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Trump Wins Big In Court as Democrats Go Into Meltdown



Trump wins again as The Democrats’ latest attempt to politically persecute the former president just went down in flames.

A New York appeals court saw through their sham lawsuit and slashed the outrageous $454 million bond they tried to choke Trump with.

The fifth time the appeals court has rejected the Democrats’ witch hunt against Trump by the way. When will they get the message?

Trump rightly slammed the political persecution he faces from Biden’s thugs, as they aim to rig the outcome of 2024 before a single vote is cast.

It’s the behaviour of cowards who know they can’t win democratically. And their masks are slipping on live TV as they whine and cry about Trump prevailing over corruption

That’s why in the face of injustice and authoritarian Democratic assault, Americans must rally to Trump’s defence so that America may have a chance to become great again.

Trump is on a Roll

A New York appeals court delivered a major blow to the political witch hunt against Donald Trump, slashing the outrageous $454 million bond he was ordered to pay as part of a civil lawsuit by corrupt democratic Attorney General Letitia James.

The bond was cut to a much lower – albeit still very huge and undeserving – $175 million, though the entire ruling revealed deep flaws in New York’s judicial system.

This was the fifth time the appeals court has overturned a ruling against Trump in this blatantly biased case serving none other than sleepy Joe and his democratic goons.

Her office vowed to “get Trump” before she was even elected. Now her handpicked judge, Arthur Engoron, is arbitrarily imposing punishments without basis in law or fact.

If this is not a deliberate democratic hit job to take Trump out of the election picture because crooked Joe realised he might not have it in him to beat Trump a second time, then reality is nothing more than a corrupt farce.

But it is pretty clear to any keen patriotic eye how this whole sham of a case, including all the other ones against the former president, are not a divine miracle from the heavens meant to satisfy the corrupt and insidious urges of the democratic clown show.

If anything is a divine message it would have to be Donald Trump himself taking on all of his communist enemies in order to save America one more time.

Another divine intervention would have to be the lowering of the bond value as the appeals court recognized Engoron’s judgment for what it was – an absurd abuse of power.

Trump agreed to abide by the reduced $175 million bond, showing his willingness to properly follow the legal process.

The same cannot be said for James and Engoron, who have waged a vindictive campaign against Trump since he left office.

Trump Blasts the Swamp

Trump rightly blasted Engoron as a “puppet” doing Biden’s bidding.

His original $454 million bond requirement was detached from reality.

Even James’ own spokesperson boasted that the full judgment against Trump “still stands” after the appeals court reduced the bond.

This proves the bond was never about securing potential damages, but it was mainly about punishing Trump for any semblance of political gain.

The case was filled with an embarrassing and hilarious display of democratic incompetence and corruption with Engoron ruling Trump liable for “persistent fraud” and falsifying financial statements. Yet Trump’s own accounting experts testified the statements adhered to all accounting principles.
Additionally, Engoron’s valuation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort at just $18 million defies logic. As Trump pointed out, the property is likely worth 50 to 100 times that figure, further debunking the judge’s credibility.

Engoron showed his partisan agenda by gagging Trump’s free speech rights throughout the case. He acted as James’ enforcer, not an impartial jurist. His refusal to allow a trial by jury also smacked of politics overriding fair legal process.

But we should not gloss over Letitia James, who is the real lawbreaker and the face of this farce case here against Trump.

She brazenly prejudged Trump’s guilt before taking office. Her handling of this civil lawsuit has been an abuse of power aimed at harassing a political opponent.

The repeated overturning of Engoron’s rulings shows he is simply enabling James’ vendetta.

There is a reason this is a civil case – Letitia James has no grounds to claim Trump actually committed any crime.

That does not fit her narrative, so she misuses her authority to falsely paint Trump as a fraudster. It is a shameful abuse of power.

The people of New York are the true victims here. Letitia James was elected to serve them, not pursue petty personal vendettas.

And business owners, the people that are investing their hard earned cash in New York for its continued prosperity, were legitimately alarmed and shocked at the court proceedings against the former president.

They were shocked to the point of thinking twice before further investing in New York if all their money will be subject to baseless cases with no victims that are sprung on them out of nowhere.

They are not looking to be added to the list of victims under Biden’s administration for doing good business and generating lots of cash.

So that’s why a case like this had to change and be toned down in order to reassure every business man that there are still adults sitting at the dinner table.

And that’s why Trump celebrated during a news conference by calling out the blatant political persecution he faces from the Biden administration as well as highlighting the weaponization of our justice system to target political opponents.

He expresses how it is a “sad day” in our great country as the world has laid their eyes on the political corruption running rampant at the behest of the democratic party.

The democrats are struggling greatly in the polls and scrambling to jail or humiliate Trump because they were too incompetent to recognize and adjust to his winning pattern.
Trump then proceeded to remind everyone that crooked Joe Biden is behind all this political targeting in the courts as his democratic underlings do all that they can to win favours with the ruling party and get rid of honest patriotic dissenters by humiliating or perhaps jailing the man that will make America great once again.

This is election interference of the highest order and It is indicative of banana republics and third world countries as the former president likes to describe.

And he is absolutely correct to call out the revolving door of Biden administration officials joining the prosecutors targeting him.

They are abusing power to pursue personal vendettas, not upholding the law. No impartial jury could conclude Trump is getting a fair shake here.

If Democrats had any actual evidence of criminality, they would have presented it already. But they know the cases against Trump are baseless.

So they desperately cling to civil lawsuits and obscure process charges in hopes of generating scandal headlines.

Democrats Just Want the World to Burn

However not everyone was concerned about the democratic corruption and crookedness displayed throughout the case; some people were mad that Trump got his bond slashed and his properties will not be seized.

Tristian Snell, the former New York assistant attorney general, was asked by MSNBC about his opinion and what the process might have looked like in a courtroom.


Only for Tristian to completely meltdown over Trump being given a favourable treatment in court and how he gets his own set of rules when everyone else suffers the consequences.

Tristan here showcases the average bloodthirsty democrat goon that aims for nothing in their life but complete chaos.

He is so blinded by his agenda that he considers what Trump has been through in the courts as a “favourable” position.

This is the endgame for these crooked democrats; all they want is to destroy Trump’s life piece by piece and not deliver any form of justice they have been preaching.

Their justice has always been and always will be the complete annihilation of their political opponents. Trump just happens to be competent enough for them to stumble every time they face him.

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