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Trump sues ABC News and host Stephanopoulos over rape claim


Introduction To The Defamation Lawsuit

The former President just filed a huge defamation lawsuit against ABC News and host George Stephanopoulos over their false claims that Trump was found guilty of rape.

Stephanopoulos outrageously stated over 10 times during an interview that a jury ruled Trump “liable for rape” of E. Jean Carroll. But this is patently untrue – the jury expressly found Trump not guilty of rape in the civil case.

Trump’s lawsuit alleges Stephanopoulos knew his statements were false but pushed the “liable for rape” narrative to intentionally damage Trump’s reputation. ABC News declined to retract or apologize despite being confronted.

Now Trump aims to hold ABC and Stephanopoulos accountable for broadcasting dangerous lies about his alleged sexual misconduct. This marks a major escalation in Trump’s battle with the liberal press to report truthfully.

This case will have massive implications in Trump’s war against fake news. All eyes are on whether an ex-President can prevail when brazenly lied about by prominent media figures. Trump once again takes the fight to his enemies in this latest clash with the dishonest press.

Trump Fights Media War

The mainstream media is showing its true colors by unfairly attacking former President Donald J. Trump with outright lies and defamation. This time, it’s ABC News and their host George Stephanopoulos who are in the crosshairs for their blatantly false claims that Trump was found liable for rape. 

During a heated interview with Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, Stephanopoulos repeatedly insisted that Trump had been found liable for raping E. Jean Carroll, making this claim no less than 10 times throughout the segment. However, this is patently untrue, as the jury in the civil case unambiguously found that Trump did not commit rape. 

The way Stephanopoulos kept repeating that bogus rape claim during his interview with Congresswoman Mace was just shameful. He was clearly trying to blame a survivor of sexual assault for supporting Trump by portraying the President as some unrepentant rapist, which is just not true at all.

His constant harping on the fake rape accusations was a totally transparent attempt to damage Trump’s reputation and hurt his chances in the election. Real sleazy political games from a guy who pretends to be an honest journalist.

That whole interview was nothing more than a character assassination attempt on Trump. Stephanopoulos and ABC don’t care one bit about facts or truth – they just want to smear the former President with outright lies to help their favored political side.

It’s clear as day that Stephanopoulos knew exactly what he was doing by regurgitating lies about Trump instead of reporting truthfully. He’s no unbiased journalist – just a partisan hack grinding a political axe against the ex-President. His smear campaign was totally dishonest and he deserves to face some consequences.

People are getting real fed up with the media constantly lying through their teeth about anyone they don’t like politically. News networks like ABC and partisan hacks like Stephanopoulos have huge power and influence in our society. They ought to be using that platform responsibly to report the truth, not to trash and slander their political enemies.

When people like Stephanopoulos recklessly spread malicious lies, like he did about Trump, they need to be held accountable. Freedom of the press doesn’t give you a free pass to defame and smear folks. That’s why Trump is right to stand up for himself and make ABC and Stephanopoulos answer for their defamation crusade against him.

The jury already exonerated Trump of the rape claims. ABC knows this, yet still allowed their host to go on national television and repeatedly call him a rapist. That is outrageously unethical “journalism” and it has to stop. 

Trump’s lawsuit against ABC is about setting the record straight and restoring accountability in the media. The American people deserve the truth from their news outlets, not partisan propaganda. If organizations like ABC refuse to report truthfully, then they must pay the price for spreading lies that destroy reputations.

This defamation lawsuit comes on the heels of similar legal action Trump has taken against other media outlets like CNN and The New York Times for their biased coverage of him. The brazen lies and hit jobs from the liberal press undermine democracy by deceiving voters and interfering in elections.  

Trump has been a victim of the media’s dishonesty more than anyone. For years, major news outlets have distorted his words, taken his comments out of context and exaggerated failures while ignoring successes. All Americans should be concerned by how unfairly the ex-president has been treated.

Trump is standing up to the unaccountable power of the corporate media giants by imposing consequences for defamation. If he is successful in this lawsuit against ABC and Stephanopoulos, it will send a message that the media can no longer get away with spreading malicious lies without being punished. 

By calling out ABC News and Stephanopoulos for their defamatory rape comments, Trump is speaking for the millions of citizens who are fed up with dishonest reporting from the liberal media. The American people know they aren’t getting the full and fair facts from organizations like ABC, who push a one-sided partisan narrative at the expense of the truth.

The press turned into the propaganda arm of the entrenched ruling class that Trump ran against in 2016. They dishonestly portrayed him as an illegitimate president from day one and never once gave him fair coverage. The difference between how they covered Trump versus other politicians is shocking.

By defying the media’s false narratives and eviscerating their credibility with voters, Trump exposed just how arrogant, out-of-touch and deceitful many prominent news outlets have become. The American people know their top news sources are not reliably trustworthy when it comes to political coverage.

Trump didn’t start the war with dishonest media, but he stands willing to finish it. The corporate press shredded standards of objectivity and fairness, not him. He is simply defending himself against defamation and demanding the media re-embrace the truth. The nation owes Mr. Trump thanks for having the courage to confront the corruption that threatens our democracy when no one else would.

As Trump fights the media war against him, especially from news outlets that want to increase their views, he is still fighting on another front – his New York civil case. The court refuses to postpone the payment deadline, but mega donors are standing fiercely behind Trump and will sponsor him.

Trump Gets Megadonor Support

The democrats are salivating at the chance to collect the absurd penalty of $464 million in Trump’s New York civil case. They want to dismantle his business empire out of sheer spite. 

Trump appealed the ridiculous ruling, as is his legal right. But the radical New York Attorney General Letitia James then demanded Trump post an unprecedented $464 million bond while his appeal is pending. This is clearly an underhanded scheme to cripple Trump’s finances and seize his properties.

As usual, the fake news media distortion machine is lying to the public, claiming Trump “can’t afford” to pay. This is utterly false. In truth, no private citizen could reasonably be expected to personally guarantee nearly half a billion dollars in cash or assets. The demand was a political hit job, not an impartial application of the law.

Trump’s team has warned that seizing his properties at cut-rate prices would cause “irreparable injury.” Of course, that is likely the goal of the Democrat thugs who are pursuing him. They want to stick it to Trump at any cost, even if it means shredding the Constitution.

Fortunately, the rule of law has not completely collapsed yet. An appellate court is now reviewing whether to halt James’ immoral demand that Trump post a crippling $464 million bond immediately. 

In the meantime, Trump is showing his indomitable strength by marching forward with his campaign, undaunted by these political prosecutions. He is reaching out to donors and holding fundraisers to power his comeback.

The dishonest media claims Trump is “racing to match Joe Biden’s fundraising operation.” This is simply propaganda to portray Biden as a juggernaut. In truth, Biden is a bumbling mess despised by his own party. Trump will have no trouble matching or exceeding Sleepy Joe’s weak fundraising.

In fact, billionaire investors like John Paulson are already lining up to support Trump’s campaign. Paulson will host a high-dollar Palm Beach fundraiser next month, joined by other wealthy donors like Robert Bigelow and Harold Hamm. Trump has already secured the Republican nomination in a landslide, proving the people want him back.

The ex-President’s Florida fundraiser will be attended by leaders in business, politics and entertainment. This is clear evidence of Trump’s widespread backing among the Republican elite, despite the media’s false narrative that he is “isolated” and “abandoned” by donors.

Included among the co-chairs will be Trump’s former cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, governors, senators and some former rivals like Tim Scott and Doug Burgum. Even donors who previously backed Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley are now contributing to Trump post-nomination, as he calls for party unity.

The dishonest press claims Trump has “struggled to win top donors.” This is yet another bald-faced media lie, as the stellar roster of co-chairs proves. While a handful of NeverTrump bitter-enders like Paul Singer may sit out, Trump has consolidated Republican donors in a show of strength.

The former President’s Florida fundraiser promises to be a tremendous success, raising millions from patriotic Americans who want to save the nation from Joe Biden’s radical leftist agenda. No wonder the jealous media is spewing sour grapes and falsely suggesting the event will flop.

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