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Trump Slams Biden Over Border Invasion of Texas


Introduction to the Invasion

Trump roared back into action, blasting Joe Biden over the total collapse of border security amid an outrage over a viral video showcasing illegal immigrants storming the border and the national guard down at Texas.

On Truth Social, the fiery president slammed Biden for relaxing in the sun while an immigration crisis rages.

Trump went on to highlight the state of the U.S border going from the strongest in the world to the weakest in just 4 years under Biden.

Biden’s border failure is undeniable. Yet crooked Democrats, like the White House Press Secretary, still make pathetic excuses, absurdly blaming Republicans trying to clean up Joe’s mess.

Their denial would be comical if the situation weren’t so dire.

Over seven million migrants have invaded the U.S. under Biden, shattering records monthly. The president has utterly surrendered our border, welcoming dangerous lawlessness.

Trump promises to fix the issue and make America great once again.

It is only now up to the patriotic and keen American people to judge the facts and make the decision, 4 years of more Democratic corruption and negligence or another Trump miracle.

Trump Calls Out Biden

Former president of the United States and current GOP primary nominee, Donald Trump, took to his social media platform “Truth Social” and attacked Joe Biden and his border policies in the wake of a viral video of illegal immigrants storming the border down at El Paso, Texas.

He posted several videos lambasting Biden and his corrupt democrats including one that aimed to contrast the dire state at the border down in Texas with Joe Biden relaxing and sunbathing – an action he took after lying in a speech about how safe the border is and how much the democrats are “investing” in it – all without any care in the world and as if the current state of the border is not an immediate emergency to be looked over.

Trump then concerned himself further with the state of the border by posting a statement emphasising the importance of legal citizenship and how America and Americans always come first before illegal aliens and criminals that are swarming the border.

The United States border was one of the, if not outright the strongest border in the world under Trump and the republican leadership.

However, 4 years of hard work and dedication has collapsed under the weight of Joe Biden’s weak leadership and non-existent watch. The border has completely crumbled and became a shell of its former glory self.

Do Americans really need a video of the latest happenings at the border to wake up to the state of this great nation under the crooked and corrupt Democrats?

Trump Continues to Take a Stand Against The Swamp

Donald Trump did not wait for the answer to this question and thus did what every patriotic citizen ought to do; he took matters into his own hands and alerted the American people about the continuing and neverending danger that illegal immigration brings to our nation.

After witnessing the chaotic scenes of over 100 illegal migrants bursting through razor wire in El Paso and storming past the national guard, it provoked outrage from Republicans and the expected shameful deflection from Democrats.

The shocking video clearly shows the migrants overwhelming Texas National Guard troops as they charge the unsafe and low guarded United States border.

If this stark incident doesn’t encapsulate the utter failure of President Biden’s immigration policies, then it might be late for you to be cured of the democratic woke virus.

And while Republicans and hardworking American patriots demand action, Democrats continue to make excuses and run away from any accountability regarding the ongoing immigration and border issue.

The astonishing footage lays bare the unstemmed tide of illegal immigration surging across the southern border.

Since Biden took office, a staggering 7.3 million migrants have crossed illegally, per expert analysis.
Each month brings new records. The president has surrendered our border to an ongoing invasion that defies hyperbole

Yet Democrats downplay the crisis. When confronted with images of the El Paso incident, Rep. Pete Aguilar blithely said he had not seen the video. As if his incompetence would excuse his inaction and silence regarding the incident.

He even went on to brazenly show no interest in viewing the damning evidence on a reporter’s phone, even when it was right in front of his face.

This is what you get with Democrats in office; they feel so safe and sound in their position of power over the people that they can’t help but show everyone a glimpse of how they actually operate when met with facts and evidence; they completely ignore and overlook any and all evidence in favour of substituting it with their own interpretation or version.

Fellow California Democrat Rep. Robert Garcia predictably, and like clockwork, blamed Republicans for blocking Biden’s “border security” bill – a transparent pretext ignoring the president’s role.

And he is not alone in this vapid statement as the White House itself absurdly suggested that the chaos at the border resulted from the blocking of crooked Biden’s proposals.

This distortion insults every keen Americans’ intelligence.

The disaster unfolding is the direct consequence of administration policies deliberately dismantling border protections.

Biden halted wall construction, ended Trump-era enforcement measures and sent an open invitation to illegal immigrants.

Democrats just refuse to even attempt to acknowledge their own culpability.

In another example we have Rep. Pramila Jayapal dodged the El Paso fiasco to call for more asylum officers and judges.

This familiar deflection showcases democratic ignorance regarding how most new arrivals skip asylum hearings after being released into the U.S.

More judges, as Biden so stupidly suggested and encouraged within his failed bill, will do nothing to stop the underlying influx. Only robust border security can do that. But Democrats oppose any kind of meaningful action as long as it benefits the American people.

And the Democrats wonder why Republicans would block such a meaningless and pointless bill that does nothing but add padding to a wound that needs immediate treating? But what do we expect from the woke party that is oblivious to the struggles of everyday American citizens because they don’t possess the right gender or colour for their tastes.

A Clear Deflection

When Democrats are challenged they will flail and say absolute gibberish with no self awareness and you end up with statements like the one given by the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as she outdid herself in abdicating presidential responsibility by claiming the viral video of migrants overwhelming Texas National Guard troops is “a question for the Republican governor of Texas.”

Her flippant response rightfully earned scorn and outrage.

According to Jean-Pierre’s warped logic, the chaos unfolding in Texas and other border states is solely Gov. Greg Abbott’s problem to handle.

She claims he has “politicised” the issue and should be the one to address it. This brazen deflection insultingly ignores Biden’s direct role in creating the crisis.

Yet his spokesperson absurdly pretends the commander-in-chief is just a passive bystander. She ignores that Gov. Abbott has taken extraordinary steps to mitigate the damage from Biden’s failures.

He has deployed thousands of National Guard troops, built barriers, and increased arrests and seizures. Abbott continues compensating for the void left by the White House.

Abbott has hounded the Biden administration for months demanding they uphold their constitutional duty to protect states from invasion. His calls continue being ignored and rebuffed.

The White House spokesperson’s statement is a transparent attempt to divert scrutiny from Biden’s unwillingness to correct course.

As illegal crossings skyrocket out of control, she brazenly pretends it’s not America’s president who is accountable. Her words would be comical if the border crisis were not so dire.

But ultimately this is what the Democrats want in the end; voters overlooking crooked Biden’s gross negligence ahead of midterm elections.

Jean-Pierre, and countless other Democratic senators just like her, hope to shift the damning blame onto Republicans in a sad attempt to try limiting the damage from Biden’s harmful policies.

But American citizens know who deserves criticism for abandoning border security despite having the executive power to act.

Biden has shown no willingness to correct the damaged course. He ignores pleas from border states for more support.

His administration buses and flies migrants across America in a deliberate dispersal policy.

Sanctuary cities provide further enticement.
Democrats’ rewarding of those who break our laws spurs more to follow. This vicious cycle continues unabated.

Only sensible republicans headed by former president Trump are at the forefront of the attack on Biden’s deranged border policy.

And only sensible patriotic Americans know the right solution to all their issues lies with Trump getting back into the office and getting back to making America great again.

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