve anything meaningful for the people they claim to represent.

Take Singh’s recent committee appearance. He selectively attacks certain corporations, like Loblaws, while barely mentioning Metro, another major grocery chain. 

The reason becomes clear when you realize Singh’s brother, Gurratan Singh, is a registered lobbyist for Metro. Singh is clearly avoiding any criticism that might harm his brother’s lucrative career.

When Conservative MP Rick Perkins pointed out this conflict of interest, Singh got flustered and offered weak denials, claiming he criticizes Metro as much as Loblaws. However, his public statements tell a different story.

Singh’s convenient memory lapses about his brother’s lobbying work reek of corruption, casting a dark shadow on the NDP.

Singh’s sudden concern about corporate greed also seems insincere given the NDP’s support for Trudeau’s corporate handouts. Despite his dramatic attacks on subsidies for Loblaws and Costco, Singh had no problem with these payouts when they were approved under the Liberal-NDP coalition deal.

Singh’s sudden concern about taxpayers funding wealthy corporations conveniently ignores the NDP’s role in enabling this crony capitalism. His hypocrisy is pretty galling.

Conservative MP Rick Perkins was spot on when he questioned why Singh keeps supporting a Liberal government that imposes economy-crushing policies like the carbon tax and runs up huge deficits fueling inflation.

Singh’s response? He stubbornly insisted that corporate greed alone is responsible for inflation—a take that’s completely detached from economic reality.

Singh Slams Corporations While Ignoring NDP Complicity

By backing Trudeau’s inflationary spending and ignoring the NDP’s family ties to major corporations, Jagmeet Singh has shown his partisan hypocrisy and flimsy principles time and again.

He loves to rail against corporate influence when it suits him but happily advances the neoliberal status quo right alongside the Trudeau Liberals.

Singh’s latest committee appearance just adds to the drama of his increasingly bitter exchanges with the Liberals as their shaky coalition starts falling apart. 

He recently slammed Freeland’s budget for not funding the NDP’s priorities enough, only to backtrack furiously after accidentally admitting that the Liberals ignored the NDP’s input.

This whole saga has exposed the total dysfunction of this political marriage of convenience. While the Liberals and NDP bicker like teenagers, Pierre Poilievre calls them out for their immaturity and urges them to focus on real solutions for struggling Canadians.

With the Singh-Trudeau honeymoon long over, and Liberal backbenchers openly defying the NDP, this doomed coalition can’t collapse soon enough. 

Canada needs a new government that’s grounded in reality, not beholden to Big Corporations, and genuinely committed to reducing the cost of living crisis.

Canadians deserve better than this endless melodrama between cynical politicians who posture as populist champions while making backroom deals with corporate lobbyists.

The Singh-Trudeau partnership has utterly failed to rein in the greed that Singh suddenly sees everywhere except within his own ranks. His committee appearance just highlighted the hypocrisy at the heart of the NDP and Liberal party.

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