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Trump Does Not Hold Back Against De Niro Or Biden


Introduction To The Derangement

Trump derangement syndrome is what Robert De Niro recently suffers from when he went on the Bill Maher talk show to slam Trump and call him and his supporters “Monsters who want to screw with us”

He seems to have learnt well from his proclaimed hero Sleepy Joe Biden. As Biden used all the time he had in the state of the union address to attack Trump and his policies and his supporters, failing to reflect on his own failings and various missteps.

Trump got wind of the circus attacking him in vain, and he delivered an onslaught that is reflecting the reality and facts that these democratic goons are so afraid of addressing, just like Biden is afraid of addressing and being held accountable for his failings when it comes to immigration.

Will these people ever learn? That you can never trump THE Trump?

Trump Enrages Hollywood

Hollywood elitist Robert De Niro once again showed his intolerance and contempt for at least half the country by slamming former president Donald Trump on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and declaring that anyone who votes for him is only asking for the nightmare to be back.

The liberal actor’s smug comments expose the widening disconnect between coastal celebrities and heartland Americans.

What he thinks is a nightmare is only ever a nightmare for America’s enemies which are mostly the Democrats and the liberals. So of course he thinks Trump’s tenure will be a nightmare when every other blue collar American thinks it is a blessing.

In De Niro’s narrow worldview, President Trump can only represent a “mean, nasty, hateful” figure who must be stopped at all costs, even when he is confronted by Bill Maher on how Trump is actually winning people over more than he used to.

He goes on to call him a “Total Monster” who is “Irredeemable” and thus the great Robert DeNiro will never grace us fools by acting as Trump in a movie ever.

This simplistic characterization demonstrates the left’s eagerness to cartoonishly demonise anyone deviating from their doctrine.

Rather than recognize the genuine concerns of Trump supporters, De Niro reduces them to fools wanting to “screw over” people out of sheer unhappiness.

His arrogant diminishment of Trump voters insults the millions of Americans who supported Trump in 2016 and in 2020.

It reflects the condescension oozing from leftist celebrities who denigrate conservatives as idiots and racists unworthy of understanding.

De Niro epitomises the impenetrable Hollywood bubble that vilifies half the country with no shred of remorse or sympathy.

De Niro’s rant exemplifies why citizens tune out lectures from pampered celebrities.

Out-of-touch elites wagging their fingers about “divisiveness” while slandering their opponents as psychopaths.

Most Americans understand issues like crime and inflation impacting their lives more than the self-congratulatory preening of the limousine left. Yet rather than address kitchen table problems and reflecting on why the American people continue to choose Trump, De Niro fixates on gratuitously attacking Trump and his supporters while proclaiming that he “doesn’t get it”.

De Niro checks every box of the sneering, dismissive Hollywood blowhard. He represents the smugness that will continue driving swing voters toward Republicans offering positive solutions over performative virtue signalling.

But you start wondering to yourself how can someone have such confidence when they are sprouting such glaring and slanderous lies? Well, you don’t have to go far since DeNiro takes after his saviour and hero, the current -and soon to be former- president of the United States, Joe Biden.

Trump Living Rent Free in Biden’s Head

Because the left really likes to pride themselves on being righteous but will spout venom every chance they get when attacking a conservative, Joe Biden tried to take shots at Trump during his state of the union address.

When grandpa Joe wasn’t slurring down his lines and fighting to not take a nap in the middle of the address, he turned what should have been a unifying State of the Union address into a divisive spectacle of politicking and campaigning.

He indulged the worst partisan impulses by repeatedly attacking and invoking his “predecessor”, as he would call him as if he was Voldemort now, to rouse applause from the Democratic faithful.

Biden predictably attacked former President Trump to excite his base, shamelessly exploiting subjects like the Capitol riot for political gain.

He disgracefully implied half of Americans fail to love their country and sought to lump all political violence with the January 6th disgrace. All while alluding to his predecessor’s actions. A cynical ploy by old Joe to perpetuate hostility and not heal wounds.

In another weird transgression by Biden, he talks about abortion and his demagoguery on the subject similarly reduced a complex issue to clichéd feminist sloganeering, while accusing his “predecessor” again of being the mastermind behind the overturning of Roe V. Wade.

He portrayed Republican policies as an assault on women’s rights and power, rather than reflecting sincere moral concerns over protecting unborn life. This good versus evil framing aims to whip up gender grievances, not find common ground.

Beyond the overt politicisation, much of Biden’s rhetoric rang hollow given his poor track record.

He boasted of a strong economy that Americans feel anything but strength in as inflation erodes wages. Declaring America “safer” despite raging crime defies reality on the ground. And his border platitudes cannot paper over the crisis created by his own failed policies.

He was rightfully booed and then lambasted by none other than Marjorie Taylor Greene for never mentioning anything about Laken Riley, a victim that died at the hands of an illegal immigrant, only for Biden to concede, mention Laken Riley but makes sure to highlight that her case is not the normal. Very classy for the first time he ever mentions the innocent girl’s name.

The president’s self-congratulation over supposed accomplishments highlighted severe detachment from citizens’ actual experiences. His rhetoric elevated rose-colored spin over kitchen table substance.

In the end, the address crystallised this administration’s priorities – partisan warfare and divisive identity politics overinflated through deceitful rhetoric. It sought to inflame societal divisions, not temper them. And it placed progressive wish lists over citizens’ immediate economic needs.

In other words it was a complete clown show with the head clown spitting venom and lies that he can’t explain or defend.

And as such Trump sought out to respond to both of these democratic goons.

Trump Strikes Back

When it came to De Niro, Trump did the only thing right to do second to only “Ignoring him as he cries endlessly”, he insulted him and called him a low IQ individual and left it at that. Perfect response to a liberal elitist.

When it came to Biden However, Trump took his sweet time to respond fully to Biden and his ever so crooked lies.

Trump utilised Biden and his’ goons own language by calling him a psycho and highlighting how it took him 40 minutes just to address immigration and the border and he still came off weak and unconcerned.

Trump went on to address the immigration and border issue that Biden failed so miserably to talk about. Trump stated how he gave Biden the keys to the most secure border any country will ever witness and all Biden did was dismantle every bit of progress Trump took and allow the biggest amount of illegal immigrants to cross the border. Immigrants that he has not yet deported and as such are rampant in our communities murdering and assaulting our people.

In the end Trump proved his point with highlighting crooked Joe’s actions and consequences that only the American people get to face. Every American thinks it is time to sweep the government of every Democratic filth and rightfully reinstate Donald Trump to lead this country to greatness once again.

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