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Freeland Rigged Deals to Enrich Trudeau’s WEF Lords


Trudeau Government Funnels Millions to WEF

You won’t believe how Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland secretly funneled millions of your tax dollars to her elite World Economic Forum pals.

This jaw-dropping expose reveals how Freeland rigged government contracts so her buddy Dominic Barton’s company could rake in millions without even competing for it.

Barton just happens to be a top dog at the shady World Economic Forum, an organization trying to undermine democracy globally.

The mind-blowing corruption doesn’t end there. Turns out Barton cozied up to Trudeau and brought him into the WEF’s inner circle years ago.

Now the WEF’s tentacles are strangling Canada from within thanks to Trudeau’s dirty backroom deals.

This explosive report finally exposes the red-hot corruption and anti-democratic scheming happening right under our noses.

You won’t believe how deep the cronyism goes between Trudeau, Freeland and the WEF globalist cabal. It’s the scandal of the century that every Canadian needs to know about!

Freeland Caught Steering Contracts to Elite Insiders

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, who’s basically a puppet for the World Economic Forum and a total sellout to globalist interests, has once again pulled a fast one on us Canadians. She has been funneling millions of our hard-earned tax dollars straight into the pockets of her cronies over at McKinsey Consulting.

This expose reveals Trudeau and his gang of WEF supporters are basically raiding our country’s piggy bank to line the pockets of their elite buddies.

A recent jaw-dropping report from Parliament lays it all out: Freeland totally rigged the game to hand her buddy’s company over $100 million in cushy contracts.

And get this, Dominic Barton, the big shot at McKinsey and a known WEF fanboy, has been wining and dining with Freeland for ages. While they’ve been living it up on caviar and champagne, us regular Canadians are left footing the bill.

And here’s the kicker: Barton’s company scored these massive contracts without even having to compete for them, all thanks to his cozy friendship with Freeland. She bent the rules left and right to make sure her WEF pal got his cut of the taxpayer cash.

It’s blatant cronyism at its finest, showing where Trudeau and his crew’s true loyalty lies – not with Canada, but with their globalist masters at the WEF. Trudeau is basically the WEF’s poster child, put in power to do their bidding while pretending to care about us Canadians.

In many interviews, Klaus Schwab promoted Trudeau and discussed how the World Economic Forum has influence within the Canadian Liberal Cabinet.

He even made Barton our ambassador, letting this WEF agent worm his way into our China policy.

Barton even played matchmaker between Trudeau and the bigwigs at the WEF, all to push their agenda right into our government.

It’s like Trudeau’s been programmed by these globalist big shots to do their dirty work. And now we’re seeing the consequences – they’re infiltrating every corner of our government, all thanks to Trudeau’s dirty political games, selling his soul to the devils at the WEF.

A prime example is the fact that Barton, a close associate of Freeland and the one who introduced Trudeau to the global elites, is dining at Freeland’s home and meeting with her frequently over the years.

Their relationship raises serious questions about the appropriateness of McKinsey receiving lucrative federal contracts. Canadians deserve to have their tax dollars spent based on merit, not personal friendships in the Liberal Party.

Even more disturbing, the parliamentary ombudsman found all sorts of sketchy stuff going on to make sure McKinsey got those contracts, even though they didn’t meet the usual requirements.

The report states there was a “strong perception of favoritism” in how McKinsey was awarded contracts, often without any competition. Once again, the Trudeau government seems to ignore rules that get in the way of helping connected insiders prosper.

Canadians are sick and tired of seeing the Liberals play fast and loose with our tax dollars just to give their buddies a fat paycheck.

This shameless cronyism just erodes trust in our government and makes a mockery of our democracy.

It’s like they’re saying government contracts aren’t about who’s best for the job, but who’s cozy with the liberal mafia in power.

This whole mess just shows that Chrystia Freeland is more into helping out her Liberal-friendly pals than actually looking out for Canadians with integrity.

Like, seriously, she keeps making these shady moves when it comes to who gets what contracts. We deserve people in charge who actually have some common sense and fairness, right?

And then there’s this cozy relationship between Freeland, Trudeau, Barton, and the World Economic Forum.

Trudeau loves schmoozing with those big shots at Davos, but let’s be real, they’re not exactly thinking about us regular Canadians.

Our leaders shouldn’t be taking tips from the World Economic Forum, which basically represents the richest of the rich. We need finance ministers who’ll have our backs, not cozy up to billionaires on fancy trips.

And speaking of Barton, him being Canada’s ambassador to China? Talk about shady. Like, why him? Seems like just another buddy move by the Liberals.

That job should go to someone who actually knows their stuff about China and international relations, not just Trudeau’s pals. It’s like foreign policy is just another way for them to reward their buddies, instead of actually serving the public interest.

This pattern of cronyism and putting partisan interests over the public good is evident in other areas as well, such as Freeland recently announcing tax hikes targeting the wealthy and justifying them as upholding the “social contract.”

However, her rationale rings hollow when contrasted with her cozy relationship with the World Economic Forum and its ultra-wealthy members.

In the latest federal budget, Freeland introduced modest tax increases on investment income over $250,000 and business capital gains over $1 million.

She defended these measures as supporting democracy by ensuring shared prosperity for the middle class. Yet the budget’s tweaks do little to challenge the power and privilege of the super-rich class in Canada.

It seems contradictory that the same minister who speaks about saving democracy is also responsible for freezing the bank accounts of peaceful freedom convoy protesters.

Meanwhile, Freeland continues to maintain warm ties with the elitist WEF and its billionaire participants. She attends their lavish conferences in Davos, rubbing shoulders with the global aristocracy.

This is the same WEF led by Klaus Schwab that openly advocates anti-democratic technocratic rule by unaccountable “experts.”

By associating closely with the anti-democratic WEF while claiming her tax changes save democracy, Freeland exposes deep hypocrisy.

The hikes on the rich hardly match her overblown rhetoric about revolutionizing the social contract. In reality, she postures for the middle class but caters to the priorities of her fellow cosmopolitan elites.

Freeland wants enough wealth redistribution to prevent unrest, but won’t take substantive action that fundamentally challenges the class interests of WEF members and allies.

Her lofty speeches about democracy ring hollow next to her embrace of the anti-democratic globalists at Davos.

Freeland’s supposed defense of democracy via modest tax hikes is political theater. Her ongoing support for the undemocratic WEF reveals her true sympathies lie with the global aristocracy, not ordinary Canadians.

Freeland’s words lack credibility when contrasted with her caviar socialism and alignment with anti-democratic forces.

Freeland seems more focused on pushing her climate agenda and appeasing her WEF connections than on fixing the economy, which she and Trudeau have brought to the brink of collapse through deliberate failed policies.

Freeland And Trudeau Wrecking The Economy

It’s no wonder then that in these shaky economic times, thanks to the Liberals, Canadians just want leaders who are straight-up and open about what they’re doing. But Chrystia Freeland and Trudeau have totally dropped the ball on that front.

Freeland’s cozying up to her old buddies who happen to run consulting firms raises some serious red flags about her integrity as finance minister. But is it even surprising at this point?

We deserve leaders who handle our money with honesty and fairness, not just hand out contracts to their pals in the Liberal Party.

And don’t even get me started on Trudeau’s crew and their love for wasteful spending and shady contracting. It’s like they’re playing favorites instead of giving everyone a fair shot.

Canadians want to see fair competition for government contracts, not just deals handed out to companies because they’re tight with someone in power. It’s messing with democracy and shutting out fresh voices with new ideas.

We’re all fed up with watching the well-connected insiders rake in taxpayer dollars while the rest of us get left in the dust. It’s time to put a stop to this credibility crisis in our democracy.

The Trudeau Liberals keep doling out sweet deals to their buddies, relatives, and ex-party insiders, and it’s costing us taxpayers big time.

Chrystia Freeland handing out contracts to her buddy’s company is just the latest ethical lapse under Trudeau’s failed leadership. He promised transparency and fairness but continues to allow his ministers to funnel money into firms run by personal and partisan allies.

Canadians deserve better. We need representatives who will clean up corruption in government and direct contracts based solely on merit, not Liberal connections.

It’s time to flush out this swamp of insider favoritism that’s been thriving under Trudeau. Everyone, no matter who they know or what party they’re with, should have a fair shot at bidding on government contracts.

We’re talking billions of bucks here, and the Liberals keep using it for their own political games. Enough is enough.

We need a bidding process that’s fair, transparent, and kicks cronyism and shady deals to the curb. It’s time for some real ethics laws that actually mean something, to stop conflicts of interest and favoritism dead in their tracks. We’ve gotta earn back Canadians’ trust in our government.

This whole Liberal entitlement vibe that’s letting Freeland hand out contracts to her buddies has got to stop. Canadians are rightly ticked off when it looks like our leaders are just greasing the wheels for their pals and rich buddies.

The Trudeau crew keeps breaking rules and making lousy calls with our tax money. It’s time for Caanadians to ditch this snobby Liberal government and replace it with a common sense government that puts Canadians first, not WEF lords.

These new details about Freeland sliding contracts to her buddy’s consulting gig just prove that Trudeau’s crew cares more about helping their pals than doing right by Canadians.

We need some major changes to shut down these conflicts of interest and finally clean up the mess of Liberal cronyism, corruption, and waste. Canadians deserve way better than this.

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