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Freeland Budget Slashes Small Businesses


Freeland Buisness Scheme Exposed

Chrystia Freeland has gone full communist dictator with her catastrophic 2024 budget. This power-hungry Finance Minister clearly hates small businesses and is out for blood.

Her extreme budget is like a huge bomb aimed at destroying entrepreneurs all over Canada with really unfair tax increases and crazy regulations.

It’s a banner year for small business betrayal! Freeland’s bone-chilling disdain for anything entrepreneurial oozes from every deceitful word she utters. This budget is her masterclass in backstabbing the hardworking business owners who are the backbone of our economy.

Don’t buy her crocodile tears about “supporting small business.” This budget savages them with brutal tax grabs and economy-cratering Debt unlike anything Canada has witnessed.

Freeland might as well join the Communist Party with the way she’s acting. Her strong belief in destroying capitalism at any cost is like a really bad nuclear disaster for our finances.

If Canadian business owners value their livelihood, they should lock away their wallets before Freeland and her socialist lackeys come to redistribute every dollar they’ve earned. Her destructive budget is economic Armageddon for hard-working business owners coast to coast.

Anti-Business Budget Cement’s Liberals’ War on Enterprise

The twitchy Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is at it again. In a recent visit to a Toronto bicycle shop, she touted the Liberal government’s irresponsible 2024 budget as a plan to “support small businesses.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. The budget is nothing more than a slap in the face to hard-working business owners across Canada.

Freeland’s hypocrisy is in full swing as she begins to yap about millennials and Gen Z’s struggling to cope with her and Trudeau’s disastrous policies, pushing Canada’s economy to the brink of collapse.

Also, Freeland is joined by Small Business Minister Rechie Valdez who outrageously announce the new canada carbon rebate for small businesses, audaciously claiming it will help small businesses. She proudly announced that the government will return $2.5 billion directly to around 600,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

What she failed to mention is that this rebate doesn’t even come close to offsetting the damaging impacts of the carbon tax on businesses. Independent experts estimate the carbon tax costs the Canadian economy billions annually as it drives up operating expenses. So this rebate is just giving back a tiny fraction of what’s being taken away.

If Freeland really cared about small businesses, she would scrap the carbon tax altogether. But that would go against the Liberals’ radical green agenda, which is more important to them than Canada’s economic competitiveness.

So they initiated a new one specifically for small businesses. The Liberals seem determined to damage our economy in a fruitless effort to fight climate change. And to steal all the profits made by businesses.

The budget shows the Liberals’ support for entrepreneurs is nothing but empty rhetoric. They are hiking the capital gains tax despite warnings that this will hurt business investment and growth.

The Liberals claim their $1.25 million exemption will help small business owners. But in reality, it does little to offset the increased taxation on capital gains over $250,000 per year. This hurts middle-class entrepreneurs who may one day sell their business for a few million dollars.

The capital gains tax hike comes on top of the Liberals’ attack on small business owners in their 2024 federal budget. Those changes unfairly limit access to the small business deduction, which helps entrepreneurs retain more of their hard-earned profits.

Freeland has the audacity to claim “Canada has the lowest tax rate on small businesses in the G7.” That used to be true until the Liberals started chipping away at it.

Freeland’s rhetoric about “investing in economic growth” is completely contradicted by this budget’s failure to contain massive deficits. The budget never balances and leaves Canada saddled with a mind-boggling national debt of $1 trillion.

All this ocean of red ink will necessitate economy-crushing tax increases down the road that will further burden small businesses already struggling under the weight of rising costs and taxes.

We are dumping over $1 billion per week simply to pay interest costs, limiting our ability to invest in priorities like healthcare and infrastructure.

Yet when asked about doubling the national debt and running multibillion dollar deficits indefinitely, Freeland flippantly claims her government has been “fiscally responsible” and says Canadians shouldn’t worry about these reckless debts.

There is no world in which driving Canada to the brink of debt disaster can be considered responsible governance.

Either Freeland is blind to basic budgetary math or thinks Canadians are stupid enough to buy her fiscal fairy tales. No competent Finance Minister would keep digging Canada into this debt hole without a plan to climb out.

Freeland even viciously attacked the conservative leader Pierre Poilievre for believing the job of government should be limited in scope. She willfully misrepresented this principle of fiscal restraint as a belief that the government should “do little, then less, then ultimately nothing at all.”

This shows how dangerously out of touch she is. Conservatives simply want to curb out-of-control spending so citizens and small business owners can keep more of their hard-earned money. They don’t want to be gouged by the Liberals’ insatiable tax-and-spend addiction.

Yet Freeland caricatures this reasonable position as a reckless desire for no government at all. She outrageously claimed conservatives think shrinking the state is the path to prosperity. This is absurd fear-mongering, painting principled opposition to her big government agenda as extremism.

Canadians always knew Freeland harbored authoritarian impulses, but this reeks of full-blown communist ideology. She seems to believe big government central planners like herself uniquely possess the keys to economic success. And that free citizens and business owners left to their own devices will lead to misery and failure.

This arrogantly discounts the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of Canadians. It assumes they can’t run their own lives or businesses successfully without bureaucrats like Freeland directing them. Her elitist comments expose a deep distrust of citizens.

Freeland Driving Canada Into Debt Disaster

Freeland is desperately trying to defend her tax-and-spend addiction by vilifying fiscal restraint. But Canadians see through her effort to distort conservatives as heartless radicals. Responsible budgeting is not extremism – uncontrolled spending and ballooning debt is.

So in reality, it’s the Liberals who have made life harder for entrepreneurs by increasing taxes, red tape and inflation. Canada has dropped from 4th to 23rd in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings under Trudeau’s watch. So much for the Liberals’ claims to be helping small business.

Freeland lauded the budget’s “historic investments in housing.” This is laughable considering it was the Bank of Canada’s rate hikes, required to fight inflation partly fueled by Liberal overspending, that priced many prospective homeowners out of the market. Throwing billions at housing won’t help if the Liberals’ lack of fiscal discipline necessitates high interest rates.

The Finance minister also dismissed concerns from Premiers that the federal government is engaging in blatant jurisdictional overreach. She cites housing as an area where Ottawa has to “lead the charge,” despite housing policy being a provincial/municipal responsibility.

This arrogant attitude is typical of the Liberals, who think they know what’s best for Canadians better than elected local governments.

Freeland keeps claiming the budget is “fiscally responsible” even though the Trudeau government has racked up unprecedented deficits. She points to debt-to-GDP metrics and Canada’s AAA credit rating.

She is playing a dangerous game with Canada’s coveted AAA credit rating. Her addiction to reckless deficits and debt is setting up Canada for potential disaster if rating agencies decide to downgrade our creditworthiness.

Just look at the warning from economists at RBC about the growing risks to our rating if Freeland can’t demonstrate a commitment to fiscal discipline. A downgrade would raise borrowing costs for government, businesses and consumers alike.

We’re already seeing bond yields spike for provinces like Quebec after they’ve announced large deficits. Credit rating agencies have consistently highlighted uncontrolled spending and lack of budget balance as threats to Canada’s rating.

Yet Freeland continues her tax-and-spend binge, acting like budgets balance themselves. Her lack of urgency to chart a sustainable fiscal course echoes the gross negligence that led rating agencies to downgrade provinces like British Columbia.

Canadians deserve better than platitudes and misinformation from an out-of-touch Finance Minister.

The Trudeau government is making life more difficult for entrepreneurs and small business owners. And this damaging budget will only add to the burden. No amount of spin can hide the Liberals’ dismal record on supporting small businesses and fiscal responsibility.

It’s time Canadians elect a government that actually values common sense free enterprise and respects taxpayers.

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