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Trump is Fined and Threatened with Jail Time by Radical Judge


A Radical Judge Enters the Fray

A radical leftist judge recently took the liberty to threaten imprisonment of former President, Donald Trump.

This brazen assault on liberty exposes the Democrats’ authoritarian thirst to crush dissent and neutralise President Trump ahead of the 2024 elections.

The Democrats’ hand-picked New York judge fined President Trump $9,000 and ominously warned of incarceration for practising free speech. This is the behaviour of petty tyrants, not public servants.

They seek to jail the chief political opponent of their feeble President Biden, sabotaging our democracy. But their totalitarian tactics have ignited a conservative firestorm.

Conservatives are rallying behind our persecuted President against this political vendetta.

Candidates vying for Senate seats in swing states united to denounce the judge’s un-American bullying.

With President Trump courageously leading the charge, America’s Conservative movement is on the march to denounce and decry the un-democratic ruling party.

Ironic how out of their contempt for the Constitution, Democrats have forged their own downfall.

Trump is Fined $9,000 for Expressing Freedom of Speech

The democrat funded establishment – including all the paid judges and prosecutors that are given indirect orders to stall former president Trump’s campaign – can’t help but expose their schtick for the crooked and corrupt regime it truly is, as they trample over themselves trying to appease their lord and saviour Biden by doing everything necessary to take down the former president for good, no matter how nonsensical.

The latest affront comes as a rogue judge fines President Trump $9,000 and threatens him with imprisonment for practising free speech. How is this in any way, shape, or form an honest judgement of Trump and his actions? Is it normal for a judge to threaten a former president of the United States with prison time amid a highly questionable and contested case in the first place?

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 15: Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump attends a pre-trial hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court on February 15, 2024 in New York City. Trump was charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records last year, which prosecutors say was an effort to hide a potential sex scandal, both before and after the 2016 presidential election. Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is expected to rule whether the trial will begin as scheduled on March 25. (Photo by Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty Images)

This is simply nothing but a ploy and a partisan scheme conducted by the Democratic regime to attack Trump and his strong resolve to get back in the oval office and do the job that Biden could never hope to do or achieve. It is nothing but a way to silence freedom of speech and the target is unfortunately the same man that America needs right now during its dire state under democratic leadership.

Terrified of facing voters’ judgement on their failures, Democrats are subverting democracy itself and turning it over its head .

Justice Juan Merchan revealed his partisan and crooked democratic agenda a while ago by imposing the gag order barring Trump from criticising the trial or its participants in the first place.

An act which was rightfully and justifiably criticised for its blatant use of the justice system to silence any dissent or criticism coming from Trump in regards to the judges or the persecutors overseeing his case.

The Democrats that claim to fight for freedom of speech and expression, took weary victory laps when this unjustly ruling came to be. Ironic how they cry and whine about freedoms but can never fight for or defend the freedom of others. I guess compassion, honesty, and integrity are not popular virtues among Democratic officials.

However the gag order ordeal unfortunately does not stop there as a Judge suddenly and out of nowhere felt the need to fine our duly-elected president $1000 for each truthful statement regarding this sham trial.

That’s $1000 for every social media post or a piece of speech that they deem unacceptable and outright hate speech according to an imaginary “woke” rulebook that they seemingly adhere to. Imagine that? Getting fined $1000 every time you say something that the other party doesn’t find particularly appealing.

It is simply preposterous and villainous.

Any other answer that views this act in the positive spectrum is an answer that is accepting of the future where Democrats use Trump and his case as a blueprint for further control over every patriotic American that dares to speak their mind and the truth someday.

Trump did absolutley nothing wrong when he rightfully labelled Michael Cohen a serial liar after this disgraced felon turned on his former boss.

He also expressed concern over left-wing activists infiltrating the jury, a legitimate issue that Merchan dismissed out of hand. Now tell me, how is this worthy of fine? How is a remark like the ones detailed here worthy of such persecution?

This partisan judge is rigging the system against Trump. He is using the powers of his office not to serve justice, but to punish Trump for pledging to Make America Great Again.

Trump is now Threatened with Jail Time

And that’s why it did not simply stop at the fines. Oh no, because the democrats are anything but a stable bunch.

It can’t just stop at the egregious fines; It has to be extended beyond any reasonable action. That’s why we have, for the first time in history, that a former president is threatened with jail time.

Donald Trump was very close to serving hard time behind a jail cell as a former president and currently as a top Republican candidate running for office in the 2024 general elections. Statements you only hear in an era where Democrats hold all the power and Biden is somehow the president of the greatest nation on Earth.

Trump is the first President bold enough to stand up to the entrenched establishment. That is why they contrive to lock him up. But their desperate ploys will only backfire. Every patriotic American sees through this charade of “justice” for the partisan witch hunt it is.

The threats to imprison a former President over some mild online posts should obviously set a frightening authoritarian precedent. How bad can things possibly get if Biden wins again and the Democrats keep their undeserved power over the American people? What other line could they possibly go over?

Conservatives Back Trump

Well, Conservatives and Republicans battling to win a senate majority in swing states are not waiting for the answers and are rallying behind President Trump as he faces escalating persecution from the radical leftist New York judiciary.

The clear and stark assault on free speech has united conservatives in droves denouncing the farce case and all the judge’s threats against Donald Trump as nothing more than an authoritarian overreach.

This has formally led to a coalition of top Republican candidates in key battleground states signing a joint statement slamming the gag order and the threats against Trump as a dire threat to democracy.

It includes Dave McCormick (PA), Eric Hovde (WI), Bernie Moreno (OH), Mike Rogers (MI), Kari Lake (AZ), Jim Banks (IN), Sam Brown (NV), Tim Sheehy (MT), and Jim Justice (WV).

These champions of liberty declared how the essence of free speech is being attacked within the United States as in the case of the gag order for example, it fundamentally violates constitutional principles.

The statement emphasises that the First Amendment unambiguously protects free speech rights regardless of one’s position. Attempts to silence candidates undermine democracy’s core values.

We cannot sacrifice our God-given freedoms to appease unaccountable political elites drunk on power.

The left reveals its disdain for the Constitution when it inhibits President Trump’s ability to keep the public informed and threatens him with jail time for speech that he has the full right to speak.

With President Trump boldly leading the charge, the Conservative movement will prevail over these desperate authoritarian power grabs.

The flames of freedom in every patriotic American’s heart cannot be extinguished. We all stand with Trump pledging to make America great again by making it free of the Democrat blight again.

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