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UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Goes on Anti-Trudeau Rant


A sea of patriotic UFC fans in Toronto broke out in a thunderous “F*ck Trudeau” chant Saturday night, a clear rebuke of Justin Trudeau‘s devastating leftist policies.

It’s no secret that Trudeau has faced mounting criticism over soaring inflation, with the costs of housing, food and energy skyrocketing under his government. Not to mention his outright totalitarian moves such as his seizure of bank accounts from Freedom Convoy protestors. 

It seems that things have gotten so bad in Canada that UFC fans felt the need to take matters in their own hands.

And it’s not just the fans – UFC fighter Sean Strickland fueled the anti-Trudeau sentiment by blasting a Canadian reporter who asked about his past LGBTQ comments. Strickland slammed the reporter as “weak” for electing Trudeau and letting him “shutdown your f*cking country.”

Even athletes know that Trudeau’s radical liberal agenda has left this once-proud nation in shambles. It doesn’t take a political expert to see that.

Patriots are hungry for the strong conservative leadership of Pierre Poilievre. The deafening chant suggests the beginning of the end of Trudeau’s reign of terror.

The only question now is – when will that be?

It’s easy to see for any clear-thinking person how Justin Trudeau’s utter foolishness as Prime Minister has created a vast community of committed Trudeau-haters – outspoken patriotic Canadians who’ve finally had enough.

Even UFC fans in Toronto have decided to take matters into their own hands, erupting in a deafening “F*ck Trudeau” chant. 

This is what happens when Canadians feel like their country is going nowhere under a failed leader.

The thunderous chant that erupted from thousands of frustrated UFC fans in Toronto serves as a startling showcase of just how many Canadians are utterly fed up with Justin Trudeau’s catastrophic leadership.

This was no normal political protest – this was an arena full of people at a UFC event, meant for entertainment, who felt compelled to loudly vocalize their absolute disdain for Trudeau. That’s how deep the animosity goes now.

It’s about more than just politics at this point – it’s about the real pain that Trudeau’s disastrous policies are inflicting. Skyrocketing inflation and a cratering economy have left countless Canadians barely able to put food on the table.

And who do they have to blame? Trudeau and his army of out-of-touch liberal elites in their ivory towers. The deafening chorus of “F*ck Trudeau” chants laid bare the extent to which Trudeau has pushed the nation to the brink with his radical left agenda.

This wasn’t just a chant – it was a primal scream by Canadians that has reached a breaking point under Trudeau’s authoritarian reign.

If the anger is this palpable even at a UFC event, Trudeau should be very worried about the growing populist rage against him.

And none of it is paid for and altered by the media to portray some kind of skewed idea. This is very real and it’s happening before our eyes.

The chant broke out in Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on Saturday at UFC 297. The crowd delivered the message ahead of Sean Strickland fighting Dricus Du Plessis in a middleweight championship battle.

Speaking of, American UFC fighter Sean Strickland in particular, resonates with that message.

He has been an outspoken critic of Justin Trudeau for quite some time now, with his most recent comments making headlines ahead of his highly anticipated fight.

Now, if you don’t know anything about UFC, and you’re not a fan of Sean Strickland, I bet you’ll probably be a fan after this.

UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland was gearing up for the biggest fight of his career against Dricus Du Plessis on Saturday night. But in the days leading up to the battle, Strickland found himself sparring verbally with a Canadian reporter at the pre-fight press conference.

The reporter brought up controversial comments Strickland had made a few years back regarding having a gay son. Considering UFC 297 is taking place at Scotiabank Arena in progressive Toronto, a city with a substantial LGBTQ community, the reporter questioned Strickland about his remarks.

Posturing as an ally, the reporter challenged Strickland, asking if he would have an issue with having a gay son or grandson. Strickland quickly flipped the tables, grilling the reporter on if he was gay and if he had a gay son or not.

The reporter stated he was not gay and did not currently have a gay son or grandson. He reiterated it would not be a problem for him if he did.

But Strickland saw right through the reporter’s self-righteous virtue signaling. He went on to harshly criticize the reporter for enabling Canada’s political and social decline through support of leaders like Justin Trudeau.

“Well then you’re a weak f—ing man,” Strickland said. “You’re part of the f—ing problem. You elected Justin Trudeau. When he seized the bank accounts, like you’re just f—ing pathetic. The fact that you have no f—ing backbone and as he shutdown your f—ing country and seized bank accounts, you ask me some stupid s— like that. Go f— yourself. Move the f— on man.”

Seeing his attempt to virtue-signal fall flat, the reporter pivoted to questioning Strickland about Bud Light’s recent marketing partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. The campaign ended up backfiring disastrously for the beer company.

However, UFC ended up renewing its sponsorship deal with Bud Light regardless. UFC President Dana White explained the beer brand has been a loyal sponsor for over 15 years.

Strickland pulled no punches in his response, bluntly stating, “Ten years ago, to be trans was a mental f***ing illness.”

He condemned the reporter and society’s acceptance of transgenderism, declaring, “Now, all of a sudden, people like you f***ing weaseled your way into the world…you are an infection. You are the definition of weakness.”

Strickland also boldly asserted the majority of society is not buying into the trans activist agenda.

He doubled down that there are only two genders and kids should not be force-fed LGBTQ ideology in schools. Strickland labeled activists pushing transgenderism on children “the enemy,” making it clear he won’t succumb to pressure to embrace progressive gender theory.

Strickland even posted the interaction on his own social media account on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Now whether you agree with him or not, you have to give it to Strickland. He’s not afraid to speak his mind.

We now live in a world where you could lose your job and livelihood over your own personal opinions and values. And for someone in the public eye, that risk is even multiplied. A high-level athlete like Strickland could risk losing sponsorships and shorts deals – which could heavily impact his career. Yet he still chose to speak his mind anyway, which is something I think we can all appreciate.

It’s quite refreshing to see someone like UFC fighter Sean Strickland being an honest, uncensored voice speaking his mind without caring what the woke media mob thinks.

Strickland represents what so many Canadians have been thinking but are too afraid to say out loud. Trudeau’s devastating policies have crushed the economy, trampled civil liberties and left our once-great nation reeling.

Only difference is Strickland has the platform to fearlessly call out the weakness of passive leftists allowing Trudeau’s lawless communist rule to destroy the nation they claim to love. 

From Strickland’s comments to the thunderous chants, the eruption in Toronto suggests more citizens are finding their voice.

The deafening chant signals the beginning of the end of Trudeau’s reign of terror. Outspoken patriotic Canadians are hungry for the strong conservative leadership of someone like Pierre Poilievre. 

It’s refreshing to see fed up citizens like these UFC fans take matters into their own hands.

UFC commentator and outspoken Trudeau-critic Joe Rogan even weighed in on the matter.

Rogan reacted in real time, sending a message directly to Canadians: “Canada, get your sh*t together. Come back to what you used to be.”

With his massive platform, Rogan amplified the crowd’s rallying cry against Trudeau’s leadership. His blunt statement underscored that Canada has strayed far from its roots under Trudeau’s radically progressive governance.

Rogan longs for the Canada the world once knew – the strong, free Canada that earned worldwide admiration and prosperity. His call for Canadians to “come back” conveys urgent concern that the nation he loves is unraveling at the seams.

If Joe Rogan and other Americans sense that Canada has lost its way under Justin Trudeau’s rule, then the Prime Minister should view the scorching “F*ck Trudeau” chant in Toronto as a five alarm warning.

The recent events give voice to legions of Canadians desperately pleading for their country to wake up before it’s too late.

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