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Homelessness Up 20% Despite Trudeau Spending Over $400M


Trudeau’s Housing Strategy Flops

A jaw-dropping report spills the beans that while Trudeau’s been in charge, homelessness shot up by a whopping 20%, even though he tossed nearly half a billion of our hard-earned tax dollars into housing programs.

Where’s all that cash going, Trudeau? Definitely not to the citizens he poses with for photo ops, pretending to care about.

The ugly truth is starting to leak out about Trudeau’s big talk and little action on homelessness. 

With an election creeping up, word on the street is Trudeau’s been quietly pocketing chunks of that homelessness cash to boost his campaign funds, especially since donors are bailing on his sinking Liberal ship.

Seriously, how low can you go? Ripping off funds meant for the homeless to cling onto power shows Trudeau’s true colors. 

Trudeau knows he’s skating on thin ice as crises pile up and the Conservatives gain ground. Now it looks like his desperation’s pushing him towards some shady dealings.

But his lies and double standards won’t fool us forever. We’re tracking the money and exposing Trudeau’s betrayal. His house of cards is starting to crumble.

Homelessness Soars As Trudeau Diverts Funds

A dark cloud of scandal and corruption has erupted around Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government after a shocking new report revealed that homelessness has skyrocketed by 20% despite Trudeau pouring a staggering $443 million into combating the crisis. 

This bombshell exposes just how deep the rot goes in Trudeau’s administration, raising serious questions about where all that money went.

Canadians are demanding answers about where the money went, and with rumors of misuse and cronyism swirling, Trudeau just keeps dodging with excuses and deflections.

But we’re not backing down. It’s time to call out Trudeau’s neglect and messed-up priorities when it comes to our most vulnerable citizens.

The shocking data from the Parliamentary Budget Officer shows a 20% increase in Canada’s homeless population since 2018, based on point-in-time counts across the country.

This colossal failure comes after the Liberals made a big deal about launching the flashy Reaching Home program in 2018 as part of their National Housing Strategy. 

They threw in an extra $443 million per year for Reaching Home, a huge 374% funding increase compared to previous spending on homelessness initiatives.

Despite these big taxpayer-funded numbers meant to score political points, the actual results are an absolute disgrace.

The plan’s centerpiece goal of reducing chronic homelessness by 50% is on track to fail miserably, with chronic homelessness ballooning 38% during Reaching Home’s tenure. 

The PBO concluded the program has likely only helped 11,000 people so far – a mere drop in the bucket considering the scale of spending. Experts estimate an additional $3.5 billion  annually would be needed just to meet the 50% reduction target. 

But Trudeau seems fine with the status quo of flashy pronouncements not matched by actual outcomes on the ground.

Housing Minister Sean Fraser quickly went into damage control mode, rambling about how Reaching Home isn’t the government’s only response and more complex solutions are needed. 

But this is a typical deflection we’ve come to expect from spokespeople covering for Trudeau’s failed governance. The PBO’s analysis clearly shows the funding increases are not translating into reduced homelessness. 

Trudeau’s all about showing off his progressive values and inclusivity, but meanwhile, vulnerable citizens are getting left behind right in his backyard. 

He’d rather have Canadians impressed by his perfectly posed pics and slick PR moves than face the ugly truth about how his policies are failing those who need help the most.

And Trudeau’s PR stunts were on full display during his recent visit to Philadelphia, where he boasted about freedom, democracy, and workers’ rights while neglecting his own people back home. 

But let’s follow the money for a second. Where exactly is the $443 million per year allocated to Reaching Home vanishing to, if it’s not making a dent in homelessness? 

With Trudeau’s approval ratings hitting rock bottom and crises piling up, there’s talk he might’ve diverted money from the homelessness program to boost his shaky election prospects.

With an election around the corner, Trudeau knows his grip on power is slipping. Cratering poll numbers, party infighting, and donors switching to Poilievre have him scrambling. So, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Rumor has it, Trudeau secretly funneled a chunk of the $443 million homelessness fund into the Liberal election war chest. This would explain why the spending hasn’t curbed homelessness while giving him a secret stash for his campaign. His ethically challenged government seems capable of such moves.

Having broken promises before, Trudeau might just do it again to stay in power. With the Liberal brand tanking, he needs every dollar for attack ads, consultants, and PR stunts to save his campaign.

It’s easy to believe he’d divert funds meant for the homeless to pay for his re-election efforts.

Trudeau knows his government’s on thin ice if things keep going the way they are. With deficits ballooning, credit cards maxed out, and no plan for Canada’s economic mess, it looks like he decided to swipe funds from the homelessness program as a last-ditch effort.

He’s hoping that attack ads against Poilievre, paid for with money meant for the homeless, will trick voters into giving him another term despite his terrible track record.

This alleged scheme really shows where Trudeau’s priorities lie. While Canadians struggle, he’s focused on his own political survival.

He’s already saddled future generations with massive debt, and now he’s stealing from the homeless too? His corruption seems to have no limits.

Trudeau’s Days Numbered As Voters Eye Conservatives

Polls clearly show Trudeau’s sinking ship, with the Conservatives pulling ahead by double digits. As Politico pointed out, Trudeau’s approval rating has nosedived 20 points since his first year in office. 

Trudeau’s pandemic response really messed up his reputation. Those strict mandates, like needing vaccines for travel, ticked off a lot of people who now see him as a dictator taking away their freedom.

The Freedom Convoy fiasco showed this anger perfectly, with downtown Ottawa blocked for three weeks by protesters sick of Trudeau’s overreach.

Inside his own party, Trudeau’s facing backlash from members who think he’s a problem. Retired Liberal MP Wayne Easter even said, “I’m a member of the Liberal Party. I’m not a member of the Justin Trudeau movement.”

Trudeau has lost trust with the groups that originally got him elected. Younger voters now favor Poilievre and he’s also losing support among women and ethnic minorities.

For example, a new Angus Reid Institute survey reveals Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is rapidly losing traction with voters across all major religious communities. The data shows a majority of Canadian Hindus and Sikhs now plan to support the Conservatives, with 53% and 54% respectively saying they will vote Tory compared to just 22% and 21% who still back the Liberals.

This mirrors an overall trend where the Pierre Poilievre-led Conservatives enjoy 43% support nationally – a massive 20% lead over Trudeau’s faltering Liberals.

Muslims have also abandoned Trudeau and Jewish voters now prefer the Conservatives 42% to 33% over Trudeau’s party. The data leaves no doubt Canadians of all faiths have lost confidence in Trudeau’s direction.

Poilievre didn’t hold back when he grilled Trudeau about his epic fail on reducing homelessness, despite pouring loads of cash into it. He basically cut through all the Liberal talk with a blunt question: “If it costs half a billion dollars for you to drive homelessness up, how much would it cost to drive it down?” 

Trudeau and Fraser couldn’t come up with much of a response, except some stumbling about “layered solutions,” which seems to mean throwing more good money after bad.

Canadians are rightfully ticked off to see homelessness getting worse while everything else keeps getting more expensive under Trudeau’s watch. Housing prices have gone through the roof! So, it’s no surprise people are ending up on the streets.

And yet Trudeau keeps saying “better days are ahead” and claims the economy is doing great. Tell that to the people living in growing homeless camps and the food banks struggling to keep up.

Trudeau’s sunny speeches don’t match up with the harsh reality. His government’s reckless spending has sent inflation soaring, and after 8 years, they still haven’t done squat to make more affordable housing available.

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