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Trudeau Messes Up His Insane Housing Plans


Insane Housing Plans Face Expected Obstacles

The Trudeau housing hustle has been exposed once again. After endlessly recycling the same failed announcements and impossible targets, the Liberals’ fairy tale housing plan lies in tatters.

Housing Minister Sean Fraser now scurries for cover as the dream castle of cheap, abundant housing he sold Canadians is revealed as a mirage with cities still hiking up development costs and building of new houses slowing to a halt.

This predictable debacle was always destined to humiliate the hubristic Trudeau government. Declaring they could conjure millions of houses in record time showed stunning naivety about the complex housing market.

And now the housing minister tries to dodge accountability, making pathetic excuses to explain away his shortcomings. He spews blame at anyone but himself for the housing hopes he has shattered. A strong minister would take responsibility, but weak Fraser refuses.

The Liberals can announce as many magical housing plans as they want. But repeating fantasy targets does not make them real. With this embarrassing failure, Canadians are waking up to the cruel hoax of Liberal housing policies. It is time conservatives step in to provide pragmatic solutions.

Trudeau Housing plans Prove to be Hollow

The Trudeau government’s abysmal housing record continues, with new data showing housing starts declining nationwide even as costs soar out of reach for average Canadians.

Despite endless speeches and funding announcements, the Liberals have utterly failed to deliver on their incessant promise of affordable housing through rampant new and speedy construction process.

The situation has gotten so bad and dire that corrupt housing minister Sean Fraser trots out pathetic excuses to defend his government’s floundering housing strategy. But we all realise it is an effort by him to not get caught in the gun fire and get fired himself over his sheer incompetence.

Fraser blames higher interest rates rather than admitting the Liberals’ expensive housing subsidies have distorted the market and filled the pockets of developers. Taxpayers deserve better for the countless billions poured and will keep being poured into Liberal housing funds.

Fraser also shamelessly pretends Conservative policies contain no measures to make housing affordable. This is just objectively false.

Conservatives have proposed practical solutions like penalising municipalities that restrict new construction. Unlike the Liberals’ feckless subsidies, these policies would spur real housing growth by removing red tape and perverse incentives.

The proof is in the numbers. Despite Liberal pronouncements, housing starts keep decreasing as prices march higher. Instead of 3 million new homes, Canada will be lucky to build a fraction of that target.

Trudeau Led the Housing Crisis

Access to home ownership slips further out of reach for the middle class thanks to Trudeau and his crooked house minister’s failure.

And the Liberals exacerbate the problem by tolerating cities gouging new development with outrageous fee hikes, driving up costs. It was only until recently that Fraser realised the costly and inefficient housing plans are not going to go the way the liberals would love for it to go.

And now all we are left with is Sean Fraser admitting that he is trying his hardest to coax and convince mayors of cities like Tornto and Ottawa to stop raising development fees in spite of all the liberal promises to curb that system once and for all. I guess it was another Trudeau lie.

Fraser lacks the backbone necessary to confront Canadian cities ruthlessly exploiting the crisis through exorbitant development fee hikes that drive up prices. He lets municipalities brazenly and blatantly violate the intent of federal infrastructure deals to build more housing.

A strong minister would enforce standards to contain costs, but Fraser is as weak as they can get and now his position as housing minister is in clear jeopardy.

So, how did we get here exactly? How did the liberals dig their graves deeper when things were already so dire?

Liberal Plans Against Common Sense

This all started because Trudeau couldn’t keep his mouth shut and instead starting promising more homes in a faster manner to satisfy all Canadians in the next couple years or so.

In a press release titled “Canada’s Housing Plan,” the Liberals pledged to “unlock 3.87 million new homes by 2031.”

Housing Minister Sean Fraser stated confidently at the time that “Canada can and will solve the housing crisis.” Oh how the tables have quickly turned. And it hasn’t even been a full two months since that announcement.

The scale of construction required under this plan was unprecedented in Canadian history outside wartime. The promise of over half a million new homes annually far surpassed anything achieved even during 1970s housing booms.

In reality, Canada has struggled in recent years to build even 200,000 homes per year. But the Liberals casually claimed they could more than double new construction overnight through this plan.

The sheer audacity of this pledge has raised massive redflags through the heads of not only the conservatives, but every Canadian with a keen eye and some logic beating around in their brains.

In typical Liberal fashion, the plan relied heavily on expensive new subsidies and bureaucracy rather than meaningful supply-side measures

Unsurprisingly to conservatives, the central planning mentality underlying this housing scheme proved fatally flawed. Ottawa simply cannot mandate home construction at such scales without addressing root causes of housing shortages like municipal red tape.

It is quite ironic how this is not even the first time Trudeau talked about this exact plan. Past times were a couple of months ago and the only difference was the federal budget framing Trudeau uses currently.

All of these lies, alongside the wasteful spending that leads to absolutely nothing beneficial in terms of housing or lowering affordability has eventually led to Trudeau and Poilievre going head to head on the liberals’ failures to fix a mess that they have started in the first place.

And here we are today, and nothing has changed. Cities are still hiking the prices; Houses are still not being built at the level that was promised by Trudeau and his gang of crooked liberals; And now we have Sean Fraser scrambling to save his job and already tarnished reputation as he whines and pleads for any semblance of change.

We are living in an insanity bubble, and the only way out is through some common sense conservatism.

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