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Freeland Get Humiliated in Committee Hearing over Fiscal Policies


Humiliation in the Parliament

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland recently sailed headfirst into choppy waters when she defended the Trudeau government’s controversial policies in a fiery parliamentary committee hearing.

Under heavy bombardment from Conservative MP Jasraj Singh Hallan, Freeland refused to change course or second-guess the Liberals’ agenda. She parried accusations of fiscal irresponsibility and carbon tax profiteering with her usual mix of rhetoric and evasion.

Freeland refused to be held accountable for her fiscal policies and proceeded to just call out conservatives peddling misinformation. I guess in Freeland fantasyland facts that hurt the liberal agenda are considered “misinformation”.

This parliamentary clash offered a taste of the intense political battles still to come. With an election on the horizon, Canada’s top leaders are sharpening their cutlasses for combat. But we already know who has the facts and the data to back them up.

Will Freeland and the Liberals stay the course, or will mounting criticism from the heat of the political battle finally force them to step back?

Freeland Tries to Virtue-Signal

You know how to be 100 percent sure that your ideas and policies as a politician working for the people’s greater benefit is actually working and serving its ultimate purpose while being hailed by the same people you are attempting to help? When this initiative and idea gets 1lambasted and questioned day in and day out, and all you have left of the public discourse surrounding it is how much of a corrupt and harmful scheme it actually is.

Wait, you think this is actually the opposite of a working and favoured government policy? Well, you are gonna have a hard time convincing our deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland then, since she seems to think all is well with every policy she tables, and every ambitiously failing program her and Trudeau seem to initiate out of nowhere just to give themselves more excuses to line their pockets with your taxpayer money.

This misplaced and quite rotten line of thinking culminated in a parliamentary committee hearing where Freeland was rightfully lambasted and criticised to hell and back for her political ideas that she so proudly stands with. Wonder how this strong and misplaced liberal conviction will hold up against a barrage of scrutiny?

Safe to say that you can’t start a hearing or a speech or take part in any political platform with a liberal without that same liberal delivering a lousy and tired speech about morals, accomplishments that didn’t happen, adversaries they claim to fight with all their might, and all the lovely PR speak that would only really influence a toddler at this point and age. This is how Freeland started her participation in the committee hearing.

Freeland kept going on and on about how the liberals are definitely making life better for every Canadian and every generation in Canada. How are they possibly doing that, you may ask? Freeland follows up by listing vain accomplishments that the Trudeau government had a hand in; Things like an investment in healthcare which is ironic considering the budget is actually going to hurt doctors but I guess Freeland fantasy land is different than the real world.

Freeland moves on and lists other ventures like the school food program and making internet and phone plans cheaper than ever. Both claims are rife with vagueness since one has been talked about for ages and has yet to be implemented in the school food program, while the other has already been debunked as a statement that is not grounded in facts.

But that won’t stop Freeland from spouting lies and propaganda about how the economy is actually holding up pretty well on the global stage, and how the Trudeau government is proving to be fiscally responsible and strong because third party global organisations deemed it so.

Of course we will just take the word of globalists who are favouring the liberal government only because they listen and follow their “woke” agenda and shove it down our throats. This is definitely the right move.

Freeland Is Cornered on Carbon Tax

The Freeland self congratulation special was thankfully cut short by Conservative MP Jasraj Singh Hallan taking a much needed stand against the liberal circus and reprimanding Freeland firsthand about the carbon tax and how it is affecting the average Canadian.

Freeland was obviously prepared with her speech that she has to bring out everytime the carbon tax is criticised, but she never takes a moment to question why she needs the same old tired speech about how the tax is actually beneficial and how much the people are making back on the rebates.

Instead of self reflection, Freeland chose to bizarrely double down and declare that a good economy somehow needs a good climate plan and initiative. I guess the liberals are trying to come up with new buzzwords and statements to boil the blood of every taxpayer with this nonsense.

MP Hallan cleverly points out how the carbon tax is not an environmental or a climate plan, it is just a tax on Canadians that can’t afford something they should never even pay for to begin with. Hallan then provides data and evidence to back up his statement and prove that Freeland is lying about Canadians getting more money back, only for Freeland to double down even further as she snarkily takes shots at conservatives peddling misinformation in her viewpoint. Maybe she needs to start wearing glasses more often or get her eyes checked if that is her actual perspective on the matter.

Ducking and steering away from the question seems to be Freeland’s speciality alongside peddling the climate agenda nonstop, and that’s why MP Hallan calls her out for her sheepish behaviour that displays her total lack of care to anything that is affecting Canadians negatively, despite her incessant pleas that everything the liberals are doing is in favour of Canadians’ well being first and foremost.

Confusion Leads to Lies and Pandering

Hallan asks her if her behaviour – which is akin to the behaviour of former governor of bank of Canada Mark Carney dismissing carbon tax questions and any debate on the subject – will lead her to continue accepting the and propagating the carbon tax even after Trudeau is out of office.

Appearing dumbfounded and struggling to comprehend a simple question, Freeland engages in a heated spat with the conservative MP questioning political speculation during a parliamentary hearing, while affirming her support for Trudeau and his corrupt policies.

Freeland then makes sure to call out the conservative MP on his use of the time he is given and how he is trying to regain control over the situation so that he asks his questions with no objections. Which is incredibly disingenuous of her, since she was the one that decided to go on an unneeded speech when she could have answered the simple yes or no question.

Hallan unfortunately moves to question the pattern of her fiscally irresponsible policies that came alongside the carbon tax, which has led to rent doubling when the government has seemingly injected billions into housing initiatives and programs.

And of course Freeland takes the time to mention her costly budget helping Candians and then fires back again at the conservative MP calling out the conservative leader Pierre Poilievre in regards to his housing plans and policies. The ones that were actually stable and reasonable before Trudeau came and messed everything up.

But you will never reach accountability or self awareness with a liberal. That is all they do; raid and pillage a perfectly working system in favour of revolutionising and updating while the people suffer under their leadership.

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