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CBC President Grilled in Hearing about Executive Bonuses


The Committee Hearing Exposed CBC Lies

CBC President Catherine Tait’s recent testimony before Parliament pulls back the curtain on scandals galore at the federally funded broadcaster.

Bonuses for executives while hundreds lose their jobs? Check. Non-answers and stall tactics from the woman at the top? You bet. Partisan pandering on the taxpayer dime? Oh yes.

As Tait tap-dances around straight answers, one has to wonder: What is she hiding? Just how deep does the patronage pit at CBC go?

Conservative MP Rachael Thomas tries valiantly to cut through Tait’s verbal smokescreens regarding lavish executive bonuses. But Tait twists and turns like a worm on a hook, refusing to give clear responses.

And then she has the gall to paint a rosy picture surrounding the 800 job cuts her company planned to make after giving the executives bonuses to the tune of millions.

Overall, Tait’s testimony fell short of restoring confidence and trust in the CBC.

Canadians expect and demand better from those entrusted with broadcasting information to the public. But will CBC ever learn in the future?

CBC President Squirms Under Questioning

CBC President Catherine Tait, a bastion of corruption and partisanship in politics. Running a full crew ship – or maybe a half one since they can’t help themselves with all the job cuts of course – broadcasting the liberal agenda to all Canadians on the dime of the taxpayer money.

The CBC is at the heart of many scandals with wide and varying aspects and angles. And now the likes of Catherine Tait have been brought forward to testify in front of a parliamentary committee, regarding issues ranging from undeserved and sleazy corporate bonuses amid viewership and interest decline, all the way to the nature of the expected 800 job cuts despite the continuous funding from the federal government.

Catherine Tait sat in front of the committee and was questioned in a very crystal clear manner by Conservative MP Rachael Thomas on whether or not CBC executives including herself have received their bonuses for the fiscal year of 2023 and how much does that amount to in consideration to how awful their business is currently doing.

Catherine is of course a fine master of the liberal art of avoiding the question entirely and giving outright non answers that waste everyone’s time and energy.

She kept going on and on about the process through which the top heads at CBC decide whether they would treat themselves using taxpayer money or not. And then she tried to confuse everyone by pointing to a different fiscal year and waiting for further clarification.

It is a stalling tactic by Catherine to steer the conversation away from focusing on CBC executive bonuses and into the nitty gritty of the process that no one cares about or is here to ask about in the first place.

So she tries her hardest to appear dumbfounded and then she has the gall to reveal that Rachael Thomas’ question actually pertains any of the 2023 fiscal details that are to be published much much later, even when the conservative MP clearly stated that she gave Catherine the heads up about the nature of her testifying and what she will be testifying about.

Is anyone else getting confused on who said what and when exactly? Is anyone else getting confused on how this testimony holds absolutely no purpose? Then you have unfortunately fallen into the Catherine Tait trap – also known as the Trudeau or the liberal trap – where you are juggling between different topics vaguely relating to the original one but never having an end point or a reason other than keeping the status quo afloat.

That’s why you will never get a serious and straightforward answer from the likes of Catherine and her ilk at CBC even when we have confirmation of bonuses being handed out to the tune of millions just before the company announced it would be cutting 800 jobs. So what, did she think the Canadian people would forget about the event? The number? The layoff? What could possibly be toned down here for her to be so confident in her wrongful conviction?

CBC President Cornered by Conservative MP

This is what Conservative MP Rachael Thomas saw through the liberal and corrupt facade, and that’s when she cut straight to the meat of the matter by asking Catherine Tait directly whether or not she will be giving herself a bonus since she is part of the top heads and executives at CBC that review the process and come out with the final say.

But if you hoped for a straightforward answer then you will unfortunately get absolutely nothing from her, as she clearly declares that she has not been signed a bonus but when pressed further if she is actually aware she backs down to her tired playbook of playing pretend as if the president of CBC is somehow oblivious to where the money is going.

The committee is not fully cooperating clearly with the righteous conservative MP as they let Catherine off when she so clearly is desperate for us to believe her words, so she can easily get off the judgmental hook piercing through her crookedness.

While Tait claims no bonus decisions have been made yet, she continues to defend the very idea of paying bonuses to top brass amidst CBC cutbacks. Because of course she will, she wants to be the first one to receive one.

It is quite amusing how this testimony is exactly the same beat for beat with the 3 months old one that had her cornered and smiling anxiously while giving robotic and PR tested answers.

A Rosy Picture Hides a Corporate Disaster

Same old stories. Same old corruption and sleaziness. The only thing we get is Catherine Tait attempting to paint a rosier picture regarding the upcoming 800 job cuts after receiving an additional $42 million from the federal budget. They only have good news when you pony up and pay them from your hard earned money. What a shameless endeavour.

Tait stated that the new funding means the CBC will not need to proceed with 800 planned job cuts announced last December.

I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem calming at all to me, even when trying to view it from a different aspect. As our neighbours down south like to say, six ways to Sunday and the only thing that is apparent is how much of an extortion this declaration feels. Like CBC is telling us that the 800 people only got their jobs saved because they successfully syphoned money from the general public.

When will the CBC truly be held accountable? I guess we have to wait until common sense conservatism takes the reins and stop this excess of corruption and greed right in its tracks.

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