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Tucker Carlson Vows to ‘Liberate’ Canada in Message to Trudeau


It seems like once again, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made Canada a laughing stock on the world stage. In fact, Former Fox News host and Media Personality Tucker Carlson is on a mission to “liberate” Canada from Justin Trudeau. In a prank call to Trudeau’s office, Carlson declared “We are coming to liberate Canada!”

This provocative stunt comes as Carlson plans speaking events in Canada alongside right-wing figures like Jordan Peterson.

For Trudeau, it’s yet another sign that his leadership has made Canada an international punchline. Carlson slamming the PM as a dictator-in-waiting echoes attacks from Joe Rogan and others depicting Trudeau as a liberal elitist.

At the same time, Trudeau seems to be frantically gearing up for another likely Trump presidency. But Carlson’s provocative plans play into a narrative that there’s already demand in Canada for a Conservative in charge.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has never been shy about stirring controversy. But his latest antics – a vow to “liberate” Canada from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

And in all honesty, we really do need to be freed from the shackles of Justin Trudeau’s grip.

In a prank call to Trudeau’s office last week, Carlson declared “We are coming to liberate Canada!” He posted the video on Instagram, with the caption “See you soon, Canada.”

Carlson’s prank call video quickly went viral, accumulating millions of views by Tuesday morning. The stunt gained traction when Jordan Peterson, influential psychologist and darling of the right, shared the video with his millions of online followers.

Both Carlson and Peterson must have been referring to Carlson’s upcomings shows in Canada, as a part of his one-day, two-stop tour of Alberta, with people like Dr. Jordan Peterson and Alberta Premiere Danielle Smith set to attend.
Carlson promises the events will discuss the need to push back on Trudeau’s “authoritarian” leadership. And it honestly seems, for the most part, that Conservative Canadians are embracing and welcoming Carlson.

Whether you agree with his style or approach or not, there’s no denying that we do indeed need to be “liberated” from Justin’s Trudeau as soon as humanly possible. So the man does have a point.

For the embattled Prime Minister, Carlson’s provocative plans are just the latest sign that Canada has become an international laughing stock under his watch.

From trucker convoy protests to frequent criticism from Joe Rogan’s massively influential podcast, Trudeau and his Liberal policies have left Canada weakened and divided.

For Trudeau, Carlson’s inflammatory antics represent another humiliation, with Canada seemingly becoming a punchline for America’s culture wars.

But with Conservatives like Pierre Poilievre tapping into populist anger by positioning Trudeau as the leader of a “broken” Canada, Carlson likely sees an opportunity to expand his firebrand politics beyond America’s borders.

Carlson is betting that the same formula will resonate in Canada, allowing him to expand his reach and lead a “liberation” movement against the progressive status quo.

This is not the first time Carlson has suggested liberating Canada.

In an unaired Fox documentary called O Canada back in 2023, Carlson hinted at invading Canada to oust Trudeau.

He said that for over 100 years America’s official policy has been to oppose dictatorships globally. But he questioned what would happen if tyranny took hold right next door in Canada. Carlson asked if the U.S would liberate Canadians living under authoritarian rule, just as it has done in other parts of the world.

This also ties into the demand for real Conservatism in Canada’s leadership.

But make no mistake – Justin Trudeau will do whatever he has to to alienate Conservatives of all kinds to uphold his own agenda.

Remember when he called Poilievre and the Canadian Conservative Party “MAGA Conservatives” in a sad attempt at fear-mongering?

Well now, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are scheming about how they can take political advantage of Donald Trump’s potential presidential run. Trudeau and his cabinet plan to discuss strategies to exploit anti-Trump sentiments in Canada before the 2024 U.S. election

Discussions about Canada’s relations with the United States took center stage on the last day of a three-day cabinet retreat in Montreal. The first two days of the retreat were focused mainly on economic issues, affordability, and housing.

Though Trudeau and his ministers are being cautious in public, a senior government source said the Liberals plan to capitalize on the public’s fixation with Trump possibly returning to power.

The source explained that the Liberals want to use talk of Trump and the U.S election to divert attention away from the intractable problems plaguing Trudeau’s government lately.

This reveals the utter lack of principles behind Trudeau and the Liberals’ machinations. They are nakedly trying to exploit and stoke public fears about Trump simply as a distraction from Trudeau’s failed leadership and policies.

Rather than tackling real issues like inflation head-on, they want to change the channel by whipping up anti-Trump hysteria.

At the cabinet-retreat in Montreal, Trudeau also spoke to reporters about a possible Trump presidency, claiming that Trump represents “unpredictability.”

Justin Trudeau reveals his blatant contempt for Conservatives and determination to cling to power at any cost. The Prime Minister’s so-called “Team Canada engagement strategy” is nothing but a cynical ploy to weaponize anti-Trump sentiment for political gain.

Let’s be clear – Trudeau cares little for constructive policy or principled leadership. His only goal is destroying opponents, even trying to smear Poilievre as some Canadian Trump. This despite Poilievre having no ties to Trump beyond mainstream conservatism, which will always draw similarities between them. And that’s just the common sense that Justin Trudeau and his Liberals seem to lack.

But Trudeau sees bogeymen everywhere, determined to portray any challenge to his liberal ideology as dangerous extremism. Nevermind that it’s Trudeau’s own scorn for opponents that’s truly polarizing Canada.

The Prime Minister claims he wants unity and decency. Yet he eagerly fans flames of Trump for political advantage. This reveals his “sunny ways” as utter hypocrisy.

Trudeau’s machinations also expose his deep-seated authoritarian instincts.

This is a man whose first response to dissent is demonizing opponents, not meaningful dialogue. No wonder he invoked draconian Emergencies Act powers at the first sign of serious protest.

Let’s also not forget Trudeau has ethics violations up to his eyeballs.

He’s the elite hypocrite partying in Jamaica, not the principled leader he pretends to be.

No one should take his moralizing speeches seriously – they’re about power, not Canadian values.

Worst of all, Trudeau is dragging Canada backwards with his failed left-wing policies.

Inflation is soaring, deficits ballooning, and working Canadians struggling. But Trudeau stays fixated on vanity projects like carbon taxes that only aggravate the squeeze on regular people.

Poilievre has resonated because he speaks to real economic concerns, not divisive, woke grand-standing. Trudeau wants Canadians to forget their own difficulties to obsess over Trump. It’s a pathetic ploy that North Americans of all political stripes should resent.

Trudeau’s scheming reveals the progressive playbook.

First, force radical leftist policies down voters’ throats while ignoring their actual needs. Next, when Conservatives rise in response, freak out and declare them extremists. Finally, cling to power by frightening low-information voters.

But Canadians are waking up to Trudeau’s manipulations.

He can no longer gloss over his abysmal record by hyping fake threats from America. The red wave that swept Trudeau into power has receded, with citizens now more concerned about their livelihoods than his woke virtue signaling.

The only chaos and danger Canada faces comes from Trudeau’s attacks on conscience rights, reckless spending, and open antagonism towards those cherishing faith, family, freedom and traditional values.

He is the true threat to national unity – not Donald Trump or Pierre Poilievre.

Conservatives understand a strong society balances personal responsibility with compassion for the vulnerable.

But progressives like Trudeau see all things through a lens of identity politics, seeking to divide rather than unite Canadians.

Trudeau’s approach may rev up leftist partisans. But for the vast, decent political center interested in good governance, his rhetoric rings hollow.

Canadians are practical, independent minded people who can’t be scared into forfeiting their liberties.

The only certainty heading into both the U.S Canada’s next election is Trudeau will stop at nothing to cling to power.

Armed with arrogance and an ends-justify-means mentality, he’ll continue fear-mongering to mask his failed leadership. Canadians must see through such naked political manipulation if this great nation is to thrive.

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