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UK to pay at least £370m to Rwanda for asylum deal


Rishi Sunak’s struggling government is on its last legs thanks to the latest outrageous news about the Rwanda asylum deal. As it emerges that millions have once again been wasted on this controversial scheme, the public are right to ask – who is really benefiting from this money? It’s clearly not hard-working taxpayers or refugees arriving in small boats.

The only person it helps is Sunak by propping up his faltering credibility, as traditional Conservatives abandon his directionless leadership.

Every extra pound thrown away on the failed Rwanda policy highlights how out of touch Sunak is. As grassroots Tories switch in large numbers to Reform UK’s bold vision, Sunak sticks stubbornly to policies that turn voters off. 

This growing wave towards Reform UK shows the public are hungry for a party that proudly stands up for British values and interests. 

While Sunak remains fixated on disproven globalist dogmas, Reform UK promises to serve local communities – not metropolitan elites. 

With Sunak’s leadership in freefall, how much stronger can Reform UK grow before it displaces the rudderless Conservatives as the dominant force on the right of British politics?

People across the UK are furious over the recent news that the government will hand over at least £370 million to Rwanda as part of its controversial scheme to ship asylum seekers there.

This eye-watering amount – which could climb even higher if more than 300 people eventually get sent to Rwanda – is an absolute disgrace. It exposes the total incompetence of Rishi Sunak’s leadership.

The Rwanda deal makes it crystal clear that Sunak’s government is clueless. They’re wasting huge sums of taxpayers’ money on foolish schemes rather than actually helping people struggling with the cost of living.

It’s no wonder many traditional Tory voters feel completely let down by Sunak’s weak leadership. No direction, no real solutions to the country’s problems – just flashy headlines to grab attention.

Sunak’s defenders will claim the Rwanda deal is necessary to stop the small boats crossing the English Channel and crack down on illegal immigration. But the reality is that this policy has been an abject disaster that has failed to deter a single asylum seeker at an exorbitant cost to the British taxpayer. 

Not a single person has yet been removed to Rwanda, with the scheme blocked repeatedly by legal challenges. Yet Sunak’s government saw fit to hand over more than £370 million to Rwanda already, with the meter still running. 

This cash could’ve gone towards funding for schools, hospitals and building things people need here in Britain. But instead it’s being splashed on pursuing a harsh scheme that hasn’t stopped the small boats coming over at all. The British public deserve better than a Prime Minister ready to blow so much money on plans that don’t tackle why people are crossing the Channel in the first place.

The Rwanda deal perfectly encapsulates why Sunak’s Conservatives are hemorrhaging public support. They are out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people, prioritizing vanity projects over pragmatic solutions, and doubling down on failed policies despite all evidence. 

This dogmatic approach explains why Reform UK, under the leadership of Richard Tice, has now hit 14% support in the polls – its highest ever level. 

One in five former Tory voters now backs Reform UK. This surge shows the British public are crying out for a party that speaks common sense on issues like immigration, one that puts British values and people first. 

The Conservatives have abandoned their own supporters, capitulating to the liberal establishment and veering left on social issues while failing to get a handle on illegal immigration. Reform UK offers a true right-wing alternative.

The catalyst for this poll boost was likely the chaotic suspension of Conservative MP Lee Anderson. His suspension highlighted the deep divisions within the Conservative party. It showed a leadership out of touch with the concerns of its traditional base.

Rather than reflecting on why many core voters feel disconnected, the Conservatives suspended Anderson entirely. This attempt to enforce political correctness only drives more supporters towards Reform UK. The Tories have lost touch with the people they claim to represent.

Reform UK offers a true home for traditional conservative voters, with robust stances on divisive issues like immigration. The Conservative’s failure to tackle channel crossings exposes their impotence on this issue. Reform UK recognizes that only decisive action, not exorbitant payoffs like the Rwanda deal, will solve this crisis. Illegal immigration impacts our economy, stretches public services to breaking point, and undermines social cohesion. 

The British people have had enough of witnessing illegal migrants breaking our laws with impunity as soon as they land on our shores. Reform UK proposes offshore processing centers to humanely house asylum seekers while their claims are evaluated. 

This would demolish the incentive for dangerous channel crossings while letting us welcome those in genuine need through legal routes. Voters know Reform UK will deliver on its promises to control immigration, not just talk tough at elections then wilt in office like the Conservatives.

On law and order, Reform UK recognizes that woke policing and lax sentencing are betraying the British public. Criminals must face serious consequences, while police should be focused on stopping real crime in our communities. 

Reform UK understands that without law and order, society soon descends into chaos. The most vulnerable people suffer most when this happens. Reform UK will rebuild trust that justice is served to dangerous criminals. They will also implement extra protections for women and the elderly.

Regular British people have lost faith in Rishi Sunak’s directionless Conservatives. The Tories have broken promises on immigration, crime, and defending our values.

Sunak’s disastrous time as Prime Minister has ruined his credibility. With the economy shrinking, prices surging and debt ballooning, he has no real solutions beyond raising taxes and immigration to push down wages. Hard-working Brits deserve much better than this.

Conservative councilor Maria Bowtell’s decision to switch to Reform UK shows that support is growing strongly for this rising force on the right. Bowtell specifically said she lost faith in the national Conservative party, which lacks direction. This reflects wider unhappiness among Tory members with the central leadership’s progressive policies and lack of vision.

Bowtell joining also highlights Reform UK’s increasing appeal at the local level. With her, Reform UK now has 9 councilors nationwide, giving them a presence in local communities. As the Conservatives divide between their liberal metropolitan elite and traditional rural supporters, Reform UK is ready to pick up backing from grassroots Tories.

Bowtell won’t be the last Conservative to defect as momentum builds behind Reform UK’s clear right-wing platform. Her move signals swelling grassroots support for the party’s unambiguous conservatism.

Reform UK offers a bold new vision on the issues that matter with British values at its core. Fed up Conservative voters are flocking to Reform UK because they realize it is listening to their concerns and unafraid to speak plain truths. 

Rishi Sunak’s big-spending nanny-state policies are driving this country into the ground. Reform UK trusts people and communities to make the best decisions for themselves with less government interference. Sunak’s low-growth austerity condemns Britons to declining living standards. 

With the Conservatives moving more left-wing, now’s the time for something new in British politics. Reform UK is a force that believes in our shared values of patriotism, freedom and democracy. They’re rallying everyone who has faith in this country’s potential and won’t accept us falling behind.

Britain’s need political leaders ready to stand firm for British independence, power over our own affairs, and achieving excellence. Reform UK is the first real challenge to the stale two-party system that has let down the British people.

The Conservative Party is finished. The latest opinion polls make it clear they have no chance at all in the next election. Reform UK has taken over as the main right-wing party while the Tories fade away.

There is no way back for them. They have ignored regular voters for too long. Even completely changing their policies wouldn’t save the Conservatives now.

The Tories have to stand down and accept that Reform UK speaks for ordinary people now. Voters have walked away for good and won’t come back. No amount of listening or new policies can bring the Conservatives back from the dead.

The Tories failed time and again to address people’s real worries. Now they are facing the consequences of being out of touch for years. Reform UK is the present and future for conservatives.

This surge in support is not a blip – it shows the Tories are now irrelevant and disconnected from modern Britain. The party is facing collapse and will vanish from politics.

The Conservatives are out of time and ideas. Even copying Reform UK’s policies word-for-word would lead to them being crushed at the next election. The Tories are headed for a massive, final defeat from which they cannot recover.

Their best hope is to bow out respectfully instead of dragging out their misery. The people have chosen Reform UK to represent Britain. The Tories have no political future left and their days in government are over for good. Their slide into irrelevance is guaranteed.

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