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Freeland Evasive Stance on Foreign Meddling Rings Alarm Bells


Freeland Dodges on Foreign Meddling Report

Deputy PM Freeland ‘s dodging on foreign meddling is enough to make you see red.

When faced with the bombshell report on foreign interference in Parliament itself, Freeland didn’t give us the outrage we deserve. Instead of hitting back hard, she just spouted some vague PR nonsense.

Her excuses felt like a punch to the gut for every Canadian.

Freeland’s shrug-it-off reaction shows this government talks big but doesn’t do much to defend our democracy. Her laid-back attitude towards a major security threat is just plain infuriating.

The bombshell about foreign puppets in Parliament deserves a loud outcry, not just some lackluster mumbling from Freeland. Her unenthusiastic double-talk makes you wonder if the Liberals even care about keeping Canada safe.

Freeland’s refusal to guarantee revealing any turncoat MPs before the election is a real low point for transparency. Keeping the public in the dark about potential threats within is unforgivable.

Every time Freeland gives one of her wishy-washy assurances, it’s enough to make you boil over. Her casual attitude towards foreign infiltration of Parliament makes it very clear that Trudeau’s crew is okay with treason.

Freeland Refuses to Name Meddling MPs

By now, we believe every Canadian has heard about the latest scandal, one of many in the Trudeau Liberal Party’s history. However, the way Trudeau’s Liberal ministers handle these scandals, attempting to ease the fire in every Canadian soul over their democracy being undermined by hostile foreign adversaries, is even more troubling. 

When Freeland was asked in her recent press conference about the shocking report from Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Committee on foreign interference in Canadian politics, she offered only vague and evasive answers.

This report says that multiple unnamed Canadian MPs “wittingly” participated in foreign interference efforts, with some brazenly consorting with intelligence agents and sharing privileged government information. 

This is a national security crisis demanding swift, decisive action. But Freeland seems unwilling to confront the severity of foreign meddling within her own Liberal ranks.

In her mumbled press conference regarding the report, Freeland gave non-answers and dodged direct questions about the damning claims. When the journalist directly looked into her soul and clearly asked about why no charges have been given despite alleged treason, Freeland vaguely said that “it needs to be law enforcement that takes the steps and takes the actions.”

She then went on to rant about how her government is taking it seriously, as if the reporter asked her about her favorite summer vacation. Freeland, please save yourself the embarrassment. 

Every Canadian wants to know exactly how your government took its job seriously and did the right thing. She bluntly claimed that the Liberal government has implemented the strongest measures of any Canadian government against foreign interference. 

How is that true when every other week we hear about reports exposing how Trudeau allowed foreign powers like China, India, and Russia to interfere in our democracy? What did Trudeau do when Han Dong allowed China to rent buses to transport Chinese students to vote for him, threatening their student visas if they didn’t comply? Trudeau allowed this in 2019 and let him run again in 2021.

Her claims ring hollow when the government refuses to name complicit MPs or state if they remain in caucus. Keeping citizens in the dark pre-election about legislators colluding with foreign powers is irresponsible governance.

Freeland also failed to directly answer if the Liberals would eject from caucus any members involved in treasonous activities. Her non-committal response “as a political party we will do an internal followup” is more bureaucratic babble that dodges accountability. 

Canadians deserve to immediately know which specific MPs conspired against the country’s interests on behalf of foreign regimes. Stonewalling the public while evidence exists of possible criminals remaining in Parliament is a profound abdication of leadership.

But Let’s take a moment to appreciate the art with which she dodges straightforward questions. When asked about naming parliamentarians involved with foreign adversaries, her response was nothing short of a masterclass in evasion.

She said, “Let me just say this, we take foreign interference really, really seriously.” Ah, yes, the classic start. But then she deftly sidestep into a nostalgic trip down memory lane about her time in authoritarian regimes. How touching! If only we were discussing your memoirs and not the current betrayal of our democratic process.

And then, she went on a passionate rant about the global struggle between democracy and dictatorship. Truly inspiring! It’s almost as if you forgot the original question entirely. What a clever tactic to make us all feel the imminent threat of authoritarianism, while conveniently ignoring the authoritarian practices right under your watch.

“Canadians should not be naive about the fact that one of the objectives of authoritarians around the world is to undermine democracies,” She declared. Yes, we know. That’s why we’re concerned about our own government’s actions that echo those very tactics. 

Allowing foreign interference, refusing transparency, and withholding the names of compromised parliamentarians sounds suspiciously like what you’re warning us against.

The cherry on top was her faith in law enforcement, emphasizing that “actual enforcement actions can’t be politicized.” It’s a beautiful sentiment, really, except for the glaring irony. What’s more political than hiding the names of those who have potentially betrayed their country to foreign powers?

So, thank you, Deputy Prime Minister, for your unwavering commitment to democracy. Your skillful rhetoric and authoritative decisions are exactly what we need… to realize how dangerously close we are to becoming what you claim to fight against.

Confidence in Democracy Falters Amid Meddling Bombshell

So, even after all that mess, she still has the nerve to get in front of the cameras and act like Canadians still have confidence in democracy. Like, seriously? Democracy’s supposed to be all about transparency, right? But here’s Freeland, playing guard dog for the same people who supposedly messed with our democracy.

Isn’t she the slightest bit concerned that by refusing to release the names of the MPs implicated in this nefarious scheme, she is eroding what little confidence remains in our system? Why do these MPs deserve protection when their actions have placed our democracy in jeopardy?

Oh, but of course, she’s got her go-to line ready: “I don’t think Canadians have lost faith in our democracy.” Yeah, right. We’re all totally buying that. Canadians are seriously worried about foreign interference, but somehow, she thinks we’re just gonna swallow this whole story.

She keeps bragging about the steps they’re taking to stop foreign meddling, like it’s some big achievement. But let’s be real, it feels like they’re just trying to distract us. And hiding behind law enforcement and confidentiality rules? That’s just a cop-out.

But what about those MPs who apparently teamed up with foreign powers to mess with our elections? Doesn’t that make you wonder if our whole Parliament setup is legit anymore?

And then she tries to play the “Canadians recognize how lucky we are to be Canadian” card. Yeah, we know we’re lucky, but that doesn’t mean we’re blind to what’s going on. We’re not buying into her government’s fancy words and so-called “enhanced measures.” We know real action speaks louder than that.

According to Freeland, this isn’t about politics; it’s about protecting Canada’s democracy. But come on, we’re not buying it. While she talks up our democracy’s strength, we’re seeing a whole different story. Canadians aren’t falling for her sweet talk.

Freeland’s mumbling about not guaranteeing the public will find out about any Traitor MPs before the next election is like a slap in the face to Canadian democracy. 

It’s just not cool to keep people in the dark about lawmakers who might be working against Canada for their own gain or for some foreign power.

The deputy PM’s fuzzy comments basically say the government isn’t really keen on digging into its own members who might be flagged as security risks. 

Canadians deserve to know if their MPs are double-crossing the country by cozying up to unfriendly foreign powers. Trying to downplay or dodge the issue of interference is seriously risky for Canada.

Her nonchalant reaction proves that the Liberal government is okay with having puppets of foreign powers among its ranks instead of kicking them out. 

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