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Deputy Speakers Face Fury Over Liberal Bias Allegations


Referees Or Operatives? Speaker Scandals Rock Parliament

The impartiality of the House of Commons is under fire again as yet another speaker faces accusations of shameless partisanship. This time it’s NDP Assistant Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes, the third referee to find herself in the hot seat this month. 

Her alleged offense – brazenly promoting party fundraising on the NDP website while flaunting her prestigious parliamentary title. This latest uproar ignites outrage from the Conservatives, who condemned the blatant abuse of a supposedly non-partisan role for political gain. 

But the NDP quickly returned fire, exposing the Conservatives’ own partisan transgressions by the Deputy Speaker. The endless tit-for-tat exposes the rotten core of an institution corrupted by naked partisans disguising themselves as impartial adjudicators. 

With trust in Parliament referees at an all-time low, angry demands grow for true neutrality in the chair. But with each party guilty of abusing the Speaker’s office, Canada is left wondering.

As faith in the House deteriorates, the centuries-old foundations of democracy itself now tremble in the balance.

Speaker Scandal Erupts Again As Partisan Fundraising Exposed

Flames erupted on the not so cold situation with House Speaker Greg Fergus, as a third member of the house of commons receives hot accusations all over the place over partisan posts that seems to be the trend for the house of commons members.

The NDP shamelessly announced on their own website an official announcement of the assistant Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes’ next nine year election right next to the donation button, partisan much?

This latest speaker scandal exposes the sham impartiality of a broken institution. Partisan speakers pretend neutrality while shamelessly advancing party interests behind the mask of procedure. Canadians are sick of partisan puppets abusing non-partisan roles to tilt the scales under a false veneer of fairness.

A third member of the House of Commons leadership team is in the hot seat as accusations fly over allegedly partisan online posts featuring MPs who sit in the Speaker’s chair. Candidate for Speaker and member of Parliament Carol Hughes is applauded after delivering a speech in the House of Commons prior to voting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

The opposition rightly called out blatant speaker bias masquerading as impartial procedure. NDP and Conservative speakers alike debase their offices by abusing technicalities to serve party agendas. A partisan wearing neutral robes is still an operative advancing partisan interests through deception.  

The corrupt speaker system lets naked partisans wield power while evading accountability. By hiding behind the imaginary shield of non-partisanship, they apply double standards and twist rules to help their parties secretly. This charade fools no one but corrodes trust in our pretending-to-be-impartial institutions.

Blatantly partisan social media posts expose speakers’ false claims of neutrality. Advertising party events and fundraising in speaker robes shreds any pretense of impartiality. Once caught, speakers feign ignorance after brazenly abusing supposedly non-partisan offices.

MP. Mr. Berthold pointed to the fact that there are two donation buttons on the site. “Mr. Speaker, the New Democratic Party is literally fundraising on the fact that one of their members is a chair occupant,” he said. 

He also said that when she was appointed to the role in December, 2015, the party published a release “celebrating her appointment.”

In response to Mr. Berthold, NDP House Leader Peter Julian said: “I have been in this House for 20 years and that is surely the dumbest question of privilege I’ve ever seen.”

The opposition deserves credit for calling out the ruling party’s puppet speaker. His ham-fisted defense proves he serves partisan masters, not procedural principle. The corrupt system shields such blatant bias behind phony impartiality no one buys anymore.

If this third timer red flag raised about the competence of the house speakers is not concerning enough for the government, then the government is officially blind or considers this as a normal move considering the corrupt system that is already established.

Moreover, The Deputy Speaker’s claim that he didn’t approve the partisan advertisement rings hollow. He can’t feign ignorance while his image promotes party events in official robes. This naked abuse of power for fundraising shreds any pretense of impartiality.

Are Canadians really expected to believe the Deputy Speaker is unaware his parliamentary photo is used for partisan purposes? This insulting excuse implies voters are idiots who can’t see through obvious misuse of an institutional role.

Deputy Speaker Denies Role In Shameless Partisan Ad

The Deputy Speaker’s promise to disavow the ad now is too little, too late after the unethical damage is done. This desperate face-saving gesture cannot unwind the abuse of power and trust inherent debasing his office for party fundraising.

That the Deputy Speaker’s official robes appeared in a crass fundraising ad says it all about the corrupted nature of the role. No amount of mealy-mouthed excuses can cover up the partisan exploitation of a supposedly nonpartisan position.

The Deputy Speaker has shredded his integrity and the office’s dignity through this tawdry fundraising affair. His authority is irreparably compromised by such naked partisan debasement. He must resign so an actual nonpartisan can restore impartiality.

All of these scandals in one month should be a raising concern in the country and for the government, however, the Canadian’s government seems to be in denial to acknowledge a change must be done effectively immediately. 

Considering the latest major scandal of House speaker Greg Fergus, his bluntly partisan conduct proved he served the Liberals, not the House. Getting caught promoting Trudeau in Liberal ads destroyed any pretense of impartiality. He abused the Speaker’s chair as just another Liberal operative.

From fundraising events to video tributes, Fergus continually exploited the supposedly non-partisan office to aid Liberal interests. His latest scandal was no surprise given his extensive history as a Trudeau strategist and loyalist. Power trumped principle for this partisan wolf in referee’s clothing.

Fergus’s profound Liberal roots were always an ethical time bomb waiting to explode his claims of neutrality. Appointing Trudeau’s longtime architect and ally to referee proceedings was absurd naivety or willful rigging of the game.

Constant favoritism towards the Liberals in rulings exposed the Speaker as exactly what he was – a Trojan Horse for Trudeau’s agenda. Conservatives rightfully protested Fergus’ twisting procedure to protect the government, not the House’s dignity.

If Trudeau truly cared about integrity, he would have replaced this hopelessly compromised Liberal homer of a Speaker. But for our virtue-signaling PM, appearances always triumphed over actual ethics. Keeping a loyal fixer in the chair mattered more than parliament’s legitimacy.

The government has lost all credibility by protecting their obviously biased speaker. Defending this clear partisan puppet undermines any pretense of fair process. Canadians see the tainted speaker is serving the government’s interests, not the legislature’s.

Parliament risks losing all legitimacy until it removes the partisan pretenders acting as speakers. Speakers serving parties rather than procedure have broken public trust. Clearing out fake impartiality is needed to restore respect for the referees.

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