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Trump outraised Biden and Democrats by $25M in April 


Trump Grassroots Army Fuels Massive April Fundraising

Trump annihilates Biden in Latest Fundraising Totals – Humiliating Numbers Spell doom for Democrats.

In an absolutely devastating blow to the Biden campaign, new fundraising numbers reveal that Donald J. Trump has trounced the feeble Democrats once again, raising an absolutely massive total in April that blew Biden’s disastrous haul out of the water. 

Even with the entire mainstream media and Washington swamp creatures desperate to take him down, Trump continues dominating the failing Biden when it comes to cold hard cash.

Biden’s pathetic fundraising and empty rallies show voters have no interest in a second term for the disaster-in-chief! His approval ratings are in free fall as the American people line up behind the unstoppable Donald J. Trump.

The Democrats’ desperate smear campaigns can’t stop the Trump train – he has once again proved his total fundraising superiority over floundering Biden and his globalist pals.

Trump’s April numbers reveal he is primed for a historic landslide victory that will shake Corrupt Washington to its core. The Biden crime family’s days are numbered.

Trump Trounces Biden in April Fundraising Numbers

In a stunning show of grassroots support and enthusiasm, former President Donald J. Trump trounced Joe Biden in April fundraising, raking in a whopping $76 million compared to Biden’s paltry $51 million. This comes on the heels of Biden’s huge fundraising drop from $90 million in March to just over half that amount the following month. 

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 22: President Donald Trump answers a question as Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden listens during the second and final presidential debate at Belmont University on October 22, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the last debate between the two candidates before the election on November 3. (Photo by Morry Gash-Pool/Getty Images)

As RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump, Trump’s savvy and charismatic daughter-in-law wrote, Trump raised his impressive haul while “forced to sit in a courtroom for a sham, Soviet-style trial.” 

Meanwhile, Biden enjoys the support and protection of the mainstream media and the Washington elite while Trump is attacked from all sides. And yet, the American people see through the deception and continue opening their pocketbooks for the populist President they know will fight for them.

The Trump campaign reported a stunning $76 million raised in April, while the Biden campaign could only scrape together $51 million, a massive drop from the previous month. As Lara Trump stated, the grassroots momentum and support is only growing as we approach the November election, despite the Left’s desperate attempts to undermine Trump. 

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez arrogantly dismissed Trump’s fundraising dominance, stating: “Trump’s operation continues to burn through cash and lag behind our growing and aggressive campaign, with no ground game and no demonstrable interest in talking to the voters they need to win.” 

It appears she is believing the fake news and biased polling showing Biden far ahead. In reality, Trump’s truth-telling populism is resonating with voters across the country, while Biden’s approval plummets by the day. No one is enthusiastic about a Biden second term besides the corrupt elites desperate to keep their grip on power.

Rodriguez went on to say, “We’re taking nothing for granted, but only our campaign is doing the required work every single day to earn voters’ support this November.” 

Of course, the only “work” team Biden is doing is propping up their weakened and cognitive-declining candidate, hiding him from public view, and letting far-left activists set his agenda. 

Trump is out speaking directly to the American people at his renowned rallies full of energy and patriotism. 

While April showed Biden massively trailing Trump in fundraising prowess among the grassroots, he has pathetically relied on support from Hollywood elites and establishment politicians to boost support in the past. 

A March fundraiser featured Bill and Hillary Clinton alongside Barack and Michelle Obama, with tickets costing hundreds of thousand for a celebrity photo-op. How out of touch can you get? No wonder donations dried up in April.

Trump has been strategic in his fundraising efforts, holding events at the properties and homes of reliable American patriots. In April, a lucrative fundraiser was held at the beautiful Palm Beach home of billionaire John Paulson. 

The America-First financial wizard and Trump supporter opened his home to enable the fundraising landslide. Contrast this with Biden’s elitist Hollywood galas, and you see the clear difference between the two candidates.

In additional positive news for the Trump campaign, the powerhouse fundraising committee Make America Great Again PAC raised nearly $13.7 million in April. 

Significantly, over $10 million of this amount came from one powerful figure: businessman and philanthropist Timothy Mellon. He donated a total of $15 million to efforts supporting Trump’s reelection so far this cycle. 

Unlike Biden’s globalist billionaire backers, Mellon is a staunch American patriot using his wealth to defend the country he loves. 

Beyond Mellon’s generous contribution, other pro-Trump groups stepped up fundraising for the President. The Republican Jewish Coalition and affiliated Victory Fund gave $1 million each to the cause. 

Another $1 million donation came from oil and gas producer Continental Resources. Despite Biden’s harmful stance against domestic energy production, industry leaders know that Trump supports affordable, American-produced energy. 

Trump will enact policy to benefit consumers and businesses, not chase after impossible climate change pipe dreams. Biden, on the other hand, is in the pocket of the radical environmental lobby.

In addition to the MAGA PAC’s outstanding April fundraising, other Trump groups reported major contributions. The Save America leadership PAC raised $9 million, with the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee chipping in $6 million. 

Of course, the wave of donations from Trump’s army of supporters fueled the rest. Biden can only dream of grassroots support like Trump constantly enjoys. 

Save America’s fundraising truly shows that Trump’s loyal base remains fired up and ready to fight for his reelection. He ignites passion that establishment politicians can’t begin to match. 

This organic movement is a force that will ultimately carry Trump back to his rightful place in the White House. No amount of money can buy this kind of true support.

Other pro-Trump committees likewise posted strong April fundraising aided by transfers from the formidable Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. This central fund enables the campaign to spread contributions efficiently to various groups as needed. Trump’s fundraising apparatus is well-oiled and high-powered — the polar opposite of Biden’s stale, lackluster operation.

Polls Show Trump’s Momentum as Biden Flounders

The recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showing Trump trouncing Biden 36% to 27% in favorability is just further confirmation that Trump’s fundraising dominance will only increase as Americans make it clear they want him back in charge. 

Biden is imploding before our eyes, and no amount of denials from his staffers can paper this over. 

Trump’s strength on key issues like the economy, border security and standing up to China and the globalists are why voters are flocking to him. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval sinks lower each day. 

This Reuters poll found that the top issues concerning Americans are the economy (23%), political extremism (21%) and the open border (13%). 

On the economy, Trump bests Biden by 40% to 30% as the candidate who can turn things around. And Trump dominates Biden on border security by a massive 42% to 25% margin. 

Americans have seen the utter destruction Biden has caused at the southern border, while Trump had it totally secured. Voters know who they can trust.

Independent voters now see Biden as a greater threat to democracy than Trump by 7 percentage points. Among suburban women, Biden is in a dead heat with Trump after this demographic helped seal his 2020 victory. Trump actually leads Biden with Hispanic voters in a stunning reversal from 2020. 

Even 22% of black voters now support Trump, along with an equal number of young voters aged 18-29 years old as Biden. The polls are systematically under-sampling Republican voters, and Trump’s fundraising and rally crowds prove his true dominance. Biden is on track for a cataclysmic defeat in november.

As Alex Shephard of The New Republic commented, “Polling is rightly causing panic among Democrats.” Trump holds all the momentum as Americans who already regret installing Biden in the White House prepare to correct their mistake. 

Trump’s non-stop rally schedule and fundraising numbers show he is primed to retake his White House chair.

The failed Biden presidency has Americans fed up and hungry for the return of Trump’s victory agenda. Biden is simply a placeholder puppet for the radical Left, and our country is crumbling on every level as a result. 

Come november, the landslide will be so immense that Democrats won’t be able to cheat their way out of this humiliating repudiation.

Trump’s long list of real accomplishments already Make America Great Again… and his second term will drive our flourishing even higher.

This is why the American people are voting with their wallets, donating in unprecedented numbers to Trump while ditching Unions Biden and the depressing, do-nothing Democrats. 

Trump’s April fundraising blowout is just the latest warning sign for Biden as his support evaporates when facing an opponent who actually fights hard for all citizens. 

Come November, the Biden blunder will be over, and Donald J. Trump will triumphantly retake his rightful place as Commander-in-Chief. The American people demand it.

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