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Freeland Dodges Questions on Accused Traitor MPs


Freeland Grilled Over Accusations Against Liberal MPs

Chrystia Freeland ‘s bizarre behavior is raising eyebrows across Canada. The deputy PM was grilled by reporters about whether Trudeau will call elections without naming liberal MPs accused of selling out Canada to foreign enemies. 

Her panicked non-answers only deepen suspicions that the Liberals are hiding something big. 

What exactly are Trudeau and his cabal covering up? How many liberal traitors have infiltrated Parliament? Did Trudeau knowingly allow this betrayal of Canadian sovereignty?

Freeland went into full meltdown when reporters confronted her about shocking claims from Canada’s intelligence committee revealing that liberal MPs have been aiding dangerous foreign powers behind closed doors.

Rather than coming clean, the Liberals continue their coverup, prioritizing protection of liberal traitors over the rights of citizens. 

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is demanding answers, declaring that “Canadians have a right to know!” But the arrogant Liberals just don’t seem to care what citizens think.

In a bizarre scene, Freeland even fled from reporters asking pointed questions about treason allegations against the Liberal government. 

This shady behavior follows Liberal efforts to deliberately block full investigations into foreign interference from China and other hostile nations.

Freeland Flees Treason Queries

In a cringeworthy display of dodging and avoiding straight answers, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland got into a heated exchange with reporters. They kept asking the burning question: Will the Trudeau government face the polls without revealing which MPs are suspected of helping foreign countries? 

The Liberals’ flat-out refusal to come clean about MPs’ possible treason, highlighted in the explosive NSICOP report, makes it look like they’re hiding something really shady.

How many of these MPs are Liberals? Why did Trudeau let this treason happen on his watch? What did they gain from such betrayal?

These are just some of the questions that pop up when we see Freeland refusing to give a straight yes or no about releasing the names of these MPs. 

The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians found damning evidence suggesting some MPs have been “wittingly” helping foreign powers, especially China and India, to undermine Canadian sovereignty.

But instead of naming these traitors, the Liberals are stonewalling, refusing to spill the beans. It’s a huge betrayal of public trust.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has rightfully demanded transparency, asserting that Canadians deserve to know the identities of these MPs who have sold out their country. 

He rightly said: “The national security committee indicates there are members of this House who have knowingly worked for foreign hostile governments. Canadians have a right to know who and what is the information, Who are they?”

His call for accountability was echoed by Conservative MP Michael Chong, himself a target of CCP disinformation campaigns, who described the NSICOP report as “shocking.”

So, what do the Liberals do when faced with such serious accusations? They go silent. Minister Freeland dodged direct questions, and Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc flat-out refused to share any info. 

This isn’t just avoiding the issue; it’s a blatant slap in the face to every Canadian who believes in holding our leaders accountable.

The NSICOP report is seriously alarming. It goes way beyond innocent diplomatic lobbying, detailing actions that are sneaky, undercover, and totally against Canada’s national interest. 

Even though these allegations are super serious, the report suggests that because Canada doesn’t protect classified info well enough, these treasonous acts might never even reach a courtroom.

To make things worse, Justice Marie-Josée Hogue, who’s leading a public inquiry into foreign interference, has accused the Liberal government of redacting and holding back important cabinet documents, basically crippling her investigation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dismissive response to her claims only deepens the crisis of credibility facing his administration.

In another shocking scene reminiscent of a third world dictatorship, Freeland was seen literally fleeing from reporters who chased after her seeking answers about the same foreign interference and treason. 

The video shows Freeland wrapping up her remarks in French and then quickly making an exit while journalists jogged after her, pressing for answers about the explosive allegations that sitting Liberal MPs have been colluding with hostile foreign governments.

Calls Mount for Liberals to Reveal Accused TraitorsFreeland Flees Treason Queries

So far, Freeland and the rest of the Liberal crew have flat-out refused to name any of the MPs implicated in the damning NSICOP report. 

This report reveals that several MPs knowingly helped foreign actors like China and India mess with the last election, committing treason and likely invalidating the results. Their actions include accepting foreign money and giving sensitive info to foreign intelligence agents.

Conservative, Bloc, and NDP parliamentarians are all demanding the Liberals reveal the identities of the traitors mentioned in the heavily redacted report, but Freeland and Trudeau keep dodging and deflecting.

It’s no wonder confidence in Canadian democracy is at an all-time low. Social media is buzzing with Canadians expressing deep unease over the NSICOP findings and questioning the legitimacy of the current government.

As Poilievre rightly noted, “Canadians have a right to know” which MPs have been colluding with hostile foreign governments like China. Voters also want to know how they can make informed choices in the next election if the depths of Liberal corruption remain concealed.  

In another show of denial and secrecy, Freeland point-blank refused to answer whether Liberal MPs proven to have committed treason would be barred from seeking re-election. 

At a housing announcement where reporters understandably only wanted to discuss treason, Freeland dodged and weaved, pathetically claiming the public safety minister had already addressed the issue. Her press conference was cut abruptly short as a result.

This follows the earlier incidents where Freeland has dodged the media to avoid tough questions about her government’s involvement in treason. The Liberals still haven’t shown any interest in coming clean about the MPs mentioned in the NSICOP report for helping with foreign interference.

While the names of these treasonous parliamentarians are still hidden, the opposition parties are confident that none of their members are caught up in this Liberal mess of corruption.

The Liberals’ theatrical facade may be collapsing, but Trudeau doesn’t seem ready to give up the act just yet. 

Back when he was a part-time drama teacher, Trudeau was all about dressing up and putting on a show. But now, it’s time for him to drop the act and call out foreign interference for what it really is—a betrayal of Canada’s domestic affairs by hostile foreign regimes. 

We can’t sacrifice the security and integrity of our democracy just to protect the ambitions of Liberal politicians compromised by Chinese Communist Party influence.

Deputy PM Freeland might think she can dodge accountability, but Canadians won’t let her or the Liberals off the hook for hiding treason in high places. The NSICOP revelations about foreign puppets in Parliament can’t just be ignored.

As Poilievre said, Canadians have the right to know which MPs are acting as foreign agents. For the safety of Canada, we need to root out all the traitors in power immediately, starting with Trudeau.

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