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Trump Unloads on Biden’s China Tariffs in Heated NYC Remarks


Trump Blasts Biden’s Weak China Tariffs

Donald Trump went full throttle on Joe Biden for his weak China tariffs in an epic showdown outside a New York courtroom.

Things got heated as the ex-president called out “Sleepy Joe” for dragging his feet before finally doing something about Beijing. Trump didn’t hold back, shouting “Too little, too late!”.

And you won’t believe Trump’s take on Biden’s tariff waivers for politically sensitive stuff and his cozy deal with Chinese EVs to please his green pals.

Trump was in full alpha mode as he called out Biden for being soft on America’s biggest rival.

People were floored by Trump’s total takedown of Biden’s decades-long flop of a China policy. The GOP heavyweight didn’t sugarcoat it, showing how Biden talks big but caves to the CCP!

This no-holds-barred beatdown makes one thing crystal clear: If you want a leader who stands up to China, Trump’s your guy come November.

Biden’s Tariffs Is A Cynical Election Ploy

In a scathing critique delivered as he spoke to reporters before entering a New York City courtroom for his so-called hush money trial, former President Donald J. Trump lambasted current President Joe Biden’s pathetic attempt to appear tough on China by imposing minor tariff increases. 

“Too little, too late!” Trump exclaimed, asserting that Biden’s meager actions come years too late and fail to address the full scope of China’s trade abuses against America. 

Speaking to reporters in New York, Trump blasted Biden’s newly announced tariffs on a small subset of Chinese imports as woefully inadequate. 

Trump said: “He wants to put a big tariff on China, which is the suggestion that I said.” And He added: “Where have you been for three and a half years? He should have done that a long time ago.” 

The former president, who imposed 25% tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods during his term, said Biden’s tariffs should cover far more products. 

Trump warned “They’ve also got to do it on other vehicles and other products because China’s eating our lunch right now.

He added: “It should have been done three and a half years ago. I did and I started it and then the Biden administration started playing games and it was very bad, very bad for the auto industry.”

Trump rightfully pointed out that Biden has dragged his feet on holding China accountable, despite repeatedly vowing to get tough on Beijing. 

Now, with the election looming, Biden has cynically announced minor tariff hikes in a naked attempt to look strong for voters. 

But make no mistake – when it comes to challenging China’s unfair trade practices, Biden is no Trump.  

Where Trump courageously imposed broad tariffs to defend American workers and fight back against decades of Chinese cheating, Biden has taken a weak, piecemeal approach. 

Biden’s latest tariffs cover just a tiny fraction of Chinese imports – a mere $18 billion out of the $427 billion we import from China annually. Trump’s tariffs, by contrast, applied to over half of all Chinese goods entering our country. 

Not only are Biden’s tariffs woefully narrow, they conveniently exempt politically sensitive products that could impact prices at home. 

Construction materials, home electronics, toys, shoes, and many other Chinese imports are left completely untouched by Biden’s measures. Trump, on the other hand, fearlessly slapped tariffs on all major categories of Chinese imports, unafraid of any political blowback.  

Perhaps most pathetically, Biden’s tariffs totally ignore traditional gas-powered vehicles from China, instead targeting only electric vehicles and batteries. 

This transparently cynical ploy reveals that Biden’s priority is not protecting American auto jobs, but rather propping up the failing electric vehicle industry as payback to his radical environmentalist base. 

As Trump Campaign Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt scathingly observed, “The fact that these tariffs do not apply to gas-powered cars and trucks but only to Chinese EVs shows that this has nothing to do with protecting American Workers. It’s all about Crooked Joe’s agenda of killing gas-powered automobiles while forcing Americans into ultra-expensive Electric Vehicles they don’t want and can’t afford.”

She also noted that Biden is giving Chinese companies hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer subsidies through his so-called Inflation Reduction Act. The entire Green New Scam is a Biden giveaway to Crooked Joe’s Chinese masters. 

Trump, on the other hand, courageously stood up to the radical greens and their anti-jobs agenda. Americans who want to end Biden’s betrayals and truly stand up for American Workers will vote for President Trump.

On trade as in so many areas, Joe Biden talks a good game but fails to deliver real results. He claims to stand up to China, yet American manufacturing jobs have continued fleeing to China under his watch. 

He claims to fight for American workers, yet panders to environmental extremists who want to destroy the U.S. auto industry. Worst of all, Biden has continued many of Trump’s policies while denying Trump the credit he deserves.

Now, facing cratering poll numbers, Biden has decided to play politics with tariffs, making a token effort to look tough on China. But voters can see through this election-year charade. 

The only way to truly confront China’s predatory trade practices is to put Trump back in the White House for four more years. 

Trump has demonstrated the strength and conviction to stand up to Xi Jinping and fight for American jobs. A second Trump term will bring more tariffs, more trade sanctions, and more measures to ensure China respects us on the world stage. 

We need a leader who says what he means and means what he says – no more empty rhetoric and doublespeak from pandering politicians. With Trump, Americans get real action and real results.  

In a sign of true weakness, Biden has kept almost all of Trump’s tariffs in place rather than lifting them, as he promised on the campaign trail. He has no China policy of his own, other than a watered-down version of Trump’s policies. 

Trump: Biden Killing U.S. Auto Jobs for China EVs

Biden is beholden to pro-China radicals who want to roll over and let China dominate us. Trump is beholden only to the American people and American workers.  

President Joe Biden delivers remarks during a campaign event with Vice President Kamala Harris in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Voting ends Saturday in North Dakota’s Democratic presidential primary, with President Joe Biden looking to add the state’s handful of delegates to his insurmountable lead for the party’s nomination. The party-run contest rounds out the busiest month of voting on the presidential primary calendar, with 30 states, plus the District of Columbia and several U.S. territories all holding primaries and caucuses in the last 30 days. (AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough)

Make no mistake – Biden’s new tariffs are not a bold stroke, but a half-measure at best. They represent the bare minimum Biden can do to appear remotely tough on China while disappointing American workers who expect real leadership. 

Trump is right – little, flimsy tariffs years into Biden’s term are “too little, too late.” We need swift, sweeping tariffs across all Chinese imports coupled with strong investment in American manufacturing. That can only happen under a new Trump administration.

Biden talks about Made in America, but mandates EVs that depend on materials from China. Trump embraced an America First energy policy of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear made right here in the USA.

The campaign also highlighted that Biden’s insane EV mandates are already destroying auto jobs in places like Michigan. Trump, of course, is defending those high-paying American auto jobs, which Biden is so willing to offshore and outsource. 

Biden’s priorities are warped by left-wing radicalism. Trump’s policies reflect common sense pro-America values. Voters see Biden attacking domestic energy while funding electric vehicles reliant on Chinese supply chains. That may please Biden’s socialist base, but it hurts hard working Americans.  

Meanwhile, Trump is fighting for investments in American energy, resources, and manufacturing. He rejects the climate alarmism driving Biden’s economic sabotage in favor of pragmatic policies that improve lives and livelihoods. 

He understands that the transition to EVs must happen rationally, not through destructive mandates. American families come first, not climate social engineering schemes.

As the campaign pointed out, the entire EV agenda represents China’s interests, not America’s interests. Everything Biden does seems geared toward empowering China while limiting America. 

His EV mandates empower Chinese industry, while his anti-oil policies cripple the U.S. economy. This hurts American families by killing jobs and raising prices, all while strengthening our top global adversary. 

Biden has bent over backwards to benefit China – a nation he has enabled for half a century. Trump took on China like no U.S. leader before him. If voters want America First policies that put our workers, our energy, and our manufacturing first, then Trump is the clear choice in november.

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