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Trump Targeted by Web of Lies, Unsealed Docs Reveal


Bombshell Evidence Rocks Deep State’s Case Against Trump

A bombshell just dropped in the deep state’s crooked case against Trump that will leave you speechless.

Newly surfaced documents contain proof that will rock Biden’s corrupt regime to its core. Officials’ tangled web of lies now unraveling could land some very familiar faces behind bars.

What they were caught secretly plotting in the shadows paints a bone-chilling picture of how far they’d go to pull off an unthinkable conspiracy.

But their sloppy coverup blinded them to the smoking gun evidence exposing their crimes in broad daylight.

Patriots, prepare for a landmark day of reckoning. Justice is coming swift and hard for the swamp rats who dared abuse their power to wage war on our champion.

Their brazen treachery aimed to silence your voice and destroy our movement. But their desperate scheme just backfired spectacularly.

Now the truth will be revealed to take the country back from the swamp’s shadowy cabal. Biden’s house of cards is crashing down on top of the phonies who pushed their crooked case against an innocent man.

Trump Vindicated as Court Files Expose Swamp’s Plot Against Him

The political witch hunt against Former President Trump took a shocking turn this week as newly unsealed court documents revealed the stunning extent of the Biden administration’s coordination with the National Archives and Department of Justice to target the former president over his presidential records.

Emails lay bare the web of collusion spinning since 2021 between NARA, the DOJ, and Biden’s White House counsel to build a case against Trump. This abuse of power employed the FBI code name “Plasmic Echo” for its partisan investigation into Presidential records that Trump maintained were his to keep.

The bombshell disclosures in these once sealed filings include NARA emails about drafting referral letters to the DOJ, timing announcements in conjunction with the Democrat-led January 6th committee, and pointedly not disclosing certain actions to Trump’s representatives.

This paints a damning picture of institutional bias infesting the highest levels of government.

Gary Stern, NARA’s general counsel, emerges as a central figure in ginning up the case against Trump. His smug September 1st email revealed coordination between NARA, the DOJ, and Biden’s White House “about this issue.” A September 30th email then noted Biden’s counsel was “ready to set up a call to discuss the Trump boxes.”

The plot thickened as Stern and his co-conspirators sought to hide their scheming from Trump’s team. Stern never disclosed to Trump’s representative that NARA had already drafted a DOJ referral letter when feigning interest in “notes from the Trump administration relating to records handling.”

More chilling proof of NARA’s willful deception came when David Ferriero bluntly admitted running “out of patience” with Trump’s team over the supposedly missing boxes.

Yet an internal draft claimed some boxes had been “possibly destroyed” – a reckless falsehood nowhere found in NARA’s communications to Trump’s side.

Collusion with the partisan January 6th committee likewise exposes NARA’s bad faith dealings. Stern proposed timing their letter to Congress alongside “our release to the 1/6 Committee of responsive tweets on the day of January 6.”

Here the mask slips as NARA brazenly plots its PR moves to inflict maximum damage in coordination with Democrats.

Perhaps most galling, Stern acknowledged the Biden White House request to “keep them in the loop” regarding media strategy against Trump. This naked admission of open channels weaponizing the Executive branch against a former president makes Watergate look like child’s play.

Some power-hungry pencil pushers went way too far trying to cozy up to Biden’s crew. They thought they were all that, ignoring fairness and playing favorites just to take down someone who threatened their comfy little kingdoms.

Yet fate had another plot twist in store. Their schemes to entrap Trump instead produced compelling proof for his lawyers of institutional bias poisoning the case against an innocent man. Signs of the prosecution’s overreach had already been mounting for months.

The DOJ’s appointment of a special counsel, Jack Smith, provoked widespread criticism of his glaring conflicts of interest. Smith’s record of partisan donations to Democrats and his wife’s ties to a group that harassed Trump officials raised alarms that this supposed “independent” counsel was just another political hack.

Doubts about the DOJ’s impartiality deepened as prosecutors accused Trump of retaining classified materials at Mar-a-Lago. But the fact these documents never left secure government facilities under Secret Service protection exposed the charges as meritless fear-mongering.

Prosecutors grew ever more desperate to justify a collapsing case as the discovery phase revealed their lack of evidence. Outlandish claims these documents posed some national security risk became laughable when the DOJ flip-flopped on whether jurors needed special clearance to even view them.

This whole circus was just the cherry on top of law enforcement’s never-ending hassle with Trump. The FBI’s messed-up Russia collusion fiasco and all those recycled rumors couldn’t even scratch his tough-guy image.

And now, with these secret docs getting exposed, it’s like a witch hunt in the highest offices of the Swamp.

But these clowns forgot one thing: in America, the truth always finds a way out. The shocking proof of their shady dealings is like something straight out of Nixon’s tapes.

Watergate took down a president, but maybe these revelations will finally hold those corrupt officials who messed with our justice system accountable.

Donald Trump has been taking hits for more than seven years, standing strong against all the nonsense aimed at stopping his MAGA mission. The sneaky moves from the Swamp just prove that they’re scared of his outsider vibe.

But instead of taking him down, their lame attempts only showed how they’ve been trying to mess with what the people want.

Now, with this latest decision uncovering all their shady stuff, it’s like Trump’s been saying all along: he’s innocent! People are starting to say it’s time to drop the fake charges and shine the spotlight on those NARA, DOJ, and Biden White House officials who were playing dirty politics.

Biden’s Secret Plot Exposed

Biden’s presidency has been a train wreck, one crisis after another, and most of them he’s brought on himself. But instead of owning up to it, he’s always trying to throw shade at Trump, who’s still got way more fans.

It’s like night and day – Biden’s sinking in the polls while Trump’s still riding high. And Biden’s obsession with going after Trump just shows how much it bugs him.

No matter how hard Biden tries to scare up support, he can’t seem to rally his own crew, so he’s busy bashing the MAGA movement. But all it does is make him look weak compared to Trump.

Biden’s got a measly 21% strong approval, while Trump’s fans don’t even flinch at the latest attacks. Almost half of voters are really not feeling Biden’s vibe, which explains why he’s going all out against Trump.

From crazy inflation to crime running wild, Biden’s got his fingerprints all over America’s mess. But instead of fixing it, he’s blowing millions going after his only real competition.

Biden probably thought taking down Trump would solve all his problems, but it just made Trump stronger and made Biden look even worse.

Using government agencies to go after political enemies is not cool, and it just puts Biden even deeper in Trump’s shadow. He’s so unpopular he has to make up enemies to distract from his own failings.

All Biden did was make the backlash against him even stronger by messing with the justice system.

Also, not only will justice prevail in the parisian judicial system but also the Cops Stand with Trump because they know Trump is a true champion for police while Democrats demonize and defund them.

The NYPD using a dump truck to block cameras from intrusively filming Trump entering and exiting the courthouse displays honor and respect. Unlike the media jackals drooling for more ammunition to assassinate Trump’s character, the police understand he’s faced nothing but unfair persecution.

Of course the Trump-hating New York Times cried foul, outraged that the NYPD denied them footage to twist against the greatest pro-police president ever. But everyday cops shielding Trump from rabidly anti-Trump “journalists” proves they recognize who their real ally is.

Trump well earned their loyalty by finally giving police the resources and support Obama refused them. While Democrats incited riots that injured hundreds of officers during 2020’s summer of hate, Trump stood firmly on the side of law and order.

He called out the new scourge of violent migrant crime enabled by Biden’s open borders policies. When Democrats slashed police funding, Trump warned of the deadly consequences and honored fallen heroes at police memorials snubbed by Biden.

The police rightfully remember that Trump, not Biden, had their back when bullets flew amidst burning cities. Now they repay that support by blocking cameras from ambushing Trump. It’s a virtuous circle – when you stand by cops, they’ll stand by you too.

This NYPD gesture encapsulates why nearly one million officers endorsed Trump in 2020. They know he would never stab them in the back, unlike two-faced Democrats who cheer BLM one day then beg for police protection the next.

America’s brave law enforcement community recognizes Trump as a genuine advocate who would let them do their jobs and keep communities safe again.

Yet the very justice system meant to uphold law and order has been weaponized against him, as America was founded on impartial justice principles that are now being twisted to target political enemies – something Trump directly threatened with his outsider status, explaining the Swamp’s desperate efforts to criminalize his every action.

Still, truth and justice have prevailed as unsealed files prove claims of bias.

For MAGA patriots, our faith in Trump’s total vindication has been validated. The stunning speed of the witch hunt’s collapse raises hopes that finally beating back lawless persecution will let Trump finish his mission to restore America’s greatness.

United by truth, no shadowy scheme can stop the cleansing light of transparency from dispelling the Swamp’s darkness.

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