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Trump Legal Team Pokes Holes In Prosecution’s Case


Justice Restored For Donald Trump

In a shocking turn of events, former President Donald Trump has emerged triumphant in the face of overzealous prosecutors seeking to bring him down. Innocence is near.

Despite counts of alleged accusations, a biased jury, and a star witness known to be a prolific liar, Trump’s legal team masterfully poked holes in the prosecution’s flimsy case.

In a heroic display of legal acumen, Trump’s attorneys called out the prosecution’s shameless use of hearsay and personal vendettas masquerading as justice. Their deceitful attempts to revise legal precedent for political gain failed in spectacular fashion. 

This underhanded assault on Trump’s character has only made him stronger. Emerging from the courthouse to chants of “Four more years!” 

Recent polling reveals Trump well ahead of Biden in key swing states. The American people recognize frivolous persecution when they see it, and they want Trump’s bold leadership back in the White House. 

As voters abandon Biden’s bumbling in droves, Trump’s winning streak is only just beginning. A new era dawns. The real show is just beginning!

Trump Beats Bogus Charges As Biased Case Collapses

The whole jury and prosecutors seemed to be against every fiber of Donald Trump, yet they haven’t burdened themselves with tabling a single proof or evidence to the Jury to prove their allegations of 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

Trump’s attorney led the way in court with an energetic righteous energy to prove his client’s innocence, while calling out delusional and lying prosecutors and witnesses. 

The prosecution has failed to prove its case against Trump beyond a reasonable doubt. As his attorney argued, this case is straightforward – it is about documents, not about any alleged relationship with Stormy Daniels years ago. 

“Each of you will decide at the end of this case whether President Trump is guilty or not guilty,” Blanche said. 

“President Trump is innocent. He did not commit any crimes. The district attorney did not meet the burden of proof. Period,” Blanche said.

Additionally, the rocket ship they launched in Trump’s way thinking it would be a wise decision to use a liar and a thief like Michael Cohen miserably failed. All the odds were against them at the end of the day.

The charges specifically relate to whether Trump was involved with payments to Michael Cohen. However, the evidence clearly shows the payments were for services rendered, as documented by retainer agreements and invoices.

Furthermore, the prosecution’s own witness Michael Cohen thoroughly discredited himself on the stand by repeatedly lying. As the defense highlighted, Cohen has a long history of deceit including lying to Congress, judges, and even his own family. 

“Michael Cohen is the GLOAT,” Blanche said. “He is the greatest liar of all time … his words cannot be trusted … all those lies, put them to the side for just a moment, that is enough to walk away.” 

His plea deal provides him ample motivation to fabricate allegations against Trump. The jury cannot reasonably convict anyone, especially a former President, based solely on the word of an admitted perjurer like Cohen. His testimony alone falls laughably short of proving intent to defraud beyond a reasonable doubt.

In addition, the reimbursement payments to Cohen were all properly documented and reported. The 1099 forms reported the income to the IRS precisely as required. Surely if Trump intended to commit fraud he would not have created a clear paper trail leading right to the payments in question. 

This is concrete evidence directly contradicting any supposed “intent to defraud.” 

Baseless Case Rests On Liar Cohen, Not Proof Beyond Doubt

Regarding the alleged “catch and kill” scheme, the arrangements between AMI and Trump were perfectly legal and common industry practice. Positive news coverage does not equate to criminal election interference. 

Furthermore, AMI’s CEO denies any knowledge of such a scheme or even the term “catch and kill.” This directly undercuts the prosecution’s narrative regarding these arrangements.

Looking at the case as a whole, the prosecution seems determined to find Trump guilty of something, even if it means twisting the truth and relying on the word of admitted liars like Michael Cohen. 

But the documents tell the real story here – all payments were properly invoiced and reported. There is simply no concrete evidence of any intent to defraud or election interference.

This entire case rests on Michael Cohen, a witness who lied repeatedly in multiple venues over many years. Any reasonable jury should think long and hard before accepting the word of someone so thoroughly lacking in credibility. 

Convicting a former president requires rock-solid, unambiguous evidence, not the desperate mudslinging of Cohen and his ilk. 

In fact, the more sensationalist aspects of this case, like the alleged affair, seem specifically designed to inflame public opinion against Trump. But the jury cannot be swayed by passion or politics. They must make their decision based solely on the evidence and facts in this case, which are flimsy and circumstantial at best. 

This case will set an important precedent regarding how fairly or unfairly the justice system treats former presidents. The jury has a solemn duty to uphold the law by basing their verdict strictly on the evidence, not opinions or partisanship. 

The facts simply do not prove intent to defraud or any other crime. The prosecution has not met their burden here.

After suffering through years of constant investigations and wild allegations, Trump deserves the presumption of innocence and a vigorous defense against unfounded charges. 

The office of the presidency must be protected against frivolous persecution disguised as prosecution. The jury has a profound opportunity and responsibility to defend the rule of law by acquitting Trump.

In conclusion, this case represents an overzealous prosecution determined to convict a former president without the evidence to do so. Based on all the facts and testimony, Donald Trump is clearly not guilty of the crimes alleged. 

The jury must not be blinded by politics or public pressure. Their duty is to uphold justice by acquitting Trump, sending the message that no one is above the law, but baseless partisan persecution will not be tolerated. The evidence and lack thereof speaks for itself – Trump is innocent.

Trump Emerges Stronger After Smear Campaign Fails In Court

Meanwhile, Trump’s winning era has not finished yet; it’s only the beginning of a new four years for Trump this November. A poll has proven that Trump is widening the lead over Biden in key battleground states.

Promising new polling reveals that Trump remains extremely popular in key battleground states, leading Joe Biden in 7 out of 7 critical swing states. This data demonstrates that despite the best efforts of radical Democrats, the American people continue to support Trump’s America First agenda.  

In Arizona and Georgia, states narrowly won by Biden in 2020, voters are flocking back to Trump, preferring his policies on immigration, energy production, and economic growth over Biden’s failures. The poll shows Trump leading by 5 points in Arizona and 3 points in Georgia. 

Even more encouraging are Trump’s leads in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, “blue wall” states essential to Biden’s 2020 victory. Now, Trump edges Biden by 2 points in Pennsylvania and 1 point in Wisconsin.

North Carolina, a red state that wavered slightly in 2020, is firmly back in Trump’s column. The poll reveals a commanding 7 point lead for Trump in NC. The Tar Heel state is clearly tired of Biden’s weakness on crime, immigration, and threats from China.

Nevada represents another positive sign, with Trump and Biden tied. After suffering under Democrat policies that crippled tourism and cater to woke special interests, Nevadans appear ready to take a chance on Trump’s recipe for economic revitalization. This could be Trump’s chance to flip Nevada red.

Of course the fake news media will try to downplay and discredit these poll results, fully aware they foreshadow the GOP tidal wave coming in November. Democrats will continue their usual playbook of lies and defamation to block Trump’s return. But the voters know better – they lived through the boom of the Trump years before Biden’s blunders.

This polling proves Biden and the Democrats are headed for a humiliating collapse at the ballots in 2024. Their policies simply don’t work for the average American. Meanwhile Trump’s economic nationalism and tough stance on crime and immigration remains popular.

In November Americans will say enough is enough and vote the country back on the right track by electing Trump. Democrats have failed at every turn and voters know it. These swing state voters represent the sentiments of a nation eager for competent, patriotic leadership. By winning back the White House, Trump will make America great again, again!

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