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UK Exposed for Secret Dealings With RSF


Greed Wins The War

The West’s imperial war machine has roared to life once again, feasting on your people’s suffering to profit from your nation’s riches.

As agony engulfs Darfur anew, Western powers like the UK reveal their true nature – parading as principled yet secretly plotting with the very butchers behind the bloodshed.

Behind the ever so sweet pro-democracy platitudes lies the cold heart of neocolonialism, seeking to control Sudan’s oil, gold and resources. 

The UK’s dirty flirtation with Sudanese war criminal paramilitaries rips off its hollow mask, exposing craven interests over morality.

It is a tale as old as time with the greedy western imperialist wanting to rip apart nations just for their resources without bearing any care in the world. And we have seen it time and time again.

The UK is a prime example of a careless western nation that would throw its problems onto an African one first thing in the morning if it wills it. Don’t believe us? Then you must have forgotten about Rwanda.

But with every new revelation we are closer to the full picture and the people shall cast out imperialist proxies and build an Africa for Africans guided by true justice.

UK Secret Dealings

The brutal war ravaging Sudan has now entered its second year, unfortunately with thousands dead and millions more displaced. 

Yet as the Sudanese people suffer unimaginable horrors, new revelations show that western powers like the UK are cozying up to one of the perpetrators behind the bloodshed – the notorious Rapid Support Forces (R.S.F) paramilitary group.

Despite the R.S.F’s appalling record of war crimes and ethnic cleansing against African communities, secret UK negotiations aim to legitimise these militants and enlist their support. 

This cynical attempt at deal-making with Sudanese butchers betrays not just the Sudanese victims, but reveals the cold duplicity underlying Western foreign policy.

The UK parades as a guardian of human rights and staunch opponent of genocide. But its clandestine courtship of the R.S.F, authors of horrific atrocities in Darfur and beyond, rips off this hollow mask. 

The ruthless pragmatism guiding Britain exposes an utter lack of principle or morality in its Sudan policy. And all of this weak and slimy courtship follows the same path that every imperialist western coloniser has and will continue to take with African nations; Increase control and rip the beautiful country of all its valuable resources.

Despite lofty rhetoric about supporting Sudan’s people, the West’s real interest lies in maintaining control over Sudan’s oil, gold and strategic ports. 

The U.S. lectures about ceasing hostilities but prioritizes the safety of its diplomats over Sudanese civilians. 

The UK secretly courts Sudan’s war criminal paramilitaries to buy influence. Behind saccharine platitudes, cold calculations shape Western policy.

It is the same old tale with the same old strategy, only the actors ever so slightly change.

The West claims Sudan’s riches benefit its people, but everyday Sudanese see little but hardship as their nation’s wealth lines the pockets of corrupt generals and foreign corporations. For them, promises of prosperity ring hollow amidst deepening poverty and hunger.

If the West genuinely cared for Sudan’s citizens, not just its gold and oil, it would empower their voices, not silence them. It would build institutions, not strongmen. Until policy matches rhetoric, mistrust will fester.

For too long, Western talk of democracy has proven empty promises when resources and influence beckon. And today’s West choices carry the shameful legacy of the coloniser past. 

So what would you expect other than Sudan’s people rightly feeling betrayed by an erstwhile ally now rewarding their oppressors. 

Britain claims it wants to stop the violence, yet it empowers precisely those prosecuting the war against civilians. This supposed peace broker secretly plots with arsonists to help douse the flames.

UK Continues to Lose Credibility

The UK’s credibility as an honest mediator deservedly burns amidst this hypocrisy. 

How can Sudan’s marginalized trust any deal Britain brokers with the same brutal fanatics who continue massacring them? These paramilitaries have killed innocents with impunity. What moral bright line restrains them now?

This revelation plays into a well-worn pattern of Western powers using backroom deals and strongmen to further selfish interests in Africa. 

From propping up apartheid South Africa to aiding Rwanda’s génocidaires, the West’s cynical interventions breed lasting instability and suffering. Siding with villains over victims becomes a cold recipe for control, not conflict resolution.

But for Sudan’s people, the UK cozying up to those behind their misery represents the latest chapter in a long history of broken Western promises. 

Grand rhetoric about saving Darfur gave way to inaction as genocide raged. Years of western mediation enabled the very tyrants now fighting over the spoils. 

At every turn, lofty principles proved empty words when convenient.

Unlike Britain, leaders in Africa grasp the high stakes in Sudan for the continent’s future. The African Union moved swiftly to suspend Sudan’s coup leaders rather than dignify them. 

The UK should join principled regional voices in demanding the RSF and their fellow travellers relinquish power, not cut secret sweetheart deals. 

With the prospect of peace, will the UK advocate firmly for victims, or negotiate the next Faustian bargain to preserve ruthless control? Britain claims it wants accountability, yet gives war criminals a seat at the table. Sudanese lives hinge on resolve to finally place principles before short-sighted pragmatism. But we are already aware of how Western schemes go about.

Africans are already aware that imperialist and greedy countries like the UK will not back down and give away influence that easily. They have no shame nor any honour to spare the innocent victims.

Have we forgotten about the UK sleazily coming up with a less than humanitarian initiative to send away and boot all “excess” and illegal immigrants and house them in Rwanda?

Rwandans did not and will not forget the backdoor deals that the corrupt UK prime minister and his cronies had to make in order to exert even more control and influence over Rwanda’s leaders.

They enticed them with vague rewards and political power that will not come to fruition, and the deal was sadly accepted without further consultation.

No honest to god African will forget about these corruptions and atrocities.

Future for Sudan

You would think that with all the humiliation that this time, Britain will at least work a little to live up to its rhetoric and stand unequivocally with Sudan’s people. But no, they made their choice and their choice lies with oppressors. I guess they love the similarities.

Progress demands empowering civilians to shape Sudan’s future, not recycling and rebranding the old cabal in different uniforms. 

Sudan now arrives at an ominous crossroads. Down one path lies an elusive chance at meaningful change away from all the western influence; the other however leads back into the abyss of violence, guided by the very tyrants Britain now courts behind the scenes.

Morality is cast aside when ruthless realpolitik offers expedient gains, proving Britain’s words about “ethical foreign policy” will be its ironic downfall as they stay complicit through pure vitriol and cynicism.

Rather than stand up for genocide victims, the UK grovels before their oppressors for access to resources. An “ethical foreign policy” requires choosing righteousness over ruthlessness. But such moral courage seems beyond Britain now.

By rewarding ruthless war criminals over the righteous, the UK exposes the lie of its principled rhetoric. Craven appeasement of evil for selfish gain is no “ethical policy” but naked immorality. If Britain fails true justice in Sudan again, its hands will forever remain stained with victims’ blood.

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