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Freeland Flounders In Question Period Grilling


Empty Rhetoric No Answer To Crisis

Freeland faced a trial by fire in her latest Question Period appearance. Conservative MPs brutally grilled her on pressing economic issues like inflation and rising interest rates, which resulted in an outright disastrous debate in the House of Commons. 

Freeland’s vague responses left much to be desired and raised questions about whether the Liberals have any real plans to address the cost of living crisis squeezing Canadian families.

Andrew Scheer and Gerard Deltell led the Conservative offensive, highlighting shocking news about skyrocketing mortgage rates in the coming weeks. With inflation already bleeding family budgets dry, they demanded solutions from Freeland. 

Her evasive non-answers and sudden fixation on women’s rights indicate a government scrambling to divert attention from its lack of economic solutions.

The opposition called out Freeland’s transparent partisan rhetoric aimed more at fear-mongering than proposing substantive relief for struggling Canadians. 

But Freeland’s response this time was more than just unhinged.

Opposition Calls Out Freeland’s Evasive Answers

Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland‘s latest appearance in the House of Commons as Deputy Prime Minister got off to a rocky start, with vague non-answers to pressing questions from Andrew Scheer and other Conservative MPs about inflation, rising interest rates, and the cost of living crisis facing Canadian families. 

Rather than provide concrete policy solutions or even directly engage with the issues raised, Freeland repeatedly pivoted to trite talking points about supporting women’s rights. 

Apparently responding to questions and concerns in a vague and ignorant way is a thing for the liberals, they cherish this way whenever they feel they are under an attack or red eye. It’s not like conservatives or Canadians are making issues up.

This empty rhetoric indicates that the Liberals have no real plan to help struggling Canadians cope with skyrocketing grocery bills, housing costs, gas prices, and more. It is a transparent attempt to change the channel from their lack of solutions for the economic crunch facing working families.

Andrew Scheer started off Question Period by highlighting the shocking news from the Bank of Canada that mortgage costs are set to rise at their fastest pace in decades, increasing over 20% in just a matter of weeks. 

With inflation already squeezing family budgets to the breaking point, Scheer rightly asked how young families are expected to keep up with such astronomical increases in housing costs. 

Rather than soothing these entirely valid concerns by announcing any kind of relief or support for hard-pressed homebuyers, Freeland opted for knee-jerk partisanship. She accused the Conservatives of opposing women’s rights and wanting to take Canada back to the 1950s. 

This hysterical rhetoric indicates that the Liberals are out of touch with the daily struggles of ordinary citizens who are falling further behind in Trudeau’s Canada.

Scheer shot back that Freeland was desperately trying to change the channel from the government’s dismal record on pocketbook issues. He is absolutely right. With inflation at a 31-year high and the economy shrinking, middle-class Canadians need real solutions, not empty platitudes about social issues that have nothing to do with the problems at hand.  

Freeland’s response is 100% not based on reality or the conservative’s questions, the only response freeland has been clinging to is “women’s right”.

In a different topic and conversation it would’ve been acceptable but this shows how she deals with valid concerns against her by ignoring and covering her reckless and useless moves and announcements.

Freeland has stated that the conservatives are going to attack the charter rights and the right for a woman to choose what she wants to do, Scheer bluntly called Freeland out as desperate trying to cover her own and the government records by twisting the questions and the issue and claiming that everything is okay.

Delusional as ever, Freeland commented on how when spoke there was a lot of shouting when she answered with vague answers claiming that the reason they were shouting is they already know that Canadians are fond of their plan and they wanted to cover the Canadians’ ears from it.

Freeland Dodges Questions In Disastrous QP Appearance

Conservative MP Gerard Deltell also highlighted another aspect of the affordability crisis, asking what the government plans to do about rising rental costs across the country. 

Once again, Freeland dodged the substantive question and babbled about admiring the feminist movement in Quebec.

Her bizarre non-sequitur response shows that the Liberals care more about virtue signaling and identity politics than taking action to help cash-strapped renters being priced out of the market.

Deltell pointed out that both men and women are suffering due to the Liberal government’s runaway spending and lack of fiscal discipline.

Rampant inflation hurts everyone paying higher prices for necessities like gas, groceries, and housing. Freeland’s attempt to make it about gender politics shows how out of touch she is.

The deputy prime minister’s flippant non-answers speak volumes about where her government’s priorities lie. Trudeau and his cabinet seem to care more about trendy progressive slogans and lofty rhetoric than tackling the basic pocketbook and kitchen table issues affecting hard-working Canadians.

Rather than trivializing these concerns as somehow contrary to “women’s rights,” the Liberals should bring forward real solutions to ease the inflation crisis they have exacerbated through reckless spending. 

Canadians need relief at the gas pumps, grocery store, and housing market. They need policies that will stop the erosion of middle-class living standards happening under Trudeau’s watch.  

If Freeland is not capable of moving past partisan talking points to address the actual affordability questions asked of her, she has no business being deputy prime minister or finance minister. 

Her failure to substantively engage with urgent economic problems facing Canadian families shows that she is unfit for a leadership role in government. 

The Liberal cabinet’s dismissive response to inflation and rising interest rates eroding household budgets is proving that they are disconnected from the reality ordinary people face. Canadians deserve better than empty platitudes and evasive non-answers. 

They need a government that will take real action to ease the economic crunch, not waste time on meaningless rhetoric that does nothing to help working families get ahead.

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