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Hunter Biden Caught Red-Handed in Attempt to Deceive Congress


Hunter Biden’s Web of Lies Collapses

Bombshell new evidence detonates Hunter Biden’s web of lies and exposes shocking foreign corruption at the highest levels. Brave whistleblowers have pulled back the curtain on Biden’s overseas criminal enterprise, providing smoking gun proof he intentionally deceived Congress. 

Biden is caught red-handed in a blatant perjury plot, fabricated testimony that unraveled fast. Now the ugly truth emerges – Biden used his father to rake in millions from shady foreign deals, then lied to cover it up.

But Biden’s brazen deceit can’t contain the explosive facts whipped up by patriotic whistleblowers. His frantic perjury hid shocking election-meddling collusion reaching into the DOJ itself.

What is Biden so desperate to conceal with his avalanche of lies? The Biden crime syndicate’s dark secrets are oozing out, as documents contradict his tall tales page by page. 

Will Biden face any accountability for mocking justice? Or will he slither away thanks to Washington swamp creatures invested in corruption?

Biden’s lies aimed at obscuring foreign influence peddling schemes that sold out our democracy itself. 

Hunter Implicated in Foreign Bribery Schemes

Explosive new evidence proves Hunter Biden flat-out lied to Congress in a brazen attempt to cover up his family’s shady foreign dealings. But Biden’s web of corruption is rapidly unraveling as brave whistleblowers come forward with the truth.

Biden clearly perjured himself by falsely claiming he didn’t know Chinese businessman Raymond Zhao or understand the dealings referenced in his own incriminating text messages. Phone records provided by IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler definitively prove Biden and Zhao were closely connected. 

After stonewalling Biden’s initial texts, Zhao actively engaged in over two dozen messages coordinating payoffs to the Biden family. Biden blatantly lied under oath about not knowing this “Zhao” character.  

Biden’s bogus testimony also claimed the firm Rosemont Seneca Bohai and related accounts were not affiliated with him. But documents signed by Biden himself clearly identify him as the “duly elected, qualified, and acting secretary” of Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

Other records reveal Biden directed his Burisma salary to be deposited in Rosemont’s accounts that he dishonestly distanced himself from. Biden’s willful lies expose the depth of his corruption.

Biden also shamelessly denied doing any work related to visa assistance for Burisma despite clear proof he actively helped the company’s executives obtain US visas.  

Emails show Biden was looped into discussions about securing visas for Nikolay Zlochevsky, Burisma’s CEO. Biden flat-out lied about this to Congress – will he face any consequences for obstruction of justice?

Perhaps most disturbingly, Biden may have had help from rogue elements inside the DOJ to cover up his overseas criminal enterprise. IRS investigators say they were blocked from questioning Biden crony Kevin Morris after DOJ officials unexpectedly intervened.

This suspicious scuttling of the Morris interview smacks of a political cover up by Biden’s DOJ enablers. What are they so desperate to hide? 

Biden’s web of lies is rapidly collapsing. The evidence proves he blatantly perjured himself to obstruct investigations into his family’s lucrative foreign corruption schemes.

While Americans struggle, crooked politicians like Biden exploited his father’s position to rake in millions from shady overseas businessmen buying influence. This reeks of quid pro quo and the worst form of crony capitalism.

Biden’s testimony wasn’t just inaccurate – it was intentionally fabricated to hide the disturbing truth. He clearly lied about his level of control in companies central to funneling dirty cash from overseas power players. 

By falsely denying affiliations and knowledge, Biden thought he could bamboozle investigators and escape accountability for influence peddling and self-dealing.

Americans are sick of these crooked political dynasties abusing public office for personal profit. Biden treated his dad’s position like a get-rich-quick cash cow to exploit. 

This shameless profiteering erodes citizens’ trust in Biden’s government. Biden’s son Hunter must finally be held accountable for brazen graft or it will never cease.

While Hunter lives large on dirty Ukrainian and Chinese money, hard-working Americans struggle with soaring costs, inflation and shortages caused by the crooked Joe disastrous policies.

We cannot trust a word Hunter Biden says. His blatant lies to Congress prove he will break any law to cover up his overseas criminal enterprise and protect his powerful patrons.

What else is Biden hiding? The suspicious shutting down of investigations into his cronies reeks of a high-level coverup. Biden’s web of corruption likely runs deeper than we know.

Americans won’t tolerate another whitewashed insider investigation that lets Biden off easy. We need a fearless crusader as Attorney General to expose the rot. 

It’s time to drain the swamp and end the cycle of corruption that lets elites like Biden operate above the law. Equal justice demands Biden face indictments for this criminal deception.

No more wrist slaps for well-connected cronies – Biden’s brazen perjury and obstruction of justice warrant prison time. Americans are fed up with spineless prosecutors letting crooked VIPs walk free.

Biden’s shady $5 million Burisma payoff came immediately after his texts shaking down a Chinese exec. This reeks of influence peddling. What exactly was Biden being paid for? 

Americans deserve answers. Biden’s lavish million dollar lifestyle was funded by sweetheart gigs buying access to his powerful politician father. That should outrage every law-abiding citizen.

The Bidens have gotten rich off Joe’s political clout while struggling Americans live paycheck to paycheck thanks to the elites’ disastrous policies. 

Trump was absolutely justified in raising concerns about the Bidens’ suspicious foreign money trail. Crooks like Hunter should have no place near the levers of government power. 

Imagine the media hysteria if Don Jr. blatantly lied to Congress about shady business deals with China and Ukraine. But for Biden, it’s just another Tuesday. The double standard is nauseating.

Democrats levy baseless collusion charges at their opponents while their chosen ones laugh all the way to foreign banks. 

The truth always eventually comes out. Biden’s web of lies was destined to collapse as brave whistleblowers like Zeigler exposed his overseas criminal enterprise. 

With Biden’s credibility shot, any other testimony he gave Congress must also be considered suspect. We need full transparency into his suspicious business dealings that reek of profiteering off his father.

Americans demand Biden be held fully accountable for his brazen perjury. He arrogantly thought he could deceive investigators the way he has deceived voters for years. But lies ultimately have consequences – even for privileged Bidens. 

Court Smacks Down Hunter Bid to Escape Justice

Hunter Biden is a chip off the old block – equally as crooked and morally bankrupt as his dear old dad. The latest appeals court smackdown of Biden’s desperate ploys to delay his felony gun trial is just more proof this privileged grifter’s criminality finally faces a reckoning.

Like father, like son. Joe Biden perfected the backroom deal and Hunter greedily exploited his name for foreign graft. But Biden Jr.’s shady profiteering off pops is rapidly crashing down around him.

Despite every attempt to slither away, the walls are closing in on slippery Hunter. Biden knowingly broke gun laws while in the throes of his crack addiction that fueled his orgy of influence peddling. This privileged failson treated our justice system like a joke, until now.

Biden tried securing a sweetheart plea deal on the shady gun charges. But even Democrat-appointed judges smelled something rotten and rejected his crony bargain. Sorry Hunter, no more special treatment for crooked elites. 

While Hunter lives large on dirty money, he thinks laws don’t apply to him. But after years of consequence-free corruption, the appeals court ensured Biden can’t wriggle away from justice this time.

Desperate, Biden shamelessly played the victim, claiming he’s being “politically targeted.” Right, because most Americans buy illegal guns while high on crack they bought with Burisma’s bribe money! Spare us the fake outrage, Hunter.

With Biden’s turkey shoot of a defense shredded, he’ll stand trial smack in the middle of daddy’s re-election campaign. This perfect storm will haunt the Biden dynasty and demonstrate America won’t tolerate their rotten corruption anymore.

No more endless mulligans for Hunter’s criminal life just because his last name is Biden. The public is fed up with this poster child for elite impunity. Let Biden reap what he sowed as his reckoning arrives right on schedule.

Equal justice means the Bidens don’t get yet another free pass after this criminal deception. Americans are fed up with spineless prosecutors letting lawbreaking elites off easy. Biden must face indictment. 

The Biden family treated our government as an ATM to deposit foreign money into their pockets. But their time of consequence-free corruption ends now.

Hunter claimed under oath he had no affiliations with shady companies central to his family’s foreign graft operation. But emails and documents prove he willfully lied. 

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