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De Niro Goes on a Meltdown Attacking Trump


Democrats Create Political Theatre

The curtain rises once again on the political theatre that the Biden administration runs in our country, and the main event seems to be the unhinged lunatic actor turned desperate activist, Robert De Niro, ranting about Trump and America.

This ain’t De Niro’s first rodeo attacking Trump, but the washed-up actor took it to new heights of delusion with his doomsday press conference. Screeching like a street preacher about the end times, De Niro claimed Trump wants to destroy the world.

But the people demonstrated they won’t be lectured by a pampered millionaire. De Niro’s unhinged attacks only strengthened support for Trump. Once again, an elitist liberal ‘s smear tactics backfired spectacularly.

When will they learn you can’t deceive the American people? We see through the lies and recognize Trump’s accomplishments. De Niro’s pathetic performance was another gift to the unstoppable MAGA movement.

De Niro Proves Stubborn in His Message

We live in a world where some people never learn from their mistakes; Where some people will keep doing the same wrong thing over and over again, because they are ignorant and that is all that they ever know in their sad pitiful existence they like to call life.

And what is really infuriating about these unique specimens, is that they have an immense amount of pride out of absolutely nowhere. It is not that they are just ignorant, but they have to rub it in your face as if they somehow cracked the code.

You wanna know who is the most prominent example of these groups of people that live among us like cattle? The correct answer is always the leftists and the liberals.

They are the ones that are always in the wrong, and always get shit on and debunked. Yet they come back somehow dumber and more stubbornly holding to their abysmally wrong beliefs and ideologies.

Does that perhaps remind you of a particular individual? It should because the washed up hollywood elitist and Biden worshipper, Robert De Niro, couldn’t keep his mouth shut and focus on his already waning acting career without spouting bullshit liberal propaganda against the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Remember when he went on Bill Maher’s show and proved how out of touch he is with the outside world by calling Trump a monster and not understanding why people love him and vote for him. Well, now he is back at it again.

De Niro Goes on an Unhinged Rant

Robert De Niro took time out of his day to unironically drive to the courtroom where Trump’s sham case is being held, and help the Biden campaign with a doomsday press conference warning people about the dangers of electing Trump once again.

Can you believe this insane man? Telling a sob story about how Trump is not from his city and how he doesn’t belong anywhere that De Niro belongs. How entitled and unhinged do you have to be to frame the situation like that? I mean seriously, how entitled do you have to be to hear the people screaming at you in the background and think that you are on the good side fighting the imaginary dictator?

Trump has done more for this country in four years than Biden has done in five decades in Washington. While Biden cowers in his basement, Trump is out rallying thousands of supporters and enacting policies that put America first.

The arrogance De Niro displayed at the Biden event is symbolic of the left’s disdain for the conservative values held by millions of Americans.

It is straight up insanity and delusion to think anything otherwise, and unfortunately for us, De Niro hasn’t even stopped yet. Because he goes on to lie once again and accuse Trump of rallying up troops of right wing people to storm the capitol on january 6th. Which is something that has not even a shred of evidence backing it up. It is claims of a mad man pathetically and desperately doing his all to fight what he deems a menace.

And because of that, he has to keep lying and painting Trump as an imaginary fascist dictator who will keep himself in power and never respect the American constitution and its people. Which is insanely rich coming from the man who is supporting a president dealing in the shadows to take out his only viable political opponent.

Patriots Rage Against the Leftist Celebrity

It is safe to say that De Niro’s words were not met with any acceptance, as a crowd of patriotic Trump supporters chased the crooked man away from the conference and the court while insulting his stupidity and shouting at him by calling him a traitor to the country and the American people. Which in turn, obviously led to the self proclaimed preacher of the holy Biden message to retort back and embarrass himself further and further.

And the streets are not the only indicator with millions of people voicing their disdain for the Democrats and lambasting their “stupid mistake” of bringing in a washed up celebrity to endorse an equally washed up president. It is their worst mistake and I can’t help but feel that it is quite symbolic of the Biden administration as a whole since assuming leadership back in 2020.

Of course, just like clockwork, Trump took the time once again to slam De Niro and call him out on all of his bullshit, just like he did when De Niro did the same tired schtick on the Bill Maher show.

But De Niro will never listen and learn. This is how the Democrats have always operated; Talk a big game and end up being clowned on by people with facts and common sense on their side.

De Niro’s unhinged press conference was a gift to the Make America Great Again movement. It exposed the desperation and hypocrisy of the left for all to see.

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