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Biden Protecting His Criminal Son And Ignores American Concerns


Scandal Spotlights Biden’s Conflicting Priorities

Biden private fretting over his son Hunter’s legal jeopardy stands in jarring contrast to Biden’s public image as an incorruptible champion of justice. While Americans suffer from rampant crime, Biden allegedly obsesses over shielding Hunter from prison. 

This hypocrisy highlights questions around misuse of power, as Biden employs the presidency to protect family.

Meanwhile, Hunter seems increasingly alone facing trial, abandoned by past enablers unwilling to finance his defense. Yet the average citizen cannot rely on presidential interference to avoid consequences. Biden’s alleged actions epitomize an unjust double standard.

As Hunter’s trial nears, Biden faces a choice: paternal protector, or principled leader upholding equal justice? His decision may erode public trust in the impartiality of the justice system. Biden’s advisers reportedly excuse his Hunter focus, citing normal parental worry. But Biden’s foremost duty is serving all citizens – not exploiting power to benefit the family.

While parents commonly fret over children’s wellbeing, Biden’s alleged shielding of Hunter from fair prosecution contradicts Biden’s pious rhetoric about truth and morality. 

This hypocrisy reinforces perceptions of an administration viewing itself above the law. With Biden conflicted and advisers spinning excuses, the coming months will test who this White House really serves: principle or privilege.

Biden Privately Preoccupied With Shielding Son From Prison

The latest alarming report that Biden is extremely worried his son Hunter will end up behind bars reveals the utter hypocrisy and lack of integrity of this administration. Biden constantly preaches about truth, justice and morality, yet when his own son faces multiple felony charges that could result in years in prison.

Biden expresses concern only over the potential political fallout and damage control. This blatantly nepotistic favoritism and disregard for the law thoroughly undermines any claims of respect for the legal system.

Biden’s advisers shamefully admit he is so obsessed with protecting Hunter that he anxiously checks in with him daily and will no doubt follow every minute of the trial closely. 

“He worries about Hunter every single day, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep,” one of the advisors told the outlet. “That will only pick up during a trial.”

Yet Biden callously ignores the real and profound suffering of ordinary law-abiding Americans facing out-of-control violent crime, inflation, and record gas prices that are destroying livelihoods. 

Biden’s distorted priorities make it clear he cares infinitely more about shielding his family from accountability than serving the country.

The damning admission that Biden has no plans for any coordinated “war room” rapid response effort to combat the sure to be massive negative media coverage of Hunter’s corruption case shows Biden’s team knows the sordid trial will be a gigantic and possibly fatal political liability for this administration. 

Rather than substantively address the heinous specifics of Hunter’s alleged crack cocaine addiction and illegal firearm offenses, they want to downplay and whitewash it all, which reveals they have no valid factual defense.

It is an unconscionable disgrace that Biden’s own Justice Department brought charges against Hunter in the first place. This hypocritical administration only ruthlessly goes after political enemies, not well-connected Democrat cronies like Hunter. 

The charges clearly arose solely to fraudulently create the appearance of ethical integrity for the DOJ while still purposefully sparing Hunter any real prosecutorial scrutiny or punishment.

Biden embedding his utterly unqualified son Hunter on the board of a Ukrainian gas company to profit off the Biden name while vice president was already an appalling abuse of power and public trust. 

That Hunter allegedly then bought a firearm while recklessly addicted to crack cocaine shows even greater disregard for the law and further exploitation of privilege to avoid consequences.

Every parent understandably worries for and wants to protect their child. But most Americans don’t have the sitting President of the United States for a father to improperly shield them from the deserved legal consequences of their alleged criminal actions. 

This outrageous special treatment for the Biden family erodes confidence in equal justice under the law.

Hunter Faces Trials Alone As Supporters Abandon Him

Biden’s advisers essentially admit he will continue enabling Hunter’s alleged blatant criminality, fretting over him constantly day and night. 

Yet Biden shows no such concern or compassion for the suffering of ordinary citizens from the crisis of violent crime, drugs, and illegal immigration that his administration’s policies have directly aggravated. Biden’s misplaced priorities are appalling.

Biden regularly stresses empathy, compassion and morality as vital traits for any president, but he reserves his greatest sympathies and solidarity for family members like Hunter. 

Even if the charges against Hunter are proven true, it is clear Biden’s influence will protect Hunter from any real legal accountability, further corroding ethical standards in government.

The Oval Office should be occupied by someone with sound judgment focused solely on serving the entire nation’s best interests, not endlessly fixated on improperly shielding their corrupt son from the legal consequences of alleged felonies. 

Biden hypocritically took a solemn oath to faithfully uphold the Constitution – not put family above the law. His priorities are entirely misplaced.

The Hunter scandal powerfully reveals the Biden administration operates not as public servants but as an elitist cabal viewing themselves as above the law. 

They portray dutifully following rules and ethics codes as optional for those with connections, wielding enforcement only when politically expedient. This privileging of insider favoritism over upstanding character shows why Biden cannot possibly restore trust in government or unify the divided country.

One can only imagine the utter outrage and media firestorm that would have ensued if former President Trump ever admitted he was constantly worried his son Don Jr. or son-in-law Jared Kushner would end up in prison over their alleged questionable business dealings and contacts with shady foreign operatives.

But the mainstream media is giving Biden a complete free pass for openly fretting not about his son Hunter’s alleged felony crimes themselves, but rather about Hunter’s potential for punishment and imprisonment. This massive double standard only serves to enable and encourage further nepotism.

Biden Administration Dogged Claims Of Double Standards On Justice

Yet it seems that Hunter Biden is already near the downhill, no one seems to be there for him or willing to help him with his two trials coming next month. “The reason Kevin got involved financially in the first place was that he could see that no one was going to help Hunter,” a person close to the Hollywood entertainment lawyer”

“Now, four and a half years later, there’s still no help — and now Kevin is completely tapped out,” the person added. “So just when Hunter is facing two criminal trials starting in a few weeks, he has no resources. It’s pretty dire.”

Most average American citizens cannot rely on special presidential interference to improperly shield relatives from fair criminal prosecution for alleged serious wrongdoing. 

But Biden freely exploits the immense power of the presidency to insulate his son Hunter from legal jeopardy, severely undermining the foundational rule of law that Biden and his administration officials inactively claim to uphold.

However, the fact that Hunter then allegedly illegally purchased a firearm while recklessly addicted to crack cocaine makes Biden’s continued protection and defense of his wayward son even more unacceptable.

Biden frequently preaches about compassion, empathy and morality, yet he shows absolutely none of those virtues towards the innocent victims of the crisis of rampant violence, lawlessness, and erosion of public order his administration’s failed policies have directly aggravated. 

Rather, Biden reserves the sum total of his compassion only for his son Hunter, ensuring he evades any real accountability for his alleged wide-ranging criminality – a true moral outrage.

True blind justice must be allowed to properly prevail at all costs over Biden’s blatant paternal bias.

Biden’s pathetic advisers are now actually citing normal parental worry as the underlying basis and excuse for Biden’s continued enabling of his adult son Hunter’s alleged misconduct. 

But Biden solemnly swore an oath before God to defend the Constitution against all threats foreign and domestic – not to violate that sacred oath and undermine the Constitution by protecting family members from criminal liability. His predecessors in office clearly understood this – Biden clearly does not.

The top priority for any American president must be serving the best interests of the entire nation – not consistently prioritizing the avoiding of consequences for one’s own family. 

Biden’s highly improper use and exploitation of the immense powers of the presidency principally to guard his son Hunter from accountability reveals that Biden and senior members of his administration fundamentally hold themselves above the law. 

This nepotistic exemption from accountability completely shreds America’s bedrock founding principle of equal justice under the law for all. Through his actions Biden has failed in his most basic duty as steward and guardian of American democracy.

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