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Biden is Slammed by James Carville for Leadership Failure


A House of Cards

Biden has his house of cards is collapsing all around him. Even top Democrats now turn on their bumbling leader as his flailing presidency sinks into complete disarray.

The latest in all this political mess has been Democratic political strategist James Corville, who exploded in a recent rant lambasting the Biden administration’s incompetence in tackling kitchen table issues that everyday Americans suffer through.

Instead they are wasting away their goodwill and taxpayer money to fund a “woke” initiative forgiving the national student loan, and then they cry and whine about all the young and minority voters that are flocking away from a party full of shit.

Make no mistake, the panic has set in for Biden’s allies. But no policy pivot or campaign shakeup can save a capsizing presidency.

Democrats are waking up to a failed leader completely out of his depth and they are witnessing in real time the dire reality of the situation.

Biden is on the Receiving End of a Carville Rant

Biden has recently been opening the eyes of his closest allies to the immense level of failures that he has got going on during one of the most intense election races for the Democrats as a party against a formidable opponent in Donald Trump.

First it Was Hillary Clinton coming to terms with the disorganisation of her political party. And now we have political strategist and staunch Democrat James Carville calling out the Democratic party for being full of shit.

James Carville exploded on Biden and the Democratic party for their stray messaging that is not reaching any of their core voters, be it minority or young. Nothing in Biden’s way of swaying the voters is actually doing its intended positive purpose for the Democrats.

Biden keeps asking why the black voters are not flocking to the “woke” left; why the young and smart voters are not flocking to the insane Democrats, but he never stands to recognize that his framing and the issues he focuses on are just not enticing or important to the struggles everyday patriotic Americans suffer through.

And all this lambasting is coming from someone that is looking after the Democrats and is trying to help them in the long run. If he is being that vicious and angry while voicing his concern, then Biden is truly in the worst place politically that he could possibly imagine.

One of the key examples that James Carville zeroed in, in regards to Biden’s failure to grasp actual table kitchen issues, was the atrocious student loan debt forgiveness.

Biden and the Student Loan Handouts

If you somehow forgot about the abysmal and costly Biden declaration to forgive a huge portion of the national Student Loan Debt, let us refresh your memory of the disaster that was used by the democrats in hopes of garnering much needed younger support.

Biden in his crusade to appeal to almost everyone without any nuance or second thought, has driven him to unchartered territories in regards to forgiving the gargantuan national student loan debt.

Too bad Biden probably failed every economy class he has ever taken, because the consequences of his “woke” leftist actions will inevitably lead to a total collapse in the American economy.

Don’t believe me? Then you better believe this report that came out earlier this month detailing how Biden’s handouts will burden taxpayers with up to $1.4 trillion in costs.

Yeah, you heard it absolutely right. That is $1.4 trillion that you will have to pay straight out of your pocket just to satisfy Biden’s latest insane policy. If this isn’t a straight up heist from the Democrats, then I clearly don’t know what is.

Consider that $1.4 trillion could provide universal pre-K and childcare for 10 years. Or permanently triple Pell Grants for lower-income students. Instead Biden shovels mountains of cash to those already on a lucrative career path. And that is just straight up facts because students in high end universities like Harvard will undeservedly receive the same handouts as everyone else.

Of course, this didn’t escape James Carville’s rant directed towards the democrats, as he mentions the absurdity of giving elitists in universities with a surplus worth $52 billion or more when you could instead focus on actual important issues plaguing Americans on a day to day basis.

Carville compares these universities with hedge funds that are full of empty class rooms. It is a rich people’s playground and it shouldn’t be encouraged any further when they have all the resources they need anyway.

James Carville Hopes for an Impossible Future

The Democrats need to get off their ass and actually start fixing people’s issues before they can wallow in their trash leftist ideologies. This is what Carville hopes for the future of the Democratic party, but his bias fails him here when every red blooded American can clearly see the future without a Biden administration running the country into the ground.

You can depressingly see how someone like Carville is still hopeful for an impossible Biden victory in the electrons, and that’s why he keeps criticising their strategy and everything they do. He is not the first staunch democrat to attack the incompetence of his political party. This wasn’t even the first time he did it as well.

Another prominent lambasting session came at the heels of the Biden regime reportedly being unhappy with the media coverage pertaining to the president and his old age. This ate at their soul so much that it occupied Biden’s mind for the foreseeable future as he brings it up every chance he gets in a sarcastic and quite pathetic manner.

Carville laid bare the truth in regards to Biden suffocating himself and appearing irked and unfocused due to his old age. Carville tried to advise Biden to focus on something else and actually try to do a good job instead of throwing pity insults and acting like a child.

And in another instance where retrospection was an important tool for liberals, Bill Maher and James Carville agreed that Biden might have been an exciting candidate in 2020 – even when he barely won that decisive and controversial election – but he is not the same individual he once was now in 2024, and Trump is looking more and more likely to snatch back what is rightfully his.

Biden’s allies now acknowledge the painful reality – he can’t buy his way back into voters’ good graces. And the more he tries, the more credibility he loses. Americans see the clumsy salesmanship behind each new progressive giveaway.

America’s patience has run dry. We see the cynical manipulation behind Biden’s grandstanding promises. He can’t spin away his abject failures anymore.

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