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Trump racks up 3 more wins before Super Tuesday


The unstoppable Trump train keeps rolling through the GOP nomination process, capturing three more big wins in Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho. Despite the desperate efforts of the failing Nikki Haley campaign to derail his momentum, President Trump once again dominated the competition.

These latest victories confirm what we already knew – the silent majority wants Trump back in the White House to finish the job of making America great again. No matter how much the radical left tries to sabotage his return, they cannot extinguish the fiery populist movement sweeping the nation.

Trump’s staggering wins before Super Tuesday prove that this election is effectively over. He has an insurmountable lead over the hapless Haley, who still can’t manage to win a single state. The American people are sending a clear message – they are fed up with the Biden disaster and demand the return of Trump’s America First agenda.

The red wave is coming, and no amount of establishment resistance can stop it. Trump is barreling toward the Republican nomination on an unstoppable path. He delivered for the American people once, and will do so again. The Democrats’ worst nightmare is about to come true – Donald J. Trump is on his way back to the White House.

Trump’s decisive victories in the Missouri caucuses, Michigan convention, and Idaho caucuses this weekend show once again that he remains the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

Despite the efforts of the liberal media and NeverTrumpers like Nikki Haley to undermine him, Trump continues to rack up win after win as he marches steadily toward the 2024 Republican nomination.

The Missouri caucus results demonstrate just how beloved President Trump remains across the Show Me State. Trump captured a staggering 96% of the vote, crushing any token opposition. This enormous margin of victory shows the enduring loyalty Missourians feel toward Trump after the many successes of his administration.

Despite making multiple campaign stops in Missouri and investing resources there, Nikki Haley failed to make even the slightest impact on Trump’s support. She was resoundingly rejected by Republican voters who have consistently shown they want Trump as their candidate in 2024. Her pitiful performance shows how limited her appeal is.

Trump’s deep connection with Missouri dates back to 2016, when he decisively won the state’s Republican primary on his way to capturing the nomination. Voters responded to his championing of forgotten Americans and his willingness to take on the Washington establishment. As president, Trump kept his promises to Missourians by cutting taxes, supporting agriculture, and appointing conservative judges. His policies led to record prosperity for the state.

Trump said at a rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday, listing his wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and other states: “We’ve been launching like a rocket to the Republican nomination. We just got numbers today that were unbelievable.”

And he added: “But today it looks like we’re winning close to 100 percent of both Missouri and Michigan. … This is getting to be crazy. Right? This is getting to be pretty wild. And it’s a great honor.”

Trump’s victory in the Michigan convention was equally impressive. He won all 39 delegates awarded on Saturday, building on his strong showing in last week’s statewide Michigan primary. The party chaos and infighting surrounding the Michigan GOP made organizing the convention difficult, but Trump’s team persevered and delivered a resounding win. This shows the strength of Trump’s ground game and the loyalty he inspires among the Michigan rank-and-file.

The Idaho caucuses followed the same pattern – a blowout victory for Trump. Idaho hasn’t supported a Democratic candidate for president since 1952, and Trump remains wildly popular there after winning 64% of the vote in 2020.

By sweeping the Idaho caucuses, Trump gains momentum heading into Super Tuesday, where he is expected to dominate. His strength in deeply red states like Idaho will make him nearly impossible to defeat.

These three new victories build on Trump’s near-perfect record so far of winning every single contest to date. While Haley has tried to downplay her consistent losses, the truth is in the results. Republican voters want Trump, not her.

Her claim that Trump hasn’t won 40% in the early states is meaningless when he is the only major candidate running. The lackluster turnout and lower vote percentages are due to the lack of real competition, not a lack of enthusiasm for Trump.

This was evidenced by the huge, energetic crowds at Trump’s rallies in North Carolina and Virginia on Saturday. Ten of thousands of loyal supporters waited in long lines and packed the venues to see Trump.

The fake news media is desperate to create the illusion of a close race between Trump and Haley. That’s why they promote meaningless polls showing race tightening. But smart observers know these polls are designed to manipulate public perception, not reflect reality. Trump’s dominant performance in actual votes is the truth.

The new New York Times poll showing Trump leading Biden is just the latest evidence that the American people realize what a disaster Biden has been. With the border crisis spiraling out of control, inflation crushing working families, and America’s foes like China Growing stronger while Biden appeases them, Americans are fed up.

Even Hispanic voters are turning on Biden, with the NYT poll showing 46% support for Trump vs just 40% for Biden. This is not surprising given the way Biden has utterly failed to secure the border. Hispanics living in border states bear the brunt of the crime, drugs, and chaos caused by Biden’s policies. They want their communities to be safe and secure again.

Biden’s overall unfavorability of 47% shows what a historically unpopular president he is. Americans are waking up to the fact that Biden is too old, too weak, and too compromised to lead. Whether due to age-related cognitive decline or just sheer incompetence, Biden has been a disaster.

The contrast between Trump’s and Biden’s border visits this week could not be more stark. Biden’s trip was highly controlled, with no media access. He remained safely distant from the actual border at all times, then scurried back to DC after a meaningless photo op. His policies caused the crisis, yet he refuses to face the consequences.

Meanwhile, Trump bravely went right to the border wall itself. He listened to the brave men and women of Border Patrol who begged him to return as president and restore security. He shook hands with the angel families who lost loved ones to crimes by illegal aliens that Biden set free. Trump understands the human toll of Biden’s disastrous policies. Biden simply does not care.

Trump is once again showing he is the master of the art of the deal by putting Washington lobbyists on notice. His blunt message ensures everyone knows the stakes going into the DC GOP primary this weekend. Trump is calling out the swamp, and they would be wise to listen.

The failed Republican establishment relies on lobbyists to push their unpopular policies that hurt everyday Americans. Trump exposed their corrupt game. The only way to drain the swamp is to let the swamp dwellers know there will be consequences for disloyalty.

Trump already delivered on his promise to shake up the lobbyists’ cozy existence. He swept into DC as a true outsider beholden to no one. He sent the lobbyists scrambling as they tried to gain access to his administration. Trump rewarded those loyal to his America First agenda while shutting out the swamp creatures trying to push their client’s interests over America’s interests.

Now with Trump on the cusp of returning to the White House, another reckoning is coming for the lobbyist class. They can either get on board the Trump train now and prove their support through actions like voting in the DC primary or get left behind. Access is not a right in politics – it must be earned.

Trump’s power play in DC is another example of his shrewd political instincts. The primary is usually ignored but Trump sees an opportunity to consolidate support. A strong win powered by GOP lobbyists makes a powerful statement going into the general election. Once again Trump proves he is willing to play hardball to advance his unifying, America First vision.

Come November 2024, the choice will be clear. Americans can pick continued failure under Biden and the Democrats, leading inexorably toward socialism, censorship, rising crime, economic stagnation, and the end of America as we know it. Or they can choose renewal under Trump, who will revive the economy, restore law and order, unleash America’s energy potential, stand up to enemies like China, and put America first once again.

Based on his dominant performance so far in the 2024 Republican primaries, it is evident that Republican voters and the American people overall are hungry for Trump’s bold leadership. They want America to be great and free once more. Come Election Day, they will surely choose four more years of Trump over four more years of failure under Biden. Trump’s landslide victories this weekend show the red wave is rising, and his return to the White House is all but inevitable.

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