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Trump Slams Biden on Docs Probe at NRA event


America is seeing something very unfair happen as Joe Biden and his dishonest Department of Justice protect the mentally weak president from facing any punishment for his obvious wrongdoing and Trump called him out.

Biden clearly has serious mental decline, yet the fawning mainstream media pretends not to notice as he stumbles his way through planned events. But the American people see the sad truth – Joe Biden is completely unfit to lead the country.

The recent DOJ report on Biden mishandling top secret documents revealed the lie. It showed Biden as a confused, old man who can’t remember basic facts, even about his own family.

He illegally hoarded America’s secrets in his garage and shared them with his book writer. If you or I did that, we’d be locked up for life. But Joe gets away scot-free thanks to a politicized DOJ that punishes Biden’s opponents while covering up his crimes.

This double standard makes clear that the rules don’t apply to Democrats. They used our justice system to go after President Trump while protecting their own.

Joe Biden is corrupt, incompetent, and clearly suffering from dementia. He has no business running our nation.

Trump is slamming Biden for shamelessly abusing his power to avoid charges for illegally hoarding America’s secrets in his garage while the decaying Democrat’s obvious dementia disqualifies him from handling classified intelligence in the first place.

Joe Biden has once again shown that he believes he is above the law. A Department of Justice report revealed that Biden willfully retained and shared highly classified national security documents after leaving office as Vice President.

This is a blatant violation of the law and threatens America’s safety and security. Yet Biden faces no charges, while his Department of Injustice persecutes Trump for properly maintaining records under the Presidential Records Act.

There is undeniable proof of a two-tiered system of justice targeting Trump while protecting Biden.

The DOJ report provides shocking details about the breadth and recklessness of Biden’s mishandling of highly classified information. Biden illegally stored sensitive national security documents not just at his home, but also his personal office at the Penn Biden Center. These materials covered topics ranging from Afghanistan war policy to foreign intelligence sources, according to the report.

Incredibly, some of the classified information was kept haphazardly in Biden’s garage and basement, making it vulnerable to theft. The DOJ report even includes photos of the ramshackle storage that exposed America’s secrets to potential compromise. Biden showed an appalling disregard for protocol by mixing classified documents in with his personal belongings.

Even more alarming, Biden shared top secret information with his book ghostwriter, providing vivid anecdotes and details from his time as Vice President. This constitutes an egregious violation of his duty to safeguard classified intelligence. Sharing insider details of U.S. national security operations for personal profit is unethical and illegal.

Biden’s leaks to his ghostwriter were especially irresponsible given the sensitive nature of the information. The report indicates he divulged sources and methods used by U.S. intelligence – details that could endanger assets and undermine America’s interests if obtained by adversaries.

In contrast, everything Trump did was entirely legal under the PRA. He worked closely with the National Archives to ensure proper care for presidential records. When the FBI swooped in to raid Mar-a-Lago, Trump had already been cooperating fully with authorities to resolve any issues. Yet the politicized DOJ treated the duly elected 45th president like a criminal.

Americans should be outraged at this hypocrisy. Trump is persecuted based on partisan spite. Biden blatantly violates the law and endangers national security, but gets off scot-free because the crooked establishment protects its own. There is no equal justice under the law with this corrupt double standard.

Biden’s misconduct with classified information is just the tip of the iceberg. The DOJ report also exposed alarming cognitive decline that should disqualify Biden from the presidency. Interviews with Biden revealed an elderly man with a frighteningly poor memory who cannot even recall basic facts about his family or political career. This is terrifying when the commander-in-chief needs sharp mental faculties to lead America and wield the nuclear codes.

In contrast, President Trump’s unmatched intelligence was on full display during four brilliant years in the White House. His detailed grasp of complex issues and rapid fire speaking style proved he has the sheer brainpower to make America great again. The DOJ’s description of Biden as a sympathetic fading elder is not compassionate, but cruel to subject us to his crumbling leadership.

Biden’s angry response shows he lacks the judgment and temperament for the presidency. When confronted about forgetting deeply painful details surrounding his son Beau’s death, Biden shockingly lashed out and denied it. This heartless deflection proves he is not a well-meaning old man, but a narcissist willing to politicize his own family’s tragedy.

Biden’s endless lies have destroyed public trust. He lied about his son’s shady foreign business deals. He lied about knowing nothing of the classified documents found in his possession. He lied about his mental fitness. Americans have had enough of this dishonesty. It is time we have a president who tells it like it is.

The mainstream media has been running cover for Biden’s illegal and unethical behavior regarding the classified documents. Despite clear evidence in the DOJ report that Biden improperly retained highly sensitive materials, liberal outlets are spinning the story rather than reporting the facts.

Instead of admitting Biden’s clear wrongdoing, left-wing reporters are trying to downplay his retention of top secret documents as a minor mistake. They fail to convey the gravity of storing such classified information in unsecured locations like his garage. The media is whitewashing flagrant security violations that would get any average citizen prosecuted and imprisoned.

Equally dishonest is the media’s dismissal of Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. Despite Biden’s own angry denials, the DOJ report paints a picture of an elderly man with severe memory loss who can’t even remember basic personal and professional details. Yet partisan journalists insist concerns about Biden’s mental acuity are overblown. They even praised his unhinged press conference filled with confusion and rage as somehow reassuring.

In contrast, the same outlets had no problem falsely smearing Trump as mentally unstable. This reveals the utter hypocrisy and deception driving their biased reporting. The American people see through the media’s feeble attempt to provide political cover for a president who has clearly lost a step. Voters know Biden is unfit for office regardless of the excuses and deflections coming from his liberal mouthpieces in the press.

The media’s flagrant bias has destroyed their credibility with the public. As Trump has repeatedly pointed out, they are partisan hacks masquerading as journalists. Their desperate effort to protect Biden proves they are more interested in pushing a left-wing narrative than reporting the facts. If the mainstream press had any integrity left, they would cover Biden’s document scandal honestly. Their dishonesty only confirms President Trump’s critique of their corruption.

We need honesty, transparency, and accountability – values that are anathema to the Biden administration. Trump believes no one is above the law, no matter how powerful. He drained the swamp of corruption in Washington by allowing full investigation of his own campaign and administration. If Joe Biden had an ounce of integrity, he would recuse himself and his AG and allow an impartial special counsel to bring charges over his willful lawbreaking and document theft. Rules must be applied equally, not enforced only on political enemies of the regime.

The stakes could not be higher in 2024. Biden’s first term has been an unmitigated disaster for American freedom, security, and prosperity. Our southern border has been erased, with deadly drugs flooding into our communities. Inflation is crushing family budgets and wasting hard-earned paychecks. Crime is rising in cities as radicals demonize law enforcement. Woke insanity is brainwashing kids while academics decline. America is weaker, poorer, and more divided after just two years of Biden’s failures. We simply cannot afford four more years of this.

To heal our nation, restore law and order, revive our economy, retake control of our borders, and reinvigorate America’s standing worldwide, we desperately need Trump back in the Oval Office. He will clean up the corruption that has infected our Department of Justice and shattered Americans’ trust. He will stand up to our enemies like China abroad and Antifa radicals within our borders. He will defend our police, our families, and the constitutional rights that make America the land of the free.

Patriots must reject the elite media lies and biased DOJ double standards. We need transparency to root out corruption, equal protection under the law, and leaders with the wisdom, courage and integrity to guide America forward. That leader is not Joe Biden, whose life is a saga of lies, failure and abuse of power for personal gain. The leader we need and deserve is Donald J. Trump. He has already proven his vision and determination to make America greater than ever before. Now we must stand behind him to finish the job.

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