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Trump Uncovers Persecutor Wade Calls That Prove Him Right


Trump has the deep state’s elaborate plot against him thicken as startling revelations emerge in Georgia. Newly uncovered evidence proves the Trump prosecution is a sham engineered by nefarious District Attorney Fani Willis and her handpicked crony Nathan Wade.

One look at the thousands of texts and calls between Willis and Wade before his suspicious appointment makes everything crystal clear – these deep state operatives were secretly colluding to fabricate a case against Trump.

This reeks of high-level corruption and abuse of power. Why else would DA Willis blatantly hire her unqualified lover Wade unless she was desperate to convict Trump at any cost? You better believe their pillow talk spun many a web of deceit.

But these corrupt officials got sloppy and left behind a trail of evidence that exposes the entire outlandish scheme. Now their house of cards is crashing down.

Yet the mainstream media sits silent, refusing to touch this bombshell story that obliterates the left’s narrative. That’s because they are complicit with the elites planning America’s downfall.

Now that their intimate ties are exposed, how much of the case evidence and testimony is now tainted beyond redemption? Can any of it be trusted?

The circus surrounding the Trump election case in Georgia just gets more absurd by the day. New updates and uncoverings surrounding the salacious District Attorney Fani Willis’ relationship with lead prosecutor Nathan Wade.

At its core, this case is a blatant abuse of power by a partisan and corrupt DA intent on taking down President Trump at all costs. Trump was well within his rights to question voting irregularities in the chaotic 2020 election. Turning this narrative into sob stories about how Trump was able to orchestrate a criminal conspiracy to overturn results, as these overblown indictments claim, is a sham and should always be challenged.

That’s why Trump’s lawyer team, while challenging these deceptive claims, uncovered Over 2000 calls and 12,000 texts exchanged in 2021 alone, which lays bare the intimate affinity that long predated Wade’s appointment to this partisan prosecution.

2000 calls over 11 months averages to over 6 calls daily. And they texted constantly – around 36 texts per day, every day. Normal coworkers do not communicate with such frequency late into the evenings. Is it insane to dare suggest that this is clearly the communication pattern of a romantic couple, and not colleagues?

It is now obvious Willis and Wade are completely compromised. Any evidence or testimony they produce must be treated as fruit from a poisonous tree.

And if they can so openly and under oath lie about the timeline of their relationship when we know for a fact now that the phone data aligns perfectly with whistleblower testimony from Robin Yeartie confirming Willis and Wade’s affair began back in 2019, it is impossible to believe anything else they say.

Not only that, but the sheer number of communications also demolishes Wade’s dubious claim that he only visited Willis’ home a maximum of 10 times before being hired. In fact, location data indicates Wade spent nights at Willis’ home on multiple occasions when he claimed he never once stayed over.

This evidence overwhelmingly points to an intimate relationship while Wade was benefiting financially from Willis’ appointment of him as lead prosecutor on the Trump case. Pillow talk between romantic partners about such a politically charged case is wildly inappropriate and almost certainly influenced the investigation.

Any reasonable person can infer that Willis’ judgement was clouded when she handed this plum role to her reported lover, who had zero experience prosecuting cases. This explains why she would hire someone so clearly unqualified for such an important assignment.

But DA Willis has brazenly flouted basic rules and ethical standards in her obsessive pursuit to indict and jail former president Trump. Her unprofessional relationship with Wade irreparably taints this already farcical case.

Every patriotic American should be disturbed by this attempt to weaponize the justice system against a former president. It is no coincidence this theatrical show trial is unfolding and crumbling around DA Willis.

Wade’s utter lack of experience also exposes this entire fiasco as a political hit job. He had never prosecuted a high profile case like this before. He acted as a judge for miniscule cases like traffic tickets. Yet Willis handed him the highest profile election case in the nation. No wonder he showered her with gifts beforehand – it was his golden ticket.

This entire debacle encapsulates the two-tiered justice system in America today. Powerful Democratic elites openly and shamelessly violate laws and ethics while average Americans are punished mercilessly for minor infractions.

Remember the relentless and endless investigations over the fake Trump-Russia collusion theories? The FBI’s brutal raid on Mar-a-Lago over a document storage?

Yet democrats and their collaborators declare Hunter Biden’s clear influence-peddling deserving of no charges, as the Biden family enriches itself worldwide through shady deals.

How about Hillary Clinton flagrantly mishandling classified emails but facing no accountability? This hypocrisy undermines respect for rule of law.

Trump was proven righteous and fair time and time again when standing against the devilish democrats and their plans to unmake the great nation of the United States. As such, Trump took a small but very much deserved early victory lap by posting on his social media site “Truth Social” highlighting how the relationship between Willis and Wade means the case is a clear “sham” and will soon be dropped.

So where do we go from now? How do we proceed further? This battle of integrity and upholding the American constitution now centres point blank on Judge McAfee’s courtroom.

What offers some hope in regards to justice prevailing, is that Judge McAfee seems to understand the constitutional gravity of this case and is handling it by the book.

Some ask whether McAfee may craft a compromise like reassigning the case within Fulton County. But the rot appears too deep. The entire office is clouded by Willis’ misconduct and partisan motivations. Fair treatment cannot be expected from this corrupted environment.

McAfee should absolutely review the provided evidence and disqualify DA Willis, dropping this case riddled with a clear democratic agenda. This democratic circus has made a mockery of Georgia’s justice system and tarnished its national reputation.

Only time will tell if McAfee has the wisdom and courage to make the tough but lawful decision to wash his hands entirely of Fulton County’s travesty.

This trial should set a precedent on whether rule of law still stands firm, or whether we slide into an era of partisan bloodsport where DAs act as political hitmen. That’s why the implications of McAfee’s ruling extend far beyond this trial. This is a pivotal point for justice in America.

Of course, the democrats will cry foul as their witch hunt is thwarted by justice. But stripping partisan DAs of their unlawful power after their misuse of their duty is not obstruction – it is upholding the very Constitution that this great nation was built upon.

The fact that this egregious business is happening here on American soil is a dangerous assault on constitutional freedoms.This is the kind of banana republic tactic we expect to see in Third World dictatorships – attempting to jail political opponents on made up charges.

Weaponizing law enforcement against opponents is the tactic of petty tyrants. So it is not a surprise that the democrats are making very good use of that. The democrats care little for ethics, only power. Too bad they are incompetent as much as they are crooked.

If we as patriotic Americans can learn anything from this, it is that democrats showed the world the grim state of affairs that they handled after just a couple of years in total control of Washington.

From radical socialist policies at home, to attacking free speech and gun rights. Their extremist revolution intensifies daily.

If they are not decisively defeated by Trump at the ballot box in 2024, we may not recognize our country soon. That is why grassroots patriots must unite as never before. The very survival of our constitutional republic is on the line. Future generations are depending on us.

Though the forces of deception seem strong, truth will prevail if patriots stand united.

Fervently pray for Judge McAfee to have the courage to do right. And let us roll up our sleeves to renew America’s promise to become great once again.

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