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Trump Prosecutor’s DNC Past Raises Bias Concerns


Suspicions of Vendetta Embroil Trump Trial

A cloud of perceived partisan bias hangs ominously over the unprecedented criminal trial of Donald Trump led by prosecutor Matthew Colangelo. Colangelo’s questionable DNC ties and abrupt career moves to target Trump foster suspicions of political vendetta, not impartial justice.

His résumé drips with anti-Trump crusading across multiple offices. This apparent cherry-picking of a rabid partisan to prosecute a Republican president smacks of banana republic politicization, not American justice.

The orchestrated flow of Trump foes from Democratic haunts into the Manhattan DA’s office only heightens skepticism. Hyper partisan backgrounds in civil rights and with New York’s anti-Trump prosecutors imply institutional animus, not neutrality. 

The contrived case itself reeks of scouring for misdemeanors to criminalize and stretch into felony charges. When process crimes comprise the prosecution, legitimacy corrodes.

The trial may be indefensible under law, yet explained by unhealthy obsession. Perceived conflicts of interest undermine faith in impartial proceedings. Even the appearance of bias establishes doubt. 

The opaque motivations of Colangelo’s unprecedented career moves warrant investigation. Justice must be blind to partisan agendas, but this trial opens with a distinct appearance of partisan weaponization.

Trump Slams DNC-Linked Prosecutor Heading His Case

The revelation that lead Trump prosecutor Matthew Colangelo received thousands from the DNC for “political consulting” in 2018 raises serious concerns. It seems suspicious for someone with clear partisan ties to later end up leading a politically-charged case against a former president of the opposing party. This merits further investigation.

Colangelo’s questionable political past casts doubt on his ability to impartially prosecute this unprecedented case against Trump. The apparently coordinated flow of anti-Trump officials between Democrat organizations and the Manhattan DA’s office reduces public trust. Justice must be nonpartisan.

Trump’s critics claim his accusations of politicized investigations are unfounded conspiracy theories. Yet Colangelo’s DNC consulting and revolving door from Biden’s DOJ to New York prosecutors gives credence to allegations of partisan weaponization. Perceptions matter.

The Manhattan DA’s office denies political bias, but their employment of a former DNC consultant prosecuting Trump invites skepticism. This fuels Trump’s narrative of unfair targeting by institutions aligned with Democrats. For justice to be served, prosecutions cannot appear political.

It is concerning that Colangelo consulted for the DNC around the same time he held senior roles investigating Trump in the New York AG’s office. The AG lawsuits against Trump’s charity seem tainted by this coincidence. Even the appearance of conflict erodes impartiality. 

Some suggest Trump deserves extra scrutiny because he was president. But we should reject double standards. Every American, even former presidents, deserves fair treatment under the law. Partisan persecution undermines equal justice and the rule of law.

Colangelo and Bragg deny their case is politically motivated. But appointing a former DNC consultant to spearhead prosecuting a Republican ex-president plants seeds of reasonable doubt. Justice must not just be served, it must also be seen to be served, without political taint.

It’s natural to question if antipathy toward Trump drives prosecutorial zeal. But the law should be blind to political opinions or affiliations. The Manhattan DA’s team has an obligation to address concerns its judgment could be clouded by partisanship in appearance or fact. 

Some claim Trump’s accusations against Colangelo and Bragg are just desperate attempts to delegitimize the case. But responsibly assessing the objectivity of prosecutors is essential for public confidence. Trump raises fair concerns that should be addressed seriously, not dismissed.

Colangelo’s past DNC ties and Bragg’s team warrant heightened scrutiny. Justice must be detached from politics or agendas. Regardless of one’s views on Trump, upholding impartial rule of law principles protects all Americans. Even perceiving partisan influence damages faith in institutions vital for democracy.

The decision by lead Trump prosecutor Matthew Colangelo to downgrade from a top Biden DOJ role to join the Manhattan DA raises red flags. His career path targeting Trump across multiple offices smells of obsession, not impartial justice. Americans expect nonpartisan prosecutors, not anti-Trump zealots.

Colangelo’s resume abounds with anti-Trump crusading across New York and federal offices. Dismantling Trump’s charity, adding census citizenship questions, now this trial – at every turn Colangelo has worked to undermine Trump, not impartially uphold law. His motives warrant investigation.

Evidence of Institutional Animosity Fuels Claims of Politicized Targeting

Legal experts rightly highlight the oddity of successful prosecutors leaving senior federal positions to pursue singular targets in local offices. This anomalous career trajectory suggests Colangelo values political vendettas over proper prosecutorial temperament. Justice loses when politically-driven.

Trump is right to slam Colangelo as a leftist weaponized to wage legal war on him. Colangelo’s past employers – Obama’s White House, Biden’s DOJ, NY’s rabidly anti-Trump AG – betray naked partisanship. Americans reject this third world politicized justice.

Colangelo’s civil rights resume raises concerns given evidence of hardcore leftism in that DOJ division. Colangelo’s background aligns perfectly with complaints of partisan radical hires bent on abusing power to target political foes, not neutrally uphold law. This culture corrupts justice.

The civil rights division Colangelo worked for leaned heavily on leftist nonprofits to recruit activist lawyers. IG reports confirm rampant ideological bias and partisan hiring’s, lending credence to accusations of politicized prosecution of Trump. Blind justice this is not.

Long stints in politically malignant offices warp prosecutorial judgment. However virtuous initially, after years steeped in hyper partisan environments one absorbs institutional biases. Colangelo’s impartiality deserves questioning after swimming so long in polluted waters.

Colangelo denies political motivation despite his consistent anti-Trump advocacy across multiple offices. But Americans can see his unprecedented career moves track Trump with laser focus. Sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire – this reeks of obsessive partisan score-settling.

Maybe Colangelo believes he nobly serves truth and justice. But from the outside his actions reveal a single minded zealotry against Trump that betrays fairness and proportionality. Justice not only requires even-handedness but appearances thereof. Colangelo fails this test.

DA Bragg’s assertion that Trump engaged in criminal “catch and kill” schemes to bury negative information is absurd. No proof exists of unlawful efforts to influence the election. This trial pursues fantasies concocted by Trump derangement syndrome.

Bragg inherited this flimsy case from predecessor Vance, who irresponsibly left office with baseless allegations hanging over Trump. Vance’s failure to conclude the matter exposes this as a politicized witch hunt, not impartial justice.

When Bragg wavered on prosecuting Trump, rabid partisans Pomerantz and Dunne resigned in protest. Their unhinged zealotry proves this case arose from animosity, not evidence. They weaponized the law to attack a political nemesis.

Enter Matthew Colangelo, whose resume oozes partisan obsession with investigating Trump across multiple offices. Bragg knew he found an eager Trump-hating mercenary in Colangelo, not a detached professional bound by facts and law.

Despite no evidence of criminality, Bragg used Colangelo to manufacture and process crimes by scouring Trump’s records for anything to twist into charges. When justice becomes this corrupted, indictments prove only prosecutorial misconduct.

Trump Stands On Business As Unfairness Crowds Him

Federal oversight bodies already examined and declined to charge Trump over payments related to this case. But partisan state prosecutors abused their powers for political score settling. Two-tiered justice system indeed.

The alleged false business records charges are ordinarily minor. Bragg inflated the case by conjuring imaginary crimes to conceal. When the basis for prosecution is this contrived, dismissing the case becomes imperative.

No serious reading of facts and law justifies bringing charges here. This trial clearly aims to harass and humiliate a political nemesis, not impartially apply justice. Americans must renounce such banana republic corruption that imperils all citizens’ rights.

Imagine the outrage if Trump’s DOJ had employed similar prosecutorial tactics against Hillary Clinton. Selective weaponization of the justice system for partisan gain shreds America’s fabric of equal treatment under rule of law.

In conclusion, The politicized prosecution of Donald Trump being led by Matthew Colangelo should alarm all Americans who care about impartial justice. Colangelo’s questionable career path targeting Trump across multiple offices reeks of an unhealthy obsession. 

His partisan DNC ties and work in rabidly anti-Trump bureaucracies betray an institutional animosity that erodes public trust.

Appointing a former DNC consultant to spearhead bringing unprecedented charges against an ex-president of the opposing party plants seeds of reasonable doubt about motivations. Justice must not just be served, it must be seen to be served, without taint of partisan vengeance.

Likewise, the contrived case crafted by DA Bragg fails basic tests of prosecutorial judgment. Concocting process crimes by scouring records for misdemeanors to criminalize smells of misconduct, not dispassionate law enforcement. Stretching to connect phony crimes to conceal likewise exposes the prosecution as politicized persecution, not principled justice.

Federal agencies already declined to charge Trump over the same allegations, confirming lack of criminality. Yet partisan state prosecutors abuse their powers to harass a nemesis. 

This two-tiered system abdicates equality under law. What reeks of partisan score-settling here would be denounced as banana republic corruption if reversed.

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