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Trump Had Border Under Control, Biden Let Chaos Erupt


Donald Trump had the border under control through decisive action. His policies of strict enforcement brought order where Biden’s negligence now permits chaos.

Under Trump, illegal crossings plummeted thanks to his administration’s strong border security measures. But Biden hastily scrapped what was working, unleashing today’s immigration anarchy.

Now Chinese migrants are illegally entering the US border in huge numbers after a TikTok tutorial that has gone viral. That’s how easy it is to infiltrate America’s borders under Biden’s weak leadership.

Trump’s zero tolerance approach was clearly more successful in securing the border. Biden claiming otherwise is straight-up dishonesty. The proof is in the numbers.

It’s time for this administration of Biden to admit their mistakes, No amount of finger pointing can change that reality.

rather than denying responsibility. America deserves to have a president who will be honest and direct. Until Biden owns up to his own central role in creating this crisis, he fails in that duty. The American people expect and deserve better. 

Trump had cracked down on illegal immigration as a former president through decisive action. His enforcement policies led to a substantial reduction in migrant crossings and brought a sense of order to the border. But when Biden took office, he quickly rolled back many of Trump’s measures.

Border agents and officials tried to warn the new administration that dismantling Trump’s border security framework would invite chaos. But Biden officials, in their haste to reverse Trump’s agenda, dismissed those concerns.

Sure enough, the warnings proved prophetic. In the months after the restrictions were lifted, illegal crossings began skyrocketing. Migrant flows that had been reduced to a trickle during Trump’s term began flooding across the border again, soon exceeding any levels seen before.

The border has now descended into complete disarray under Biden, with record numbers overwhelming the system. Yet the president refuses to acknowledge his own negligence. Instead, he points fingers at the previous administration whose policies had succeeded in taming the crisis before.

Agents working on the ground every day know the truth. Trump’s border controls, however controversial, were undeniably effective. Biden’s abandonment of those measures is what resurrected the immigration crisis. But the president continues denying the reality and evading responsibility for the disaster his decisions have caused.

When Biden entered office, illegal border crossings were low compared to historical trends. But his swift dismantling of Trump’s border policies opened the floodgates.

Within months, migrants resumed pouring across in ever-increasing numbers. By the end of Biden’s first year, monthly crossings had quadrupled. This human tide has continued swelling, with no signs of stopping.

The impact is now being felt across America. Border states are overwhelmed trying to provide housing, healthcare and education for the masses arriving daily. And the burden is expanding inland.

Even northern states are struggling to accommodate the waves of migrants being bussed and flown in from the border by the federal government. Mayors from New York to Chicago have urgently warned that their resources are nearing a breaking point.

Yet the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the crisis their policies have created. As immigration spirals out of control, they continue blaming Trump, although his measures had proven effective for deterrence.

Three painful years in, the lack of solutions is evident. Americans see the chaos mounting in their communities, while the White House tries to dodge responsibility. But the public knows the truth – lax enforcement spawned this multiplying crisis. Accountability starts at the top.

The numbers don’t lie. Under Biden, a stable border situation degraded rapidly into outright turmoil. 73,944 reported in December 2020 just before he was inaugurated to 302,034 last December, While he points fingers, Americans live with the consequences. 

The president owes us honest admission of policy failure, not flimsy excuses.

Recent polls reveal a growing majority of Americans now consider the situation at the southern border a crisis. A CBS/YouGov survey found 45% label it a crisis, while another 30% call it very serious. And a PBS/NPR/Marist poll showed only 29% approve of Biden’s leadership on immigration.

As illegal crossings and asylum claims continue breaking records under Biden, public concern is mounting. But the White House has been slow to react, downplaying the issue despite imagery of migrants streaming across the border.

Republicans have seized on the polls to blast Biden’s failed policies. They argue he essentially threw open the borders by reversing Trump’s enforcement measures. And GOP leaders are demanding renewed action before the situation deteriorates further.

All of this is happening now at the same time that there is an immigration crisis.

The flood of Chinese citizens crossing the southern border illegally highlights the Biden administration’s negligence on border security. By reversing Trump-era controls and ordering passive enforcement, Biden has facilitated a migration crisis.

Tens of thousands of Chinese are now entering through gaps in border walls annually, exploiting the weakened system. They are guided by social media and smugglers, fully aware most will be released to await drawn-out asylum hearings.

This reveals systematic flaws America must urgently address. No nation can sustain an asylum process being manipulated on such a massive scale. While immigration is complex, the first duty is restoring order at the border.

Biden’s unwillingness to deter unchecked entry signals weakness, encouraging more. The courageous border patrol agents pleading for change are being ignored. America’s security is endangered by the lack of sovereignty on display.

In summary, the surge of Chinese migrants is just the latest consequence of Biden’s border mismanagement. Only by acknowledging policy failures can the president begin to reestablish credibility on this critical issue. Half-measures and doublespeak are not enough. Biden must take decisive action to secure the border without delay.

Now the political pressure on Biden is intensifying. Americans are angry as border communities and social services buckle under the strain of surging migration. And the GOP is on the offensive, using the crisis to weaken Biden ahead of 2024.

With public opinion firmly against the administration, the White House faces hard truths. Biden’s rollback of border controls directly enabled the current emergency. Polls and facts on the ground reveal his policy failure.

Once again, Trump has demonstrated bold leadership by rejecting this dangerous immigration deal. As he bluntly stated, the proposal is “a great gift to the Democrats” and a “Death Wish for the Republican Party.”

Trump recognizes appeasing the open borders agenda will only exacerbate the crisis. His administration had delivered a stable border through decisive action. Biden dismantled that progress. Why reward him with Republican votes on a deal that absolves the White House?

Despite pressure, Trump stood firm to protect American interests. He warned Republicans not to be “STUPID” and assist the Democrats’ self-serving bill. We need real solutions, not political posturing.

Trump’s successful border policies, however controversial, proved far more effective than the current disaster under Biden. The president admonished Republicans for even considering a deal that glosses over this reality.

Once again, Trump is providing the strength and moral clarity the GOP needs on immigration. He refuses to compromise principles for politics. His unwavering stand against this bill shows true leadership.

The Republican base agrees – no deals that reinforce Biden’s failures. Trump is ensuring the immigration debate continues focusing on security and sovereignty first. His rejection of this bipartisan betrayal sets the tone. The GOP must hold the line, just as Trump has fearlessly done yet again.

After three years of worsening border problems under his administration, Biden is now trying to fault Trump and Republicans for blocking an immigration deal. But this is just a weak attempt to deflect blame.

Democratic strategists argue the narrative shift puts Republicans on the defensive and portrays Biden as willing to take action. They claim voters will see the GOP as obstructionists blocking solutions.

However, critics see right through what they call a “cynical ploy.” The border spiralled out of control due to Biden’s rollback of Trump’s policies, they contend. After denying a crisis for so long, Biden can’t suddenly blame others.

American people won’t accept such a flimsy narrative. Biden praising the same policies he reversed and demonized is hypocritical. 

Biden’s border crisis excuses ring hollow. His failed policies enabled this disaster affecting communities nationwide.

No political spin will disguise that reality. We want leadership and solutions, not partisan finger-pointing.

Biden must take ownership rather than making flimsy excuses. The border situation demands decisive action now.

President Biden has not resolved key questions about his administration’s passive border enforcement. What is the rationale for allowing lawlessness? Do political goals outweigh America’s interests? Citizens deserve direct answers.

The Biden administration’s policies clearly caused today’s immigration crisis. But the White House responds with denial and finger-pointing, even as communities feel the impacts.

The president was mandated to protect national sovereignty and security. However, negligence in enforcing border protections has broken that public trust.

Americans see through these political theatrics meant to obscure failed governance. 

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