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Trump Supported by Truckers as They Boycott New York


The barrage of baseless and politically driven attacks on former president Donald Trump, continue on with the latest trial spearheaded by democratic Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg.

The trial for alleged “hush money’ payments made in the 2016 Trump’s presidential campaign unveil the sinister efforts by democrats to hinder the former president’s winning trial.

However, the former president refuses to break down and back out, as he continues his resolve and determination to display the failing of the justice system and wake the American people to the democratic agenda running afoul throughout the country’s institutions.

The American people are clearly responding and are wide awake. The support for Trump has never been stronger as the people express their disdain for the democratic leaders of the company through boycotting and protesting all over social media.

Trump’s iron will in the face of adversity demands everyone’s attention and the people feel that they owe it to themselves to stand by their constitutional beliefs and protect their great nation.

Former President Trump is once again being unfairly targeted by democratic prosecutors and judges intent on derailing his 2024 campaign. The barrage of politically-motivated lawsuits brought against him showcases coordinated partisan attacks aimed at weakening Trump and preventing his return to the White House.

Trump is being put on trial next month on the 25th on charges alluding to “hush money” payments made during his former 2016 presidential elections’ campaign.

The civil fraud charges being brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg are especially egregious. Forcing Trump to stand trial in New York City next month is a blatant attempt to damage his frontrunner status in the Republican primary. Trump is leading decisively in early primary states, yet Bragg wants to drag him into court just as the campaign is heating up. This reeks of partisan interference in the democratic process.

Prosecutors are hoping to slow Trump’s momentum by forcing him to spend his time and resources defending himself rather than campaigning and spreading his message. They want to exhaust Trump’s support base with constantly evolving legal drama. This underhanded strategy seeks to undermine the will of voters who overwhelmingly support Trump.

And what about the people they claim to work for and help? The costs to taxpayers in this abuse of the system is staggering. The hours wasted by biased prosecutors, judges and grand juries could be spent addressing real harms to society.

Trump spokeswoman, Karoline Leavitt, took to the media to express her frustration with the continuing barrage of blatant political attacks on Trump. She pointed out how the democrats seem to want to hold Trump in courtrooms and away from his rallies fearing that he is on a winning trail and sooner than later will be delivering his winning speech to his people.

Trump understands how he is being hindered and attacked on multiple fronts. He is more than happy to showcase his iron will to his supporters and detractors alike as he tackles what he describes as “sham” rulings. This is indicative of his consistent rhetoric as he aims to get the American people to acknowledge how the court system is a complete mess.

Trump’s resolve to campaign vigorously at night after spending his days unjustly defending himself in court demonstrates his tireless commitment to the American people. He refuses to allow these bogus charges to stall his efforts to get the country back on track. Trump is standing strong against the endless Democrat attacks and witch hunts that have plagued him since taking office. His inner strength and determination are admirable to every AMerican patriot.

The trial schedule plotted against Trump spans multiple jurisdictions and is clearly coordinated for maximum disruption of his campaign. The democratic prosecutors, judges and institutions seem to be working together to bog Trump down in overlapping court dates during critical periods in the primary calendar. But just like the baseless impeachments and the years of Russia collusion lies, these latest legal attacks will fail to stop Trump or his America First movement.

Not only is Trump being singled out, but so are his family members, employees and entire companies. These people’s livelihoods are being threatened just for being associated with Trump. Such collective punishment tactics expose the political vendetta hidden beneath the veneer of Justice.

The democratic party and all of its puppets and leaders try their hardest to create a narrative surrounding the attacks and rulings against Trump. They are trying to claim that it is just and only circumstantial that Trump is being attacked so blatantly like this.

Governor Hochul’s dismissive attempt to downplay the ramifications of the $355 million fine issued at Donald Trump is insulting. Business leaders have every right to be concerned about arbitrary legal action shutting down their livelihoods on a political whim. This case confirms that liberals now wield the law as a weapon against their political enemies. No enterprise is safe from potential liquidation if it lands in the crosshairs of a politically motivated prosecutor.

Hochul claims the case against Trump was an “extraordinary, unusual circumstance”. But there was nothing extraordinary about it beyond the extremes to which the attorney general went to persecute a presidential adversary. The contorted legal theories reveal this was a political hit job masquerading as impartial justice.

Any business executive with complex real estate holdings and valuations could suddenly find themselves in Trump’s position. Prosecutors can always allege improprieties and inflate minor issues into massive fraud cases. The vagueness of the case against Trump shows how easy it is to creatively criminalize routine business activities.

Hochul’s posturing about “honest” business people following the rules, rings hollow. The rules are vague and malleable in the hands of activist democrat prosecutors. Any misstep can be construed as breaking some technical regulation. And “honesty” may simply mean sharing the left’s political views. Trump was targeted for being an outsider who challenged liberal orthodoxy.

Hochul cannot be trusted to shield businesses from politically motivated prosecutions. She is beholden to special interests that view conservatives as enemies to be destroyed. The radically partisan way this case against Trump was handled confirms that his supporters must seek refuge in red states respectful of the rule of law.

Businesses thirst for stability and predictability to thrive. Hochul tries to gloss over how this ruling undermines New York’s economic climate. In reality, it confirms the legal system’s hostility toward achievers who reject leftist ideology.

Former president Trump is the victim of a transparent political vendetta disguising itself as justice. The egregious penalties levied against him set a dangerous precedent of using trumped up charges to bankrupt political enemies. No business owner can feel secure that partisan prosecutors won’t someday target their livelihoods.

Through it all, Trump remains strong and defiant – promising to campaign double-time to overcome the obstacles placed in his path. No other politician could withstand the sustained onslaught of legal harassment that has marred Trump’s time in office and beyond. But his resolve and resourcefulness will surley see him through to victory.

Ultimately, Americans see through these sham prosecutions as nothing more than an attempt to prevent President Trump from running again. But the democrat’s unethical efforts will only strengthen the resolve of Trump’s supporters to stand by him and restore fairness and justice by voting him back into the White House in 2024.

They are using their voice in any way they can to help the former president and stand together against a tyrannical democratic agenda.

The latest shining example is the trucker protest against New York’s outrageous fine against President Trump which clearly shows the unbreakable bond between Trump and working class Americans.

These patriotic truck drivers recognize the injustice of Trump’s treatment and are making a principled stand on his behalf. Their boycott sends a powerful message that the hard working men and women who form the backbone of our society always have Trump’s back.

Truckers like Chicago Ray took to twitter to express his support for the former president and to prove that Trump’s words did not ring hollow for these working class people. They understand the corrupt system and they are vouching for Trump to turn back this country on the right course.

“Truckers for Trump” is the slogan they elected to share through various social media sites like twitter and facebook. But it is more than just a meagre slogan for them – it represents a shared commitment to American values and economic opportunity. These truckers believe in God, country and President Trump’s mission to restore greatness and fairness.

The boycott of New York City is inspired by more than just loyalty to Trump. It arises from anger at the two-tiered justice system that punishes opponents of the powerful while allowing the privileged elite to break laws with impunity. Selective prosecution undermines equality before the law, which is the bedrock of our constitutional rights.

Our constitution guarantees the rights to free speech, free assembly, and free and fair elections. Yet Trump is being deprived of all these protections by partisan state agents bent on destroying him at any cost. They brazenly interfere in the democratic process and seem to make up legal theories out of thin air. Their only consistency is animosity toward Trump and his supporters.

Every American should be disturbed by this coordinated harassment campaign masquerading as law enforcement. Weaponizing the justice system to cripple political opponents is a tactic expected in banana republics, not the United States of America.

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