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CBC Caught Red-Handed Hiding Executive Bonus Spree


CBC Executives Pocketed Millions in Hidden Bonuses

New proof shows just how messed up the CBC really is, hiding millions in bonuses for their fancy-pants executives. These top CBC bigwigs grabbed insane amounts of our cash, then tried to cover it up to keep their sweet deals going.

And guess what? Trudeau wasn’t just sitting back and watching – he was right in the thick of it. He cheered the CBC on, throwing our hard-earned tax dollars at them to spread his lies and junk. All the while, his media buddies were sneaking into the public purse for a grab.

This whole mess stinks of everything that’s messed up about Trudeau’s crew. They let the rich folks feast on our money while we’re left with nothing.

Trudeau and his corrupt CBC pals have been busted. They’ve betrayed the people’s trust, and they have got to pay for it.

This scandal’s just getting started. This crazy report exposes all the CBC’s shady deals Trudeau let slide. The Prime Minister’s time is up.

Trudeau Let CBC Cronies Gorge on Secret Bonus Feast

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation recently exposed a major scandal involving concealed bonuses at the CBC under the Trudeau government. The CTF filed a complaint exposing how the CBC deliberately delayed disclosing millions in bonuses paid to its top executives in 2023 in order to avoid scrutiny.

This recent news just seems like yet another case of taxpayer dollars going off track under the Trudeau administration. The CBC’s silence on shelling out nearly 15 million in bonuses to just eight executives is unacceptable.

Transparency shouldn’t be optional, especially when it comes to handling public funds. This situation underscores a culture of entitlement that’s been fostered under Trudeau’s watch.

As Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation rightly stated, the CBC’s actions “reek of the CBC trying to conceal its senior executive bonuses.”

By refusing to disclose this information until after the scheduled parliamentary committee appearance of CBC President Catherine Tait, it proves how the CBC intentionally hid these lavish bonuses from public scrutiny.

This blatant lack of accountability demonstrates the CBC’s disregard for its duty to taxpayers who fund its operations.

The CTF blowing the lid off this scandal really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? It’s pretty clear that Trudeau’s government isn’t just looking the other way; they’re practically giving the CBC a green light to mishandle our money.

In 2023 alone, the CBC paid out $15 million in bonuses to over 1,100 employees. Compare this to other Crown corporations – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, for example, paid $831,000 in bonuses to just 10 executives.

This is happening in addition to the CBC receiving billions in taxpayer dollars specifically to produce propaganda promoting Trudeau and his Liberal government.

If CBC is defunded, who is going to spread Trudeau’s lies and misinformation?

And get this: all this money is coming from us taxpayers, supposedly to make TV, not prop up Trudeau’s fan club. But nope, Trudeau’s gang isn’t just letting this slide; they’re giving the CBC a thumbs-up and saying, ‘Keep up the good work!’ by tossing even more of our money their way.

Canadians deserve to know where every penny of their hard-earned money is going, But the CBC’s keeping tight-lipped about how much they’re shelling out to their top dogs. It’s like they’re pulling the wool over our eyes and dodging the tough questions. By holding back on the info until after Tait’s big moment in Parliament, they’re basically avoiding the spotlight and skating away from accountability.

Terrazzano hit the nail on the head when he said that if Tait and her crew truly think they deserve those fat bonuses, they should be upfront about the numbers.

But here’s the kicker: the fact that the CBC’s keeping its mouth shut about it suggests even Tait knows deep down that these bonuses just don’t fly. And with the CBC’s ratings tanking and their impact barely registering, it’s a real slap in the face to taxpayers to see them pocketing millions in secret bonuses.

While Tait’s out there crying about not having enough money from taxpayers, she’s squirreling away millions in bonuses under the radar. The CBC should be all about serving up top-notch, fair programming that brings Canadians together, not lining the pockets of its big shots.

The CTF rightly filed a complaint with the Office of the Information Commissioner challenging the CBC’s unjustifiable bonus secrecy.

Terrazzano emphasized that if parliamentary committee members request these details, Tait must provide them. Her defiant attitude thus far, however, suggests she believes she is above public accountability.

This whole vibe of feeling entitled is typical of how Trudeau runs things with Crown corporations. It’s like, scandal after scandal, they’re just throwing our money around to please their rich buddies, while regular people are struggling with bills and sky-high rent.

We need leaders who actually care about where our tax dollars are going, and a public broadcaster that’s there for the people, not just splurging on itself.

Poilievre Calls For Defunding The Media Outlet

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre was absolutely right when he called to defund the CBC. This latest scandal reconfirms the need for his plan to sell off the CBC’s headquarters and convert it into affordable housing, while cutting its wasteful taxpayer funding.

The CBC executive bonus scandal proves that Trudeau’s crew couldn’t care less about stopping the wasteful spending of our money. We can’t let them get away with letting Crown corporations hide how they’re blowing our cash on insane executive paychecks.

Especially now, when Canadians are barely keeping their heads above water financially, these fancy bonuses for CBC out of touch executives are just plain wrong.

This outrageous scandal highlights how Trudeau’s government has enabled the CBC’s gross misuse of taxpayer dollars for years. Despite declining viewership, Trudeau continues to approve billions in public funding to the CBC, which it weaponizes to spread propaganda and misinformation supporting the Liberals.

The CBC has become Trudeau’s personal partisan broadcaster, deliberating publishing hit pieces to unfairly bash Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre. All while its executives pocket million in concealed bonuses and taxpayers suffer.

It’s time Canadians unite in outrage to demand the CBC’s funding be slashed and for Trudeau to resign for allowing this corrupt abuse of public money.

The CTF’s brave exposure of this scandal proves citizens must take a stand against public institutions like the CBC that exist only to serve Trudeau’s interests and enrich media elites.

We need new common sense political leadership that will root out the corruption that has flourished under Trudeau. Canadians deserve a prime minister that respects taxpayers, not one that funnels money to propagandists as citizens struggle.

The time has come for transformative change. Canadians must rally together to defund the biased CBC and oust Trudeau’s government which enabled this cronyism for far too long. Our future depends on citizens rising up and reclaiming our public institutions for the people.

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