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Trump Say Delayed Florida Trial is Effort to Influence Election


Trump Exposes Biden’s Witch Hunt

The radical left’s demented witch hunt against Donald Trump has reached new lows. As the beleaguered ex-president faces a barrage of frivolous lawsuits and investigations, the Biden administration is revealed as the real criminal cabal.

Trump is courageously standing up to the lawfare unleashed by unhinged Democrats. They know their cases are meritless so they’re scrambling to delay and derail the legal proceedings.

But their brazen attempt to deny Trump due process before the election is an assault on justice. This banana republic persecution has backfired spectacularly, exposing the left’s hypocrisy and thirst for power.

Even as the biased media demonizes Trump over non-existent crimes, Biden’s degenerate son Hunter faces serious felony indictments yet escapes any scrutiny.

It’s a two-tiered mockery of justice pitting political persecution against privilege and corruption. But the American people see through the charade.

Trump’s supporters are rallying against this sham. They will storm the polls this November to rebuke the left’s abuses and usher in an era of real justice for all. Trump’s enemies may wield unchecked power now, but their reckoning approaches.

Trump Battles Frivolous Lawsuits

The whole hunt against Donald J. Trump in politics has sunk even lower. There’s zilch proof of him doing anything wrong, yet he’s being slapped with a bunch of charges and dragged into trials, all to trash his rep before November.

But Trump isn’t taking it lying down; he’s fighting back and shining a light on the shady stuff behind these bogus prosecutions.


The latest injustice? Trump’s trial in Florida over those classified documents is on hold indefinitely. Judge Aileen Cannon pulled the plug, pointing to major headaches with classified evidence that need sorting before they can even think about putting Trump in front of a jury.

This is clearly just an excuse to delay the trial and potentially push it past the 2024 election. As Trump’s attorney correctly stated, “A pre-election trial would be unfair.”

Despite the claims of impartiality, it’s evident these cases are politically motivated witch hunts by the radical leftist “deep state”.

As Trump implied before that these cases are frivolous and should have been dismissed from the beginning. This is an abuse of power aimed at silencing his voice and preventing him from being the chosen president in the upcoming november. And the American people won’t stand for it.

The indefinite delay in Florida comes after a federal judge in South Florida “scrapped a planned May 20 trial start date in former President Donald Trump’s classified document case — a move that will likely push proceedings back until after the Nov. 5 election.”

Again, this is clearly an effort to influence the outcome of the election by denying Trump due process before the American people vote.

As Trump’s legal team has continually asserted, “Fixing a trial date at this time ‘would be imprudent and inconsistent with the Court’s duty to fully and fairly consider the various pending pre-trial motions … and additional pretrial and trial preparations necessary to present this case to a jury.'”

In other words, the court is playing political games instead of delivering timely justice.

The radical leftists leading this judicial persecution are getting desperate. They know Trump did nothing wrong and are afraid to try this case before the election.

They don’t have a real case. All they have are lies and leaks aimed at deceiving the public. He has done nothing wrong except threaten their corrupted power structure.

In total, Trump is outrageously facing 88 counts across four indictments. These indictments are nothing more than “lawfare” – the abuse of the legal system for political purposes.

This is political persecution pure and simple. The Biden administration is weaponizing the justice system to destroy Trump because they know they can’t beat him at the ballot box in november. It’s the tactic of a banana republic, not a free constitutional republic.

As Trump courageously battles malicious political prosecutions, the utter hypocrisy of the left is on full display. While Trump is prosecuted for crimes he didn’t commit, Hunter Biden faces serious charges yet the media looks the other way.

In the latest development, federal prosecutors accused Hunter of trying to “delay his trial” in California by frivolously appealing the judge’s decision not to toss out the case.

Media Ignores Hunter Biden Indictments

President Biden’s son, 54, is attempting to appeal his lost bid to toss the case accusing him of failing to pay at least $1.4 million in federal income taxes for the years 2016 through 2019.

This is blatant corruption – the first son brazenly violating tax laws while living an extravagant lifestyle. As prosecutors revealed, Hunter blew the money on “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything but his taxes.”

Yet the media ignores this rampant criminality and abuse of power. Can you imagine if one of Trump’s children faced serious felony tax evasion charges? It would be front page news for months.

He’s completely right. This is a disgraceful double standard. The media protects Hunter because they are desperate to shield his failing father, Joe Biden, from this embarrassing corruption scandal.

But Hunter’s legal troubles don’t end there. In Delaware, he faces a separate three-count indictment for illegally possessing a firearm while addicted to drugs.

Once again, a pathetic abuse of power that would dominate headlines if committed by anyone in the Trump family.

This is the shameful true face of the Biden family. Joe Biden has been engulfed by scandals his entire career, from corrupt business dealings in China and Ukraine to sexual assault allegations.

Now his troubled son is embroiled in multiple felony indictments. What an embarrassing disaster!

Yet the media treats Hunter with kid gloves while demonizing Trump over non-existent crimes. It’s a brazen display of journalistic corruption unlike anything in modern American history.

The biased press has abandoned all standards of fairness, sacrificing their credibility to shield the Biden crime family.

But the American people see through the charade. At his rallies, Trump frequently references Hunter’s legal troubles, drawing outraged boos from the crowds. Americans are fed up with this two-tiered justice system that coddles Democrat elites while baselessly persecuting Republicans like Trump.

This hypocrisy is exactly why the American people will overwhelmingly reject Democrats in november.

That’s precisely what America needs – a lawful government that treats everyone equally under the law. No more targeting political enemies while protecting friendly elites.

When Trump returns to the White House, he will reform the justice system so that impartial investigations follow evidence, not partisanship.

In the meantime, the contrast couldn’t be starker. While Trump endures political persecution with the strength of a lion, Hunter whines about facing consequences for his rampant criminality.

It’s a pitiful yet perfectly symbolic representation of the weak character that pervades the Biden family and administration.

The witch hunts and legal circus orchestrated against Trump have opened America’s eyes to just how broken the system has become. But sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start to build yourself back up. The outrageous persecution of Trump will fuel the political revolution coming in november.

In the end, this crazy injustice is gonna backfire big time on the radical left. People are gonna see right through their lies and manipulation. They’ll rally behind Trump and vote him back in by a landslide, while the Biden crew finally gets what’s coming to them for their shady dealings.

That’s the vibe from millions of Trump supporters nationwide. They’re furious about this total sham of a political persecution against a former president. And they’re geared up to hit the polls hard and secure Trump a victory, no matter what shady tricks the courts pull.

The tide is turning against these witch hunts real quick. Recent polls show most Americans think these cases are just a politically motivated effort to take down Trump.

Future generations are gonna shake their heads at how messed up things got during this time. But thanks to Trump and his crew staying strong, truth and justice will win out.

When Trump clinches it, he needs to pardon anyone who got screwed over by these out-of-control investigations. And he should push for some laws that stop future administrations from pulling this kind of nonsense.

Enough is enough with this witch hunt against Trump. When he gets cleared and reelected, it’s a win for everyone who believes in fair play and justice. Despite the haters trying to bring him down, Trump and his movement will come out on top.

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