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Under Trudeau, the Canadian Military Went All-In on “Anti-Oppression” Agenda


The Canadian military is undergoing a radical transformation under Justin Trudeau. Gone are the days of focusing on strategy and national defense.

The latest edition of the Canadian Military Journal reveals an institution consumed by far-left ideology and “anti-oppression” rhetoric. Prepare to be shocked as we expose how deep this disturbing trend runs. From claims of “institutional whiteness” to militantly “anti-racist” policies, the woke mob has taken over the armed forces. 

The Canadian Armed Forces has officially declared that they, along with the nation they are sworn to defend, are fundamentally and unchangeably racist and oppressive.

At a time when we need a strong military amidst extremely tense global geopolitical tensions, the very soul of our armed forces is under siege. 

Justin Trudeau must be basking in the glory of the mess he created.

As if targeting our wallets and our homes wasn’t enough, the Trudeau government is now targeting the entity that is supposed to defend this country – the Canadian military.

The latest edition of the Canadian Military Journal really put things in perspective about this government’s priorities.

The journal is the official academic publication of the Canadian Armed Forces, subject to peer review and published quarterly since 2000.

Its stated purpose is to “to enhance the continuing development of the profession of arms in Canada.” For years, it has covered topics central to the armed forces like NATO expansion, Arctic sovereignty, and new technologies like automated drones.

But the latest edition contains barely a word about the real problems facing the military – plummeting recruitment, failing equipment, slashed budgets.

The severe recruiting crisis that has left some departments with up to 40% vacancies. No discussion of the plunging maintenance standards that recently led the Royal Canadian Navy’s commander to state his fleet is stuck in a disastrous “storm” with no solution in sight.

And no examination of why Canada is irresponsibly slashing military budgets when peer nations are doing the opposite to reinforce their forces.

Absolutely no mention of military strategy or geopolitics. This latest journal edition completely ignores these critical issues of strategy, readiness, and funding that should deeply concern our senior military leadership. Instead, it pursues a very different agenda.

It’s filled with woke concepts about dismantling supposed racism, colonialism, and patriarchy in the military.

One article calls the military irredeemably poisoned by “institutional whiteness.” Another says we must remake the forces along “anti-oppressive” ideological lines.

And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with standing up against racism and discrimination, this latest issue is far from those Canadian values. The entire issue paints our military to be racist, patriarchal, and colonialist entity.

This shows that top brass has fully embraced the most extreme principles of critical race theory and intersectionality.

The introduction states this special issue will give readers insights and recommendations to significantly change military culture. Absent are the journal’s usual sections on strategy or military history. Instead, it contains 13 entire essays wholly focused on drastically reshaping CAF culture through a feminist, intersectional, and trauma-informed lens.

The Canadian Armed Forces declaring itself racist didn’t happen in a vacuum. It stems directly from Justin Trudeau’s government pushing this extreme ideology on federal institutions.

In 2020, Trudeau’s government audited the military for systemic racism, despite no evidence of widespread discrimination.

The audit declared Canada rooted in colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchy. It pressured the military to dismantle supposed prejudice.

Since then, military leadership has eagerly imposed the complete “woke-ification” of the armed forces.

But for most Canadians, these developments should provoke alarm.

Our troops are being indoctrinated with politically motivated theories that completely destroy Canadian society and identity.

They’re learning to see themselves as complicit in oppression, and Canada as a racist dystopia. This risks corroding military cohesion and undermining recruitment, retention, and morale.

Politicizing the military also breaches the essential democratic norm of an apolitical armed forces.

The Journal’s recent edition, titled “Culture Change in the CAF,” openly states we must adopt critical race theory at all levels of the military.

Critical race theory claims all unequal outcomes among racial groups stem from systemic racism.

It rejects the entire idea of colorblindness.

This divisive ideology, which Trudeau adores, has no place in our military, which must unite Canadians across all races, religions, and backgrounds.

Why should we castigate people for their skin color and assign collective guilt?

This contradicts the military culture of cohesion, where troops set aside differences for one mission.

These developments should deeply concern all Canadians who value national defense and security.

It’s time to bring our military back from the brink. To once again build an apolitical culture dedicated to protecting our nation.

At a time when the entire world is caught up in extreme geopolitical tensions or full-blown conflicts, from Ukraine to the Middle East, Canada needs a strong military to protect its interests.

Yet while peer nations expand defenses against Russian and Chinese threats, Canada alone is irresponsibly cutting military budgets under Trudeau.

Last November, Trudeau’s fiscal update confirmed lavish spending and deficits, but made armed forces the sole exception with actual budget cuts. Projections show military spending will drop in absolute terms for Trudeau’s remaining term, making Canada the only G7 country doing so.

For 2024/2025, military spending will fall from $26.93 billion to $25.73 billion. And by 2026, it will drop further to $25.33 billion. This ignores desperate warnings from the Defence Minister that the underfunded military is struggling to fulfill basic duties.

It also defies Canada’s allies, who are bolstering budgets to counter global volatility. Germany boosted defense spending by over $100 billion after Russia’s Ukraine invasion. And despite partially reversing this, military budgets in Germany remain exempt from cuts.

Japan is also enacting its largest military budget since World War II to counter China’s regional threats. And France just authorized its biggest defense hike in 50 years.

The UK, already meeting NATO targets, will now surpass them to counter Russia and China.

Yet Canada moves in the opposite direction, weakening its armed forces amidst gathering storms. Trudeau’s neglect of military readiness endangers Canada’s security and reputation among allies.

In fact, back in July, Trudeau got a well deserved scolding from the U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan, who said that the Prime Minister is trying to “water down” NATO’s 2 percent targets.

In all honesty, this serves him right. I’m glad our Southern friends and allies are calling out our incompetent Prime Minister. We need less money spent on diversity measures and more money put into the protection of all Canadian citizens. We can’t depend on the U.S to protect the North American continent forever.

Trudeau’s politicization and neglect of our military should deeply alarm all Canadians. He is weakening national defense and security at a time of growing global disorder.

Our armed forces are being transformed into a social engineering project promoting divisive ideologies over military excellence.

This corrodes cohesion and combat effectiveness, turning our troops into activists.

Meanwhile, Canada dangerously ignored global trends by cutting defense budgets amidst rising threats. While allies expand military power, Trudeau systematically weakens our capabilities and readiness.

This endangers Canadian sovereignty and public safety.

But it also betrays our duties as a NATO member and a main U.S. ally. At a time calling for military strength and deterrence, Trudeau signals weakness and retreat.

Other nations rightly reprimand Canada for this failure of leadership. But the blame lies squarely with Trudeau and his warped priorities. He pursues virtue signaling over national security.

Canadians deserve better than a Prime Minister who imposes radical theories on troops while cutting their resources.

We need a government that celebrates our military traditions instead of denouncing them. And one that equips our forces for 21st century challenges rather than confusing them with dysfunction.

The hour is urgent to restore a respected, non-political military focused solely on defending Canada.

We must demand this from our leaders before it’s too late. The future security of our nation hangs in the balance.

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