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Hunter Exploited Sandy Hook Tragedy to Broker Shady China Deal


Biden Family Corruption Exposed

Bombshell new texts expose the ugly truth – Hunter Biden exploited the Sandy Hook memorial and his father’s status for cold hard cash. While grieving families mourned lost children, Hunter saw a chance to broker access to his dad for Chinese executives dangling million-dollar deals. 

Talk about heartless and tone-deaf. But for the morally bankrupt Bidens, no occasion was too solemn to sell influence behind the scenes.

This memorial-turned-money-making-scheme lifts the curtain on the Biden family racket. Joe publicly plays the noble statesman while Hunter flogs access in the shadows, tearing at our democracy’s fabric.

Every dirty text, every shady wire transfer, every lie Hunter spins pulls back the veil further on the Biden syndicate. The evidence doesn’t lie, no matter how slick Hunter’s excuses. 

While Americans grieve lost innocents, the Bidens greedily grab dirty cash. But their time fleecing America is up. Hunter treated our White House like a 24/7 influence peddling drive-thru. 

The House GOP won’t flinch from exposing this fetid abuse of power. The Biden crime family syndicate faces a reckoning. Justice demands the truth on Biden corruption see sunlight.

Hunter Exploited Sandy Hook Memorial for Deal

Newly released text messages reveal the depths Hunter Biden was willing to go to arrange lucrative business deals for himself and his father Joe Biden with questionable foreign partners. 

In a shocking move, Hunter used his father’s scheduled appearance at the Sandy Hook memorial event in 2017 to coordinate a meeting between Joe Biden and a Chinese business executive. 

On December 12, 2017, Hunter messaged Liu Yadong, an executive at CEFC China Energy, on WeChat to arrange a meeting with Joe Biden. 

Hunter wrote, “My father will be in New York also and he wants me to attend the Sandyhook [sic] memorial service with him and I would like him to meet you along with my uncle [Jim Biden] and then you and I can talk let me know if that works.”

Liu replied, “No problem. Pls let me know where and when to meet.”

This exchange exposes the disturbing way Hunter worked to mix his father’s public appearances mourning a tragedy with advancing the family’s private business interests. 

While Joe Biden was preparing to honor the lives lost at Sandy Hook, his son saw it as an opportunity to set up a meeting to discuss a lucrative deal with a Chinese company linked to the communist regime. 

Joe Biden was later photographed at the memorial service at the Plaza Hotel, though it remains unclear if the meeting between him and Liu actually occurred. Either way, the texts reveal Hunter’s willingness to use a solemn occasion to arrange access and potentially influence his father.

This is just the latest evidence showing Joe Biden’s direct involvement in Hunter and James Biden’s foreign business ventures, despite Joe repeatedly insisting otherwise. 

In particular, the Biden family had an extensive and highly questionable relationship with CEFC China Energy that netted millions of dollars. CEFC has known ties to the Chinese communist regime, making the business arrangement and proposed meeting politically compromising.

Emails from May 2017 show James Gilliar, a Biden family business associate, outlined proposed compensation packages for a deal with CEFC, including earmarking 10% equity for the “big guy,” which multiple sources have confirmed refers to Joe Biden. 

Tony Bobulinski, another Biden associate, publicly stated he discussed the CEFC deal with Joe Biden during two meetings in May 2017. 

Clearly, Joe Biden was fully aware of and stands to benefit financially from the CEFC deals. Hunter himself invoked his father’s name and involvement in a July 2017 message demanding payment from CEFC. 

He wrote, “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” 

Within 10 days of that message, CEFC wired $5.1 million to Hunter and James Biden’s accounts. James Biden later sent $40,000 of those funds to Joe Biden as a dubious “loan repayment.”

Additional emails show Hunter repeatedly dropped his father’s name in communications about helping CEFC expand its business dealings in the US. An October 2017 message specifically referred to Joe Biden participating in an upcoming call to discuss liquefied natural gas projects.

The evidence paints an alarming portrait of the Biden family, and Joe Biden in particular, selling access and influence to enrich themselves. 

The $5 million transfer from CEFC to Hunter and James Biden may represent just a fraction of the total sums exchanged through these questionable arrangements. 

It is reprehensible that Hunter tapped into his father’s public appearances, including one honoring the tragedy of Sandy Hook, to advance private business deals. 

Joe Biden claims to have had no knowledge of Hunter’s overseas ventures, but that assertion crumbles in the face of emails, testimony, and financial records directly implicating Joe in Hunter’s activities.

These corrupt practices should disqualify Joe Biden from the presidency. He repeatedly misled the public about his involvement and was willing to let his son peddle influence through his name. 

That raises grave concerns about this administration’s policies towards China and other foreign adversaries.

In fact, Joe Biden’s disturbing connections to CEFC raise another troubling question – does Biden harbor even more alarming intentions to let China gain control over America’s oil, gas and energy resources? 

While shocking, this scenario sadly cannot be ruled out given the extent of the Biden family’s compromising ties to the CCP-linked company. 

It is not difficult to imagine Biden cutting backroom deals to sell off US energy assets and production to CEFC as part of his dealings. CEFC is working aggressively to expand its global energy holdings. 

The Biden family stood to profit handsomely from brokering energy deals between China and the US.

If Biden is willing to sell influence to the highest foreign bidder to enrich his family, why would he not also bargain away America’s precious energy independence? Biden talks a big game about transitioning to green energy, but evidence suggests this provides cover for him to undermine our domestic oil and gas production.

Biden could grant China access to US energy resources and reserves as concessions for other political or personal benefits, maybe help him win the November election. With CEFC operatives as middlemen, Biden may feel he can get away with energy sabotage right under the nose of the American people.

China seeks to dominate the world economically and control vital resources like energy. Partnering with CEFC gives China a vehicle to infiltrate and co-opt America’s energy sector. 

Biden may naively believe he is striking deals that only empower and enrich his family, when in reality he is selling out our country to Chinese geopolitical interests.

Does Biden harbor delusions that cooperating with China on energy will foster goodwill between the powers? If so, he fundamentally misunderstands the Chinese communist regime’s antagonism towards America and intent on surpassing us on the world stage. China’s rulers view Biden as a pawn to exploit, not a partner.

The depths China will plumb to steal intellectual property and spy on America shows they cannot be trusted as an energy partner. 

Biden turning over any measure of energy independence to China would be an unthinkable betrayal of US national security. The risks far outweigh any promised rewards.

In these divided times, control of energy resources must remain solely in American hands. Congress and intelligence agencies should aggressively investigate whether Biden has made or plans to make dangerous energy concessions to China. 

Hunter Biden Caught Lying to Congress Under Oath

Speaking of investigations, the House Ways and Means Committee obtained further proof that Hunter blatantly lied during sworn Congressional testimony to conceal the Biden family’s foreign entanglements. 

During his deposition, Hunter claimed he was drunk when he sent the threatening text message demanding payment from CEFC executives. 

However, phone records show Hunter exchanged multiple messages with Zhao at CEFC on the deal. Zhao even replied, “CEFC is willing to cooperate with the family.” Hunter lied about mistaking Zhao for an unrelated business associate. He also falsely claimed his father was unaware of his CEFC dealings and never benefited financially. 

Hunter denied having any control over Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC’s bank accounts or involvement with visa requests for foreign associates. Signed documents and emails show these statements under oath were intentionally false. 

In yet another alarming development, IRS investigators were allegedly prevented from fully probing Hunter’s business partner Kevin Morris due to classified information from the CIA. This smacks of a political cover-up by improperly invoking national security to shield President Biden from scrutiny of his family’s suspicious foreign ties.

The cumulative weight of the evidence paints a disturbing image of the Biden family enterprise peddling influence through Joe Biden’s status. 

Hunter has shown complete disregard for ethics rules and laws that ordinary citizens must follow. Joe Biden is compromised both due to his involvement and by turning a blind eye in the face of overwhelming indications of misconduct. 

House Republicans are right to continue investigating this web of lies, deceit and corruption surrounding President Biden and his son. 

The Justice Department must impartially apply the law and prosecute Hunter Biden for perjury, as they would any other citizen who lied to Congress. Americans deserve full transparency and accountability into the Biden family business.

Going into the November election, voters should consider Joe Biden’s role enabling his son’s dubious activities along with Hunter’s serial dishonesty in downplaying the extent of the family’s foreign entanglements. 

This goes beyond usual political mudslinging – it raises profound concerns about abusing public office for private gain, jeopardizing national security, and selling out American interests to enrich connected elites. 

No politician is above the law. Republicans in Congress have an obligation to uncover the whole truth behind the Biden family foreign dealings. Anything less would be an injustice to the American people who deserve to know if the president is compromised.

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