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WEF Initiates Phase Two


Real-life villains never declare their demonic plans to doom everyone. They wait until they have their army prepared and stocked up, and only then, do they step out in the open and show their true colors. Karl Schwab’s new dystopian world order will come at a very steep price everyone will pay, except for the elites, of course. The WEF’s push towards this vision came for the most part through “initiatives” such as the infamous Great Reset, claiming to help countries that willingly participate to secure a “better” future for everyone. Of course, this is not true, and because of the lack of effective opposition, the WEF is moving to the second stage of its plan: coercion and violence.

Schwab, in true WEF opportunist fashion, swept in during the middle of the pandemic to bring salvation for all. Little did we know that the “better future” he’s aiming for is only better for the few. His vision will lead to far more destructive consequences than the pandemic itself, perhaps worse than any crisis in modern history. Stay tuned to find out what’s new on the WEF agenda and how they’re finally dropping the friendly tone, revealing a much more sinister side.

Schwab’s policies are pushing us to the edge of destruction; a fact beyond any doubt at this point. The plan to push the reset button on the global economy will only reset people’s livelihoods, pushing hard-working Canadians into further poverty, along with the citizens of other indoctrinated countries.

The WEF has its pawns in place, ready to initiate the second and most crucial stage of its plan. The actual plan is to build their Utopia on top of a dystopian, subservient society that they are structuring to only prioritize their interests, rather than our own. 

How is the plan going so far? To the WEF, everything is on track, but to us, we’re suffering. The government is burdening us with huge taxes to reach the WEF’s Net-Zero goal by 2050. 

We were told that with the Net-Zero plan, we would be moving towards a brighter path. So far, we’ve been walking on a foggy road filled with hazards. Instead of giving reasonable alternatives to achieve the unreasonable goal, the WEF showed its fangs. 

But for WEF’s global plan, they are moving to a darker phase, dropping the nice act and escalating to coercion. 

“In order to achieve Net Zero, we will have to use a mixture of Carrots and Sticks,” Chief Editor of Nature Energy, Nicky Dean claims. But we are yet to be rewarded; only punished with an unjust system, which has already started.

The scary thing here is that being vocal about “carrots and sticks” means that any previous punishments were just the WEF and our puppet Prime Minister warming up. 

Trudeau and his party have already been destroying Canada’s economy through five tax hikes, inflation, putting small businesses at risk of bankruptcy, and placing us so far in debt to put us on the brink of homelessness.

We’ve been living with the consequences of the WEF’s policies, and somehow they have the nerve to claim that the opponents are just conspiracy theorists. Their managing director claimed that “there are bigger issues, really, for [Canada] to be thinking about,” than the WEF. What is bigger than poverty, inflation, and freedom to criticize?

On the other hand, the one who’s neglecting the bigger issues is the Prime Minister. We’re facing the consequences of his mismanagement, and instead, he is doing some spring cleaning – reshuffling his cabinet, discussing the lyrics of our national anthem, and leaving the country in ruins. 

The essential question now is: who will save us? Trudeau is one of Shwab’s essential pawns, and so far he has been executing everything in the WEF handbook. However, there’s hope on the horizon. The conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre is promising to offer what Trudeau has failed to deliver. He’ll “axe the tax to bring home lower prices,” to fight the Prime Minister’s ever-increasing carbon tax. We also have Alberta’s Premier Danielle Smith, refusing to take the WEF’s side and be one of their pawns. Leaders like these will be ready to go up against the WEF’s larger plan; a plan conceived years ago.

Claiming the pandemic sparked the Great Reset is just another big, fat lie. All along, we’ve been punished, but we never even tasted the WEF’s carrots. Let me give you a glimpse of what they’ve been cooking. Just look at the WEF’s article titled, “As the global population approaches 8 billion, is equal access to opportunity for all possible?” What hidden intentions are behind this question? What will be their solution to the lack of equal access? Decimate the global economy leading to millions perishing? The true goal is to reduce the population. Are you connecting the dots yet? The pandemic was a golden opportunity to make Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates’ aspirations come to life. We are currently living the nightmare of powerful people’s dreams and are threatened to be punished if we don’t deliver. 

So this is beyond some economic and climate policies; this is an extermination of the human race, and of course, the most affected by the sinister plans are middle-class citizens. We are at a crucial point where we are claiming our right to live!

Thanks to our government, we are heading to a bleak future where we only have two options: a poor quality of life, or starving to death. If we want what we deserve – freedom and prosperity – Trudeau must leave!

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