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Trump Uncensored: Nigel Farage Sits Down with Former President



Former President Donald Trump is never one to hold back, and his latest explosive interview with Nigel Farage proved no exception. 

Sitting down for an exclusive chat at his lavish Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump let the verbal missiles fly as only he can, tearing into enemies and exalting allies with his trademark brazen style.

From calling Prince Harry deserving of deportation to labeling former Australian PM Kevin Rudd “nasty,” Trump spared no one in his crosshairs. But he reserved especially harsh words for his successor Joe Biden, attacking his policies and questioning his leadership.

While lighting up opponents, Trump also shone a glowing light on steadfast friends like Farage, their growing bond clear. 

By interview’s end, the combustible conversation had once more proven Trump retains an unparalleled ability to command attention and bend the global political conversation to his disruptive, firebrand will.

Trump and The Royal Family

Former President Donald Trump recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Brexit leader Nigel Farage on his show on GB News. The interview provided plenty of fireworks, with Trump sounding off on numerous figures like Prince Harry and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Sitting comfortably in a lush armchair at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the former president held nothing back, speaking in his trademark frank and unfiltered style.

As always, Trump had plenty to say about the failings and shortcomings of his political opponents and detractors. But he also offered high praise for stalwart allies like Nigel Farage, making it clear that loyalty is paramount to Trump.


One of the biggest headlines from the interview came when Trump threatened that Prince Harry may face deportation from the United States if he is found to have lied on his visa application about past drug use. Harry recently revealed in his memoir “Spare” that he had experimented with cocaine and magic mushrooms in his youth.

Trump made it clear he is no fan of Prince Harry, who he sees as having disrespected the Queen and the entire British monarchy with his public criticisms and exit from royal life. According to Trump, Harry’s behavior was a “great disservice” to his beloved grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

But he had warmer words for Harry’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. When recent controversy emerged over Kate’s use of photoshopping in pictures, Trump came to her defense.

Trump Switches To America

Switching focus to American politics and the 2024 election, Trump reiterated his harsh criticism of the Joe Biden administration. He blasted Biden for not doing more to stop the Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. That project was initially blocked by Trump during his presidency, only for Biden to reverse course.

In Trump’s view, Biden showed weakness and foolishness by allowing the pipeline to move forward. This once again displayed Biden’s failing leadership in Trump’s eyes.

Trump remains convinced that under his watch, the pipeline would never have been constructed. Thanks to his strong negotiating skills and tough stance towards Russia, Trump believes he could have induced Putin to back down.


According to Trump, he had an excellent working relationship with Putin during his presidency. He is certain he could have sat down with the Russian leader and worked out a deal to prevent the pipeline from being built. Trump points to his track record of standing firm against Putin as evidence he knows how to handle the enigmatic autocrat.

This is why Trump says that if he returns to the presidency in 2024, he can negotiate effectively with Putin going forward. He is confident that together they can reach agreements that are firmly in America’s interests.

Kevin Rudd is “Nasty”

Circling back to Great Britain, Trump had some choice words for Kevin Rudd, the former Australian P.M. now serving as ambassador to the U.S. Trump labeled Rudd as “nasty” for past criticisms of his presidency.

Trump then trivialized Rudd further, calling him “not the sharpest bulb” and predicting he won’t remain ambassador if Trump wins in 2024. Nigel Farage chuckled at Trump’s put downs of the undiplomatic Rudd.

On the topic of Australia and the West at large, Trump reaffirmed his steadfast commitment to supporting NATO. He gave his word that the U.S. will continue backing NATO 100% if he returns to the Oval Office.

Trump did add the caveat that other nations must hold up their end of the bargain as well. But he wanted to make clear that under his leadership, America’s pledge to NATO remains ironclad. This statement surely reassures NATO partners who had their doubts after some mixed signals from Trump on NATO in the past.

Domestically, the former president doubled down on his tough on crime posturing, vowing to strongly back law enforcement if elected in 2024. He promised to grant immunity to police officers so they can operate without fear of legal repercussions. This hardline stance plays well with Trump’s base, who feel Democrats have become too lenient and sympathetic to criminals rather than victims.

Rigged Legal System

Trump also spoke out against the rigged legal system in America and how they are targeting him solely because he is running for presidency and winning.

Trump asserted that these unjustified probes demonstrate how the establishment will stop at nothing to prevent him from returning to the White House, where he can enact the will of the people. The former president warned that this coordinated assault on him poses a grave threat to democracy and the rule of law in America.

As the wide-ranging interview came to a close, Trump offered some final thoughts on what the next election means for the future of Western civilization. He painted the stark choice as being between his vision of strong nation states with secure borders, versus the globalist dreams of Joe Biden and his progressive allies.

In Trump’s doom-and-gloom forecast, the radical left wants to throw open borders, obliterate traditions, and allow woke culture to undermine the fabric of society. But he positioned himself as the last bulwark against this onslaught; the sole leader who both understands the stakes and has demonstrated the strength to prevail.


Trump closed with an urgent plea for voters to recognize the precipice we stand on as a society. In his signature dramatic style, he envisioned an apocalyptic future if the left continued wielding power.

He also expressed unshakable faith that the silent majority will answer history’s call once more. He predicted a sweeping populist wave will carry him back to the White House in 2024. Trump foresees the beginning of a new golden age dawning under his renewed leadership.

Based on the interview’s fiery contents, the British broadcaster is undoubtedly correct that this sit-down will generate major waves on both sides of the Atlantic. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has demonstrated yet again the uncanny ability to command the spotlight.

The open and unrestrained dialogue between the former President and Brexit champion Farage may also portend greater harmony between the United States and United Kingdom in the years ahead. 

Trump and Farage represent a similar populist-nationalist worldview that aligns with the values of many regular citizens in both nations. Their burgeoning rapport suggests that should Trump return to the Oval Office in 2024 and Farage continue his rise in British politics, the two leaders could form a powerful partnership built on shared ideals. 

The recent interview offered a glimpse of what could be accomplished by an alliance of Trump’s America and a Farage-influenced Britain – a reinvigorated special relationship poised to take on issues like immigration, terrorism, and multilateralism with great resolve. 

While certainly alarming to progressive elites, many common folks may welcome this throwback to traditional nationalism between historic friends across the pond.

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